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mg2000xj 09-09-2008 10:49 PM

MG2000XJ Build Thread
I guess its my turn to start one of these so I can follow my build progress and to show you guys what my XJ has been through.

I got my 2000 XJ stock back in 2005. Perfect condition, lp dana 30, 29 spline 8.25, np242, no skids. It was beautiful, it was exactly what I had wanted for my first vehicle; my dream Jeep. All of the build has been on a highschooler's/college students budget. I get some help from my parents on some maintenance things but other than that it all been my coin. Started when I was 16 and Im 19 now and its nowhere near finished

The first time I hit the mud, got stuck but I rocked my way out of it:

From then on I was hooked. I next took the rear sway bar off as my first "mod" and got some BFG At's. I think they were 225x70r16's and went wheeling from there:

First flex:

My parents have 18 acres in the woods back home in Md so we started on a trail and started getting stuck.

My buddy with a '99 4runner and some firestone mt's and I went out for some snow wheeling and ended up in a major "stuck". He tried to cross a snowy, wet stream and got hung up on a log:

I tried to get him unstuck only to slide myself in parallel with the stream and we were both screwed:

After about 6 hours we got out, and I realized I needed a lift and some bigger tires...

mg2000xj 09-09-2008 11:00 PM

About a year and a half later after a lot of research on NAXJA, I chose the RE 4.5 superflex kit, 15x8 d windows and a used pair of 33x12.50 BFG Mt's from a buddy. My parents helped pay for some of the lift for Xmas and about 3 months later I had it lifted:

I didnt really pay attention to everything else I would need with a lift of that size, so I went without an sye or new driveshaft for a while until I could afford them. It had vibes like crazy and it was super squirrely on the road at that time. A family friend aligned it and got the kinks worked out and I went wheelin.

You can also see that I trimmed the front end caps for a little less "rubbage"

Thats where it was at around spring/summer 2006...

Thats where it ends for tonight. I will try to get the rest up tomorrow to catch up to where Im at currently with the Jeep. Enjoy:2thumbsup:

mg2000xj 09-10-2008 09:18 AM

Alright here we go again...

After I wheeled it a bit as it was and really didnt do too much with it for a little bit.


Trimmed the front fenders:

Plenty of short arm flex:

I got my RE hack and tap finally installed along with my new RE cv driveshaft, no more vibes :thumbsup:

New Hd trackbar and bracket:

I also put in 1 3/4" spacers up front, the rear still hasnt settled but the front dropped a little. So as of now Im sitting around 6".

Then came the Herculined rockers and roof, the roof was bubbling and rusting alot so I figured why not Herc it.



mg2000xj 09-10-2008 09:28 AM

Forgot to mention, the first thing I ever bought for the Jeep was a new sound system. Alpine head unit and Alpine coaxial speakers all 4 corners. Then came the 2 Alpine 10" type e subs with a 400w Alpine amp. Sold the front speakers for Polk components:

And then sold the subs for a JLw8, bumps pretty good.

Got some bushwackers and sway bar drop brackets installed:

Got em brand new but never installed from a member here:

I had an aftermarket intake from a Honda Accord that I had cut and had sitting inside the stock airbox but I wanted to get the airbox out so I "fabbed" up some brackets for it.

Wheeled it,

Thanksgiving break:

Xmas break on my trail:

mg2000xj 09-10-2008 09:57 AM

Last Xmas came and got a few goodies, I got a Rk 3 link as well but it didnt arrive until the day I went back to school so that gets installed over spring break

More steering box brace:

C4X4 tow hooks and brackets:

JKS bpe's for the front:

Spring break, got the 3 link installed and took it for a test run:

Cleaned up over the summer, painted the front bumper caps:

mg2000xj 09-10-2008 10:10 AM

Fast forward to recently, at the beginning of the summer we went to Rausch Creek for the first time. Not too many pictures of myself though. Went with a few guys (and gal) from the forums here, had a blast and didnt do any damage myself.

