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Mazdarx 04-06-2010 05:42 PM

My 91 YJ Renegade snow camo/urban camo not sure
I just picked up this 91 Yj Renegade on Saturday, its not my first Jeep though. I have had several, this actually being number 6 for me. I had a 91 YJ with a 2.5, that got stolen and wrecked I got it back and parted it out, and some of its parts still live on in this Jeep. When I had that Jeep I bought an 88 XJ Limited to drive while I was working on the YJ. Sold that and bought a 94 YJ which I fixed up and did a bunch of work to. I then decided I wanted a more comfortable ride, so I bought a 95 ZJ limited with a V8. I then liked that but wanted more so I sold it and the 94 YJ and bought a 98 5.9 Limited ZJ. I have now missed the YJ, so I sold my boat and bought another Yj, this 91 Renegade. I decided this time that I wanted to get something different than the previous two YJ's, and that would be a Renegade. I also wanted to get a 91 as I like the sport bar and I also like the older style guages with the clock in the dash. I found this one with a lift and 33's on it already for a good price in need of some work. Sadly the 5.9 is gone but I got nothing out of it as it went to settle a debt that I had.

So here is the 94 YJ, I don't have pictures here of any Jeep before that one

And then the 95 ZJ

And the 5.9

So here is me in the Jeep outside of the previous owners house, I had the toque and goggles on because the Jeep had no windshield in it.

So I got it home and first thing to go was these cheesy looking headlight covers. The turn signal ones are still there, I haven't completely decided to remove those yet.

Looks better without those on I think, they were really flimsy and I don't think would have done much.

So then I bolted this cowl scoop on, this being one of the parts from my original YJ. Underneath the original grill the mesh that goes there was missing, so it was full of some kind of nutshells and pine needles. I got some window screen to put over it but still need to install it.

I put on a set of rollbar grab handles I kept when I sold my 94 YJ.

I pulled apart the dash to fix the guages as a couple of those didn't work and to put in a CD player. I followed a writeup on here with some good information on that, and pictures so I don't have much in the way of pictures there. The gas guage started working, but then it ran out of gas at somewhere just over a half tank, so apparently it doesn't work that well. I was greeted with this when I pulled the radio out.

So while the dash was apart I decided to repolish the stainless dash panel. This is before, most of what needed polishing was corrosion from rusty hardware attaching it to the dash.

And after

So here is the dash all together with the CD player, sort of fixed guages and repolished dash panel, I also painted the hardware holding it on. This CD player was kept when I sold the 94 YJ.

Then I installed some Momo pedals from my 91 Yj. These aren't just a cosmetic mod, they are wider and help me heel/toe shift as well as get it going on slopes cause I can have my foot on the brake and give it a little gas at the same time.

I then removed the factory console and installed this, can't recall if its a tuffy or a smittybuilt, but its strong and well built whatever it is. It also has a radio compartment at the front, more on that later, and cupholders too. This console was in both YJ's before.

In that radio compartment I installed this Cobra CB radio, which I received as a gift several years ago and never installed in any Jeep for various reasons. But it is now, so thats good.

To go along with that radio, I installed a 4 foot Firestik antenna, which was given to me by a generous friend, who also helped out on the install. I also installed a set of tail light guards that were on both YJ's.

Then after getting all of that done, i had a new windshield installed. Yes I know, you may ask, I did all this work before the windshield install, well the reason for that is I bought this Jeep at the start of a holiday long weekend(easter) and couldn't find anybody to do it.

Then, as it came without a top I put on the original top from my 94 YJ. Its a piece of junk and doesn't really even fit, even more so as its meant for half doors and this Jeep has full doors. This is just to keep rain off while its parked at my moms house. I am going to get a bikini top for it until I decide whether I want a hard or soft top for it.

More to come as I get more work done to it

ragnarok_bf2 04-06-2010 05:44 PM

thats a sweet paint job man

Mazdarx 04-07-2010 01:33 PM

So I cleaned up a seat I had in behind my moms house for the last few years and put that in, as this Jeep came without one. It didn't come all that clean as it was rough when I got it. It came out of a parts Jeep I pulled some stuff out of years ago, and it was in that Jeep folded shut so water and stuff was trapped between the two halves. Anyway here that is

So here it is today, I took the windows out of the sides as I am now driving at and basically I am using it as a full length bikini top.

Oh and this hook with a shackle on it was under the front bumper, anybody think that this will hold up to any kind of pull?

Mazdarx 04-07-2010 02:35 PM

I have been working on it throughout the day today, I get to work on it at work when it isn't busy as I am selfemployed. As this Jeep has both a body lift and suspension lift on it, the shifters would hit the tub if not modified, so the floor in this jeep was cut open to allow the shifters to move without hitting, they were also extended so as to not make them too short. In order to cover up the tub trimming that was done, there is an aluminum plate bolted over the holes. It had a sticker on it, presumably from some shop that did some work on it in the past. As I don't even know who they are, I removed it but having been there a while you could see where the stickers. So being aluminum and myself being somebody who likes shiny stuff, what did I do? I of course polished it. Its just a hand polish for now, once I get a powerball I will do a better job on that, and I am going to polish the wheels up more too. So here it is before

And after, also visible are the floormats I added.

Mazdarx 04-08-2010 03:36 PM

I have been doing a little more on it today, first thing I did was to replace the busted marker light on the drivers side. I got a used one cause I didn't want to spend much on a good one as I intend to put clear ones on, but this has to pass an inspection first and I don't think clear ones will pass. I also had to replace the socket as it was badly corroded. So here it is before-

And after, at least it lights up now

So after that was done I put on the license plate bracket, but I had to straighten that out first as it came from a wrecked Jeep that I guess got hit on that corner. While I had it apart to straighten it all out, I decided to put it together with only one spring as I thought two was a little overkill. Is that going to be a problem, why does it have 2 anyway?

Put on a Jack in the Box antenna ball just for fun, these you don't see around much here as we don't have Jack in the Box in Canada.

I also put on a bikini top that I just got, but I am not sure if I like this or not. It seems like when it rains the rain will drip off and onto my side, anybody with one know about that?

Hurley91 04-08-2010 04:03 PM

Its coming along man, it looks badass with the urban camo. Is that painted on or is it a wrap?

Mazdarx 04-08-2010 04:34 PM

Its painted on there. It must have taken forever to paint it too, the colors layer on top of each other and there is a lot of it.

Mazdarx 05-16-2010 04:11 PM

Ok so I have been getting a little more done with it, although nothing too big yet as I am pretty broke right now. Most of this stuff is things I have had in boxes waiting for another Jeep to put them on. I am selling my Miata, so I took the CD player out of that car for the Jeep. I like it much better as it has a stainless face and matches the jeep well. It really makes me want to swap my polished dash panel for a brushed aluminum version though. It also has an auxilary in on the front so people can bring their Ipods into my Jeep. Anyway here is that

And I installed my lights onto the windshield, still have another set to put on the front bumper, as soon as I decided where on the bumper to put them. I also put on my tube doors and have been driving that way for a few days now.

I came across a shift knob I had in a Honda years ago so I threw that on too, the 2nd pic here also shows the new CD player.

While I was working on the stereo I put in my sub and 5 channel amp

And I used 2 of the channels for these, soon the other 2 channels will be used for the soundbar speakers, but I need to upgrade those first cause these will blow under that much more power.

Mazdarx 05-26-2010 05:39 PM

Well no big progress on the Jeep, I traded some parts I had for some seatbelts for my backseat. Not that I get a lot of people riding back there, but I like to have that option. Had them in for a day and my gas can leaked some gas onto them. Oh well its raining out that should get them clean enough for me.
I had an extra fog/driving light can't remember what it was supposed to be. I had just the one, I hadn't seen the other in a couple years, so I figured what to do with just one light? I decided to use it as an extra reverse light. Funny thing is though, the same day I put this on, I found the matching one in my dads shed with a box of some of my other junk. So I suppose one day I will put the 2nd one on the other side.

Mazdarx 06-06-2010 06:33 PM

Made a little bit more progress on the Jeep yesterday. I decided to tint out the side markers a little, it helps hide the fact that the one is kinda cracked, now that its done I think it also blends better with the rest of the colors, it kind of stood out a lot being orange.

I also got tired of having my fire extinguisher just floating around in the back, so I bolted it to the side of the fenderwell. I just pulled out one of the bolts through the side of the tub that holds the flares on and bolted it back through the bracket for the fire extinguisher.

Mazdarx 07-03-2010 05:20 PM

Well haven't really done much to it, although soon I'm going to need a new exhaust manifold as mine has a very big crack. I have had it offroad a few times so I'm adding up some pictures of that. These first ones are where I got it hung up on a big stump.

The view from the top

Stuck again, the only time anybody took pictures was when I got stuck.

Mazdarx 07-28-2010 06:03 PM

Well I got out on more wheeling trips. On my last trip out, I got to the top where the lookout is, and discovered that I broke the bolt holding the front track bar on to the axle. Well it didn't concern me too much, I wanted to remove both anyway, but the bolts at the axle had been too tight for hand tools. So this made it easier, only catch was we had to do it laying in the dirt at the top.

So here is the offending bolt

And us working on it, I got lucky and my buddy volunteered to be the one in the dirt, so I stayed clean.

The track bar out, along with the "specialty" tool used to remove it

And the view at the top

And it was a fairly steep climb up there, it took me a couple tries to get up there

NMLJ 07-28-2010 06:58 PM

Very Nice! I really like the urban camo paint. Ever consider getting rid of the chrome grill and wheels?

Hurley91 07-28-2010 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by NMLJ (Post 9867698)
Very Nice! I really like the urban camo paint. Ever consider getting rid of the chrome grill and wheels?

X2 I think it would look really good with a black grill and black wheels.

Mazdarx 07-29-2010 06:26 PM

I like the chrome grill, if I took it off I'd have to paint the grill to match underneath, cause its not right now. I'm not a big fan of the black grill look either. So I think I'm going to leave that. I do have another set of wheels I might put on there, they aren't black, but they aren't polished aluminum like these either. They are just ordinary silver.

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