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ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:40 PM

Jeffery 2.0 - some assembly required
Well I think it was finally time to start a build tread over here on JF.

I started with this pile of heep.
It was pretty much stripped down, had a bent frame. I bought it for the tub and title.

And my plans for this build are the following

Drive Train
-3.9 Cummins 4bt Turbo Diesel
*cut down 6bt exhaust manifold
*cut down 6bt intake plate w/ air horn
*he341 turbo
-NV4500 trans
-Atlas II (3.0)
-1979 Ford HP D60 (ARB, Chromoly's, 4.56, full trust)
-1985 14b (ARB, 4.56, shaved to 13b, full trust)
-40" mtr's
-ORI Struts (14")

-TnT hi-line zeros
-Custom made boat sides
-Custom made phantom hi-line front fenders.

-Custom Roll cage w/ integrated dash
-Corbeau Baja Ultra SS seats
-Custom Tool box in the rear
-Fuel cell behind the seats.

-105-106" Wheelbase
-5" rear stretch
-7"ish front stretch
-22" at skid plate
-5.5" up travel
-8.5" down travel
-Not sure the total amount of lift over stock, but should be around 4-5"

I have collected most of the parts for the build, and over my college winter break I got started on the build

Build starts here
For the 14b I went and got UCF 13b shaved cover.
I put the cover on, marked the cut and went at it

Cleaned it up with a flapper wheel, and bolted the stock cover on, so I could see the clearance gained. (1.25")

I knew I was going to need to do a 1" body lift, so instead of doing pucks, I went with Gen Rights body mount lift.



Then my friend cut off the back half

I went with the atx back half kit the second go around. I first tried it will using 2x3 tubing coming off the frame, but I was not happy with the angles I got.

I plan on doing something different in the rear, out side of the tub. But for now it looks like this.

Then on the front half of the frame I made some cuts and got rid of the drop down section.
I left the tubes 9" long cause I might have to stretch it a few inch from factory so I can fit a winch up from.

When I did this I made an L cut, cause I was stepping down from 2.5" to 2", and it worked great.

Well I got to work on pulling the engine.
I chopped up the grill a little, there was no way I was going to pull it out the side door like they say to do.

God was it greasy

Half a gallon of de-greaser and a power washer, cleaned it up pretty good.

ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:40 PM

When to work on the drive train.
While waiting on the Atlas to be build I got my hands on a SFR mock up atlas, and assembled it.

First off, I took a 6bt manifold and chopped off both ends.

Then I used part of what I chopped off to make some end caps, And right now I just tacked them into place.
In the next day or two I have to go out back and get my old oven I used for powder coating, so I can preheat it, and fully weld it.

Well I spent most of today trying to remove the old rusty bolts for the exhaust manifold. With Lots of heat and pb blaster, I was able to get 6 of the 8 out, but I broke 2 of them off in the head. So I spent some time drilling and re-tapping the holes.
Then I got the new intake plate and horn mounted.

Took off the front plate to see what style of "KDP" I had. and of course its not the easy one that you can use some bar stock to retain it.
Going to have to get a little creative.
"KDP" is on the left hand side of the bolt.

I got the "KDP" fixxed, welded the ends of the manifold, got the turbo clocked and took care of the waste gate.
Then I cleaned it all up and hit it with some high temp black spray paint.
*Note to self about spray paint: do not drop a can of spray paint, it will hit the ground and take off like a rocket. It painted the floor, my boots, pants, and everything on the floor black

Finally got the engine in side the frame rails today.
Busted out the plasma, and went to work.

Got the engine mounts down, and threw the hood and grill on to check the clearance's
I have 7/8" from the hood to the intake horn. I had to drop it down about 1.5" from originally where I had it.
I threw the axles and tire under it to check everything out, and I set the frame and tub to ride height.
All I have is crappy cell pictures, will get some better ones later on.
Then I built the skid plate. I originally wanted a flat skid, but seeing as I had to drop the engine down cause of hood clearance. I ended up with a 1.5" tall skid plate. So its almost flat. At the belly right now I have 22".

And here is a photo of how far the oil pan hangs down. It is similar to the stock 4.0 height.

I finished up the skid plate. I added an angle piece up front, and the transmission mount.

So I started on getting the york mounted. With the turbo where it is at, and with the engine being close to the hood, I had to get a little creative.
So far this is what I came up with.

Finished up the york mount.
I had to get rid of the automatic tension-er and I am using the idler pulley on top to tension the belt. There is an 1" of up travel for that pulley.

I got the corners installed.

ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:41 PM

I got the intercooler in the mail, so I went ahead and got it mounted.
I also went to pick-n-pull and got myself a ford taurus fan.

With the radiator, and fan it will be a tight fit by the york, but it should all fit.

Got my hands on a 1989 Astro van steering box, and rebuilt it and tapped it for hydro assist.
If you are looking to rebuild a saginaw box, this is a great write up

Then I started on the boat sides. I started low and kept taking off more till I got the look I liked.
After four different angles and distance I finally got a bend I liked. The rockers will have a 50* angle to them.

I started to skin the drivers side.

Driver side is all finished up. Passenger is all welded, but I just have to make the bottom insert piece.

I remind you this is what I spend the last 4 weeks working on, and now I have to go back to school, so this build will slow down greatly. I will only be able to work on it on the weekends now.

Finally got to work on the jeep this weekend. I got the atlas all assembled and mated it to the trans. (what a ***** that was)

Then i cut the tub up a little more to redo the tunnel. I took my time, and made it out of poster board to make sure it came out like I wanted it to.
I am please on how it turned out.

Also here are some rendering of the cage and center console I made in bendtec and solidworks.

Stripped down the front axle. Installed the REID knuckles, and assembled the truss and tacked it into place. Also check out that awesome tie rod :lol