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jimbos76cj 10-28-2012 12:47 PM

jimbos big red build
I picked up this train wreck of a jeep for almost free, I had to swap the trans, T-case and rear drive shaft into a buddies Jeep but I was able to keep the rest of the "good" parts. It was rolled several times, roll bar ripped out and driver ejected.

I figured Id reuse the frame, motor and axles and jusr replace the body parts that were destroyed. After getting it home and looking it over really well I saw the rear was shaped like a smiley face, the frame and several spots that were obviously bent. the only good parts from it were the sterring column, motor, gas tank, wiring harness, grill and radiator. So my hunt began! Do you know how hard it is to find a straight rust free frame and tub??? For me not at all. I found a local guy letting go of a frame and stock springs and some one from my local forum who sold me a 95 tub with family style roll bar.

I cut up the old body with a sawzall and scrapped the frame, axle and tub for cash. The CL gods smiled on me with a set of 4:10 geared axles, good dash and tail gate. After an afternoon of wrenching I was able to put together this

This pic I threw in to show of a sneak peek of my CJ behind the YJ

I felt crafty and decided to tackle some paint work.

I still need to do a little wet sanding before I clear them. Ive been working a bunch recently so no time to work on the jeep but I have used the extra cash and been snatching up parts when they come up. Since I had no trans Ive been on the hunt for a AX-15 with a external slave.. I know Good luck! for weeks Ive been watching Search tempest and CL and the ones that have come up have been internal slave, or need a rebuild and they want $500 for em. Again a fellow on my local site posted up a complete exteranl slave ax-15 with all the needed components for $150.. Since you cant find a external bell housing for less then $100 I jumped on it. Sure it needs synchros and maybe 1st gear but its still a great deal.

For tires I have some one holding a set of 33x12.5x15 BFG mud terrains so i needed a new set of rims since the stocks were too narrow.
15x10 with 2 33" procomp's already attached! For seats I have some one setting me up with thier front, and rear. I already got a replacement windsheild frame and gaskets I just need to paint it, a set of 2.5" lift springs for pretty much free. Now all I need is a small list of parts and the time to get it all together.. Its not going to be too hard core but enough to let me sell my 9mpg gas hog.

What do you think??

jimbos76cj 11-28-2012 08:55 AM

So not so much of a "update" but Ive been doing a few things here and there.. mostly test fitting body panels and trying to track down a new block side motor mount
Heres my new check list that Im hoping to know out before christmas
prime paint and clear windsheild frame, dash, grill and tail gate.
move over wiper parts
install glass.. not sure if I want to monkey with it or have a pro instal.
drop off ax15 for rebuild.
Install new springs and shackles and permanently mount the axles
Heres my "new rims" a little bit offset

I test fit the windshielf frame and lossely installed my grill, hood and spreader bars to make sure they all lined up and also help get some bigg parts off my shop floor.

jimbos76cj 02-16-2013 10:32 AM

Small update

Trans.. I picked up a used AX-15. The PO only wanted $150 for it. It is a 95 model so it has the external slave and came with It been at my buddy's house waiting to get rebuilt. He called me the other day to come look at the internals. The last time I got that call about a ax-15 it was garbage, this time how ever it was great news.. all the gears looked new, no noticable wear other then 2 bad bearings and normal synchro wear. I dropped all those parts off to him yestreday so hopefully Ill have it back in the next week or two.

Motor.. The original wrecked jeep came with a "rebuilt" 258. PO said he had it rebuilt along with the trans and T-case. Well the trans and T-case both had excessive wear and needed rebuilt so I figured that would translate into problems with the motor. I pulled the motor out of the corner and popped of the intake and exhaust to change the motor mount and replace the gaskets since it looked to have a leak. When I looked into the port s there was very little carbon in them. I popped the valve cover and oil pan.

yup.. zero sludge or build up! So I got all the replacement gaskets on order, replacement frame mount and motor mounts are in. I also got a Free great shape 2100 for it. I found out novak sell the right bushing for installing the big end ax-15 into the small diameter 4.2 crank

Suspension. 2.5" springs installed 4:10 axles swapped under it. I have all the parts to rebuild the rear drum breaks.

Tires Im getting some 33x12.5 x15 BFG mud terrains tommorrow.

