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1996BlackXJ 06-19-2010 10:45 PM

Maine-iac XJ part deux

So my first build thread has long since died off.....My Maine-iac XJ -

I made a lame attempt to update it but gave up all hope. :rofl:

Because my current plan to mod my Jeep involves a bump in tire size I figured I should start a new thread so those who like my Jeep wouldn't have to sift through pages of banter from the peanut gallery. :thumbsup::rtft:

Well, where to start the new thread...maybe I'll do a quick history because we all love pics and specs. :drool:

1996 XJ SE Black in color
Suspension and tires:
4.5" lift (RC trackbar w/drop bracket, RC x-flex lower arms, RC nitro shocks, IRO HD tie rod, RC 3" coils + 2" spacer, OME 2" HD packs (actual 3") + RE 2.5" AAL with 4* shim)
33x10.5 BFG KM2 on Cragar D-Windows
JKS Quicker Disconnects
YJ brakelines
Appalachian Armor t-case skid
Rear, JCR Offroad stage 2 bumper
Front, Nates Slimline with a Champion 8k pound winch
Custom 2x4x1/8" HD rocker panels
Electrical Schtuff:
Pioneer Premier speakers/Kenwood head unit/MTX Thunderlink 10" sub with built in amp
Optima Red Top
Uniden CB with a generic whip antenna
Autopal H4 headlights with a wiring upgrade
Hella 500 driving lights and some $20 fog lights.
Flowmaster Super 44
IRO Hack 'n Tap SYE w/front shaft
Custom Touches:
Custom roof rack mounted on Thule gutter mount rails (ski box in the winter)
Custom half doors made from OEM doors.
Custom receiver mounted tire carrier.

I think that covers pretty much everything's the current project list:
*Brown Dog motor mounts (Got them, just got to install them.)

TIME FOR PICTURES (hooray) :cool:
They progress over time, the stock photo is from about 1.5 years ago.


2" front, 3" rear and Coopers:

JCR Bumpah

3" coils out front to level her out: (first time I broke that mirror, have since re-epoxied it 3 times. :rofl:)

Waxed her up real good like: (this one deserves 2 pics because I've only done that twice...too many scratches and dents now to bother:teehee:)

Floors :eek:

Photo of my rig last fall before college started and mods halted for a few months. (Hella 700FFs on the front bumper)

I'll add some more sweet photos in the next post. :cheers2:

1996BlackXJ 06-19-2010 10:58 PM

Okay. When late winter rolled around and I got my refund check I purchased a used Nates Slimline winch bumper. I have NO experience ordering through them so don't ask! :shhh: :laugh: A can of spray paint and the bumper was new again. :D

But it was a pain.

Broken steering box bolts, had to use an ez-out bit to remove the studs from the box.

Piece of crap aluminum spacer (now a JCR spacer/brace)

Also note I picked up some 31 BFG ATs on stock rims for $160. :cheers: I used them for the winter to save my Coopers.

Ok, so now a couple wheeling pics so you guys know I actually wheel it.
^ A fire tower used to stand on those pillars


I am on a roll with this thread right now, AND THE BEST IS YET TO COME! :2thumbsup:

mn4wheeler 06-19-2010 11:12 PM

nice looking rig, i really like that front bumper.

1996BlackXJ 06-19-2010 11:14 PM

So, like I promised, more cool stuff.

Put a Champion 8k winch in the vacant front bumper. It's served me well so far and I've made some good pulls with it. (self recovery and stuck buddy recovery)

Also added lights to the bumper. $20 walmart fogs and Hella 500 driving lights. The fogs work surprisingly nicely WHEN AIMED NICE AND LOW. Poorly aimed fog lights are a huge pet peeve of mine, can you tell? :rolleyes:

I wheel the Jeep a lot but haven't put up many pics to prove so...sooo.....

This pic is from the easy section :rofl:

There we go, much better :D

Ok, to bring this thread into the present I took some photos of my Jeep this afternoon. Let's play the game of "what's wrong here" :teehee:

That's right ladies and gents, half doors. :drool: OMG THEY ROCK! :rofl:

they still need a little more finish work but this weekend has been beautiful so I wanted to mount them up right away.

And yes, I still have my regular doors. I did the doorless mod so they can be swapped easily. :cool:

OK well that's it for now. Within the next few weeks I'll be going up in lift height and moving onto some 33x10.5 BFG KM2s. I think the 30s are just hair too small when you look at it. :laugh: 33s on my Jeep will cause me to jizz my pants everytime I look at it.

4pointOH1998 06-19-2010 11:53 PM

Max, it's looking wicked good. Yes, wicked good :laugh:

The 33s will look mean.

How hard was it replacing the steering brace? Mine is in... rough shape to say the least after having broken a bolt a while back and just drilling it out.