Jason (Hubdeep):

Andy (XjAugie):

JEEP97TJ 09-10-2008 10:17 AM

Awesome Jeep. :2thumbsup: I really like the bushwhacker flares, they're very nice on XJ's. The herculined roof is also a nice touch, that is a great idea :thumbsup:

mg2000xj 09-10-2008 10:17 AM

Oh yea, while I was at school I let a friend of mine drive the Jeep while I was with him (we drove about 200-300 yards max) and he decided to drift it into a curb and bent the "frame" a little but where the trackbar bracket bolts up. Bent up the bracket real bad too.

Notice the gap on the mounting surface:


Installed a new bracket but never fixed the frame, on the "to-do" list...

mg2000xj 09-10-2008 10:18 AM

Thanks 97TJ!

1988XJ 09-10-2008 11:41 AM

you got a really nice looking xj man! and i see you have the k-coast surfboard pads on my roof, i love going to that place

mg2000xj 09-10-2008 11:50 AM

Yea, we're down in OCM to surf a lot. K Coast is a cool place... Thanks for the compliments!

mg2000xj 09-10-2008 02:09 PM

Here is a parts list of almost all my parts. There are some other smaller things but this is pretty much it right now:

Rubicon Express 4.5” Superflex Kit
4 33x12.50r15 BFG Mud Terrains
5 15x8 4” Bs Cragar “D” window steelies
1 33x12.50r15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claw
Hella 500’s driving lights
Jks Mini Skids
Jks BPE’s, front lower
MORE steering box brace
C4x4 tow hooks and brackets
Herculined roof and rockers
Rubicon Express Hd trackbar
Rubicon Express Hd trackbar bracket (2)
Jcr 1 ton steering
1 ” spacers
Rock Krawler 3 link longarm upgrade
4.5”-5.5” Rubicon twin tube shocks
Custom intake
2” rear hitch w/ receiver shackle
Rancho steering stabilizer bracket
Rubicon Express steering stabilizer
Rubicon Express hack & tap
Rubicon Express driveshaft
Alpine amp
Alpine 6.5” coaxial speakers (4)
Polk 6.5” component speakers (2)
JL 8W7 subwoofer & box
Alpine head unit (2)

mg2000xj 09-10-2008 02:21 PM

Towards the end of the summer I began noticing the tre dust boots on the JCR steering were getting worn out and torn up cause tie rod roll. The steering was sloppy and I was driving to the Outer Banks for vacation so I couldnt order some of the poly spacer and have them in time (have them now, just need to install them). So I was thinking about the plastic cutting boards my mom has and how rock crawlers sometimes use this as skid plates, why couldnt I just make my own spacers out of this? The plastic is solid enough to prevent tie rod roll but soft enough to "mush" or bend without breaking anything.

Rolling around:

and about a week later the rubber boot was gone completely:

2" hole saw + mom's cutting board equal homemade steering spacers:

Cleaned up and drilled out to fit the TRE shaft:

all finished:

it stopped the roll but my steering is still pretty sloppy due to the trackbar and other yet to be discovered sources but they served their purpose and I made it to OBX.

mg2000xj 09-10-2008 02:25 PM

What does the future hold as of now?
4.56's and maybe some 35's (new BFG Km2's)
Detours slimline rear bumper with tire carrier
some sort of front bumper/winch bumper
fix everything in the front end
selectable lockers of kind and upgraded shafts
possibly swap in a better front axle

That will all come after I find a job down here at school. As the mods get finished I will continue to update this thread. Enjoy!

Rookie130 09-11-2008 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by mg2000xj (Post 5686738)
2" hole saw + mom's cutting board equal homemade steering spacers:

Please tell me you put that back in the cupboard to be found by her! lol!

"Everyone come to the table...Dinner's almost done, all I need to do is cut up these carrots..WTF happened to my cutting board!!??"

...crickets chirping...

"I don't know looks normal to me! It looks like a nice drain hole!"

Sweet Jeep btw.

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