Body Got 7 coats of clear on the grill and dash.
Then I took the windsheild frame and tail gate out of storage fpr some prep and primer.

Im hoping to get the motor in and all the body work/paint done in the next 2 months.

jimbos76cj 03-12-2013 05:38 AM

So I made voyage last week to drop off alot of the parts that I had sold I picked up a 258 HEI distributor and almost flawless CJ grill with good head light assemblies. Since im my selling frenzy I sold my freshly painted YJ grill I decided to hold on to my CJ Hood and use the CJ front clip.

I thought it was an easy swap between em but quickly found out that the hood is shorter and the grill has to be moved in probably 3" Luckily in my mass of jeep parts I had some stock CJ grill rods which allowed me to move it in pretty easily.

Advanced auto parts dropped off all my new brake and axle parts yesterday. IM going to separate the body from the frame to throw a coat of paint on it and run the fuel and brake lines. Today Im going to order the adapter to mount the 2100 on the Yj intake. My next and final big purchase is the 23 spline np231.

jimbos76cj 03-12-2013 05:39 AM

Oh and the AX-15 fairy dropped off another external slave AX-15 with the external slave.. almost got it for free!

responder 03-12-2013 06:31 AM

I kind of like the CJ grill. Keep the thread up as we are watching!

jimbos76cj 03-12-2013 04:55 PM

Thanks.. I was cleaning the oil pan gasket area today.. walked away to answer a phone call and the motor tipped over and destroyed the valve cover

jimbos76cj 03-24-2013 02:10 PM

Picked up a new valve cover, 231J set of auto meter ultra light gauges (5" Speedo, 3.5" tach, volts, temp and oil) got my 2100 almost completely rebuilt, fuel sender unit, the adapter plate is on its way for the 2100. I was trying to thin down the stock wiring harness when I found a large number of burnt, cut and melted wires and since the PO rolled it when his "lights went out" I decided to get a EZ wire harness for it. I also found out the the HEI i was given is a basket case.. Prety on the out side but some one has taken the insides apart and bent/broke the studs that hold the weights and springs on and replaced them with random screws so I will have to order them up as well. Looks like I have every thing but time at the moment. I put 14 Jeep days on my calender over the next 6 weeks so hopefully I will be able to knock this out by June 6th (Kids last day of school) if not it will have to wait till end of august to get back on it.

jimbos76cj 04-13-2013 07:53 PM

So my 23- I picked up came out of a auto and won't fit onto my ax-15 so Monday I'm getting another one
I dug into the rear axle today.. Rusty and dusty. Got the right side all cleaned up painted and went to install my new shoes when I found out I have the 2" version not the 2.5" version so my new hardware kit and shoes won't fit.. For the first time ever the guy at advance was able to find me pads even though they had none in stock.. He work some magic on the computer and sure enough produced a pair of pads.. So I get home, get them installed and every thing looks great

Then I got distracted by a squirrel and picked up a 3:73 geared, explorer 8.8 with disc brakes and limited slip. I don't want to say how much it was but it made me smile.. A lot! As I was leaving he handed me the u bolts, spring plates, flange and e-brake cables. big smile!! So I get it home and measure the spring pAds on my yj.. 40.5ish on center. I unloaded that heavy sob by my self and threw the tape on it.. 40.5!! Really, just bolt it in! Sweet.

So now Im selling my 4:10s.

jimbos76cj 08-30-2013 01:52 PM

Looks like i havent updated this in a bit. Heres a recap. Decided to ditch the CJ front clip. so now Im back to all YJ

Got my fuel sending unit and adapter plate for the 2100. If any one has done the swap already and used the mr.gasket adapter next time you rebuild the carb throw out the mr gasket and order one of these.
$45.00 shipped it came with the bolts, bottom gasket and gasket for the 2100 that seals off all the open holes on the bottom. This thing is solid and fits like a glove.
Here's what the mr.gasket 1937 looks like. See how it's not square in the back? That causes all kinds of hell with leaks.
His email is you can email him directly or go through his eBay store. I don't have his contact info but if I find it again ill post it[/quote]

Sent the valve cover out to be sand blasted and powder coated.. not to bad for $35. I also had the header blasted since it was loaded down with rust and caked on mud. The motor was reinstalled and given a new coat of gloss black

