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foxrider12390 02-07-2012 09:31 AM

My dream build! 99 xj
well ive been debating whether or not to make a build thread because im too damn lazy to keep updating it. but this is my 6th cherokee and i figure the ol girl is worth a build thread. I traded an old beat up s10 that i paid $300 for and a sled that i paid a $1000 for. first day i got the thing it had a few issues that i realized real quick. the kid i got it from put some rims, tires, a $300 exhaust, and a sound system in it within the past 2 months prior to me getting it. needless to say he beat it pretty good but i still saw potential. the ONLY spot of rust is on the driverside rocker which i will be replacing with rockers/rock sliders in the near future. im going to fufill my every hope and dream i have had with a cherokee in the one I have now. well here goes nothing hope you enjoy!

foxrider12390 02-07-2012 02:29 PM

While saving up for a lift ive been doing little mods that will help me out down the road.
Mods so far: Hood vents, Removed rear sway bar, bored out throttle body, intake, exhaust, Cut fenders, plastic trim removed, debadged, tinted lights, and angry eye headlights!
This is how she sat

foxrider12390 02-07-2012 02:32 PM

Finally making some more progress on the jeep. continuing to go through and repair all the hack work the PO did. I finally took my rear sway bar out and began to undercoat the bottom side of the jeep to prevent the Northern devil aka rust. I took a break today from workin on the ol girl and had a chance to do some light wheelin near my house. stock saggy suspension, tiny *** all terrains, no rear sway bar and cut fenders the jeep did pretty good. i climbed some pretty decent hills watching out for all the **** i could hit being so low to the ground. all in all it was great. The more motivation the better. im definitly looking forward to making this one nasty rig. If anyone has any questions about any mods ive done dont be afraid to ask. Ive done plenty of research before anything ive tried.

Heading out to the powerlines

Pretty decent flex. Im very impressed!

Definitly a good start to where i want to go with this build. im looking forward to taking everything slow and steady. One step at a time!

The time now is 01:26 PM.

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