1996BlackXJ 06-20-2010 07:18 AM

It's a piece of cake replacing the spacer, it can be a little tough to realign it into the holes so an extra hand to turn the steering wheel so the steering box moves might be needed. It's just that the bolts can be a real *****, you know, the XJ's curse of broken bolts? If you've already removed them once then go ahead and buy some new grade 8 hardware to replace them.

1996BlackXJ 06-26-2010 06:59 PM

Here's a list of parts I've been compiling over the last 3 months or so in order to boost my Jeep up 1.5-2" the right way. I'm very excited to make the step up to 33s, I've got the bumpers and armor that normally don't come until after 33s so my rig should look pretty mean, and perform pretty well.

RC Nitro shocks and steering stabilizer
RC adjustable trackbar w/drop bracket
RC X-flex LCA
YJ brakelines (I've already bent the hardlines straight down so these should work perfectly with 4.5" of lift)
2" coil spacer (saved from when I first lifted my Jeep)
RE 2.5" AAL to put into my OME pack which hopefully will give me 1.5-2" of additional lift. (got it cheap from a fellow Jeeper)
IRO HD Tie-Rod (1.25" solid steel :D) I'm considering buying a new draglink with all new ends to keep the original steering as a back-up. :rtft:
IRO Hack 'n Tap with a Refurb'ed front driveshaft and some 4* shims to correct the driveline angle.

I recently placed the order for the Iron Rock stuff so as soon as everything is in I'll start the re-lifting process. :cool:

I'll be placing the order for the 33x10.5 KM2s tomorrow, just a hair over $800 for 4 tires mounted/tax/out the door. It's Sam's Club though so they won't mount them on my Jeep, I'll just do that in the parking lot with my floor jack. :2thumbsup: Now to see how long they take to arrive...

On a side note, my front pinion seal is leaking. I'll have to pull the guts to fix it, which means I'll probably put that fix to the side for a couple weeks until I find the coin for a D30 Aussie ($240 retail, I've got connections for cheaper) which will definitely be a boost in performance. :cheers:

KINGJB 06-26-2010 07:37 PM


Originally Posted by 4pointOH1998 (Post 9654713)
Max, it's looking wicked good. Yes, wicked good :laugh:

The 33s will look mean.

How hard was it replacing the steering brace? Mine is in... rough shape to say the least after having broken a bolt a while back and just drilling it out.

wicked :duhrock:

MXCarson92 06-27-2010 08:15 AM

Nice! I can't wait to see it on the 33x10.5's, that'll look awesome.

1996BlackXJ 06-27-2010 08:47 PM

Yeah I'm pumped. I ordered them this morning. 5-10 business days is the order time.

Hopefully all my final lift parts from IRO come in this week so it will be lifted before I get the tires, because I'm gonna want to stuff them on with the 3" lift. :laugh: Well, I guess they should fit as long as I stay on the road.

1996BlackXJ 06-28-2010 02:37 PM

Well it was rainy and wet all day which means no work for me! (I'm a per-diem firefighter/EMT and I work lawn care in the summer)

I started working on my tire carrier yesterday and finished it today. It mounts in the 2" receiver on my bumper so I still have the same departure angle. Only thing I don't like is that it wiggles in the receiver a little but nothing major.

The welds on the bracket are obviously crappy. The welds underneath and on the back are much cleaner after I turned up the voltage to get more penetration. :thumbsup:

I used some self tapping screw to mount my license plate on the fiberglass tail gate. :highfive: The plate light is an old light made for a trailer that my Dad found for me in the basement.

I made the hinge out of a 9/16" bolt and some steel tube with an ID of 9/16". It's a very simple design and works flawlessly. When I fold it down it also make a nice seat. :laugh: The pin is also a 9/16" bolt, with a handle made from some scrap metal and a clip to hold it there.

1996BlackXJ 07-02-2010 06:10 PM

Teaser. :teehee:

Now that I have blackwall out tires I'm gonna paint that ghey red and blue pinstriping on my d-windows. :laugh:


Barrows 07-03-2010 12:05 AM

Just use a little acetone and it will come right off....:D....might take a little elbow grease....I have done it before it works well.

1996BlackXJ 07-03-2010 11:23 PM

Finished putting in all the essential parts. Still need to do the SYE and put the tie-rod in. Also cut and re-flare the front hardlines at the connection to the softline because it'd frozen solid. I've got the hardline bent straight so it has some flex room for when I go flex it out to see if I need to trim anything.

Overall I love the tires as of right now. No complaints on the road, but they've only got about 120 miles on them.

tjsrock 07-04-2010 12:01 PM

what size are the tires?

The time now is 09:48 AM.

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