Picked up a EZ wire 21 circuit kit. The kit is great, came marked every 5 inches so it was easy to route but the way it was laid out from the company made it really hard to get it into place and flat onto the fire wall. I then had the great idea to cut all the wire tires and see if i can get it set up better that way.. holy monkey!! it was worse then unraveling a tape measure. I had a small melt down, gently removed the harness from the jeep and brought it into the house. After turning the AC down to 65, grabbing a 6 pack from the fridge I laid it out on the living room floor and took any wire that was not attached to the fuse block out of the group of wires. once it was thinned down I was able to separate the wires into steering column, dash, engine bay, and rear. With it thinned downed I was able to easily place it onto the firewall and run the rest of the wires into the jeep seperately.. took me a solid 30 minutes to separate the harness and another 30 minutes to get it back into the jeep and the separate wire in. Next one I do will go down like this also.
The fuse block bolts right into the stock holes
Head lights, high beams, signals and parking lights.

All the power, ingintion, tach, Coil, Fan etc..

Picked up a YJ front clip for it

Inbetween down pours today I snuck into the shop and worked on the wiring a little more. Heres what Ive got done
I was able to run the new wires through the stock harness hoops. I measured and cut all the end to the right length and got em hooked up.
Then I Ran some loom just for ****s and giggles.. I still need to add the power wire for the fan realy into the loom. The green and tan wires are the head light and high beam leads that Ill use to power the relays. I wired in the choke realy and got it powered up.
Heres the drivers side.. the blinkers and markers will come in from this side.
and before the flaming starts I still need to make the cover for the hole where the old panel was.
Heres the "new" seats from Keith
After much tech talk with several people I decided to go with using a 85 amp constant duty solenoid to run my fan. Heres how its gonna go.
8 ga wire direct from the battery to a 30 amp self resetting breaker.
then to the solenoid
Which I have mounted here
I get my power for the the switch side of the solenoid from the "fan power" wire from the new wiring harness. To switch the fan on I picked up a spal 185 on 165 off temp switch
The ground wire will go through the fire wall to my switch so I will be able to turn it off if need be. all I have left to do now is install fan and decide if I want to use 8 or 10 ga wire to go from the solenoid to the fan. I was planning on using 8 but I think the fan is wired with 10

Ive traded the 33's for a set of 35's. Thats pretty much it in a nut shell. Hoping to have it done by december as a christmas present to me.

lovett86 09-01-2013 10:52 AM

nice jeep build, keep up the good work

jimbos76cj 09-03-2013 03:17 PM

Heres some pics of todays progress.
Dash veiw from the drivers seatish area.

Got 3 of 5 weather pack connectors done. Ive got one left for grounds and one for my fan kill/warning light

I just need to wire up the lights for the gauges.. unfortunately the sockets with the old gauges were brittle and 2 broke so I ordered 4 new ones today. I also have the clock and tie rod assembly on order. Im hoping next week to get the jeep back on its wheels. Im waitnign to hear back about trading my stock fenders for some tube fenders also.. cant wait for that!

jimbos76cj 09-06-2013 08:15 AM

Got my new tie rod kit delivered yesterday along with my gauge lights. The clock should be in today so next week Ill be able to get the dash completely wired up and ready to go. Today I got the tie rod installed, Tires on it and axle back in place.. No more jackstand jeep!

Also picked up some hard half doors. Ill break these down and get em ready for paint this week also.

I still need to get the front regeared but need to save for the install kit and labor but atleast i can roll her in and out of the garage so I can start on the paint and body work.

jimbos76cj 10-16-2013 04:11 PM

So I did a little bit of work on the jeep today.

Installed the intake and torqued every thing down. All I need to finish it up is a pipe and some sender unit sealer

All the un needed senders were removed and plugged. The exhaust tube that runs to the bottom was removed the pipe cut off flush and the hole was welded up using a fender washer to take up most of the room. I looked for a EGR block off plate but no one could come up with a definitive answer for one so I just hacked the valve off with a sawzal and broke out the welder again to fill the hole.

The. I cleaned out the back, test fit the seats and tossed the console in to see how it all fit.

jimbos76cj 10-16-2013 04:15 PM

Ive also been torn between reinstalling the stock ignition, swapping in a HEI or doing the Team rush and stealth HEI set up. The choice was made for me while looking through some on line sale adds

$75.. I like this option better then the others.

The time now is 05:06 PM.

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