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04goldrubi74 08-06-2011 12:10 PM

My 04' Rubicon build
So first off i got the jeep on the 1st of July, i started out with a pretty much stock Rubicon, it had a Kilby front bumper with a Ramsey winch, the rear bumper is a pro comp. it also had 245/75 R16 wrangler M/T's (stock rubicon rims)(which i like, but might get them powder coated black) it has the rocktrac transfer case. Two days after i got the jeep i put a 1 3/4" coil space lift on it because i don't like the stock height, sits too low in the front. so then yesterday i went to "ORW" and purchased a Zone 4" short arm lift kit, comes with everything i wanted and is made by BDS(basically) i also purchased teraflex quick disconnect sway bar extensions. I figured i could do the lift my self with no problems but i decided to have them slap it on for me. i got a great deal on the kit and install, they are also doing a four laser alignment on the front and rear(always a plus). the next thing i am after is they have in stock the bushwacker flat fender flares the poly ones. i think they look really aggressive and give a old school look to it. Next i am going to get the Pro Comp A/t tires the 305/70 R16's. i do a lot of highway driving and was told these are rated high among high way tires(???) i always stuck with BFG's on other vehicles(trucks). But ya i will be uploading some stock pictures(the way i got it) and then some pics with the coil lift and then of course once this lift goes on i will put some more up, and many many many more pics along the way, i am very excited to get this all done, i can't wait(dream rig). oh ya.

04goldrubi74 08-18-2011 09:54 PM

So i totally changed my mind on the the tires and the size for that matter. I decided to stick to my roots and go with the 295.75.16 from you guessed it.... BFG's go figure the A/T's i do a lot of freeways to get to work and the trails. so ya i get them saturday along with my fenders. i am really excited to take it to the trail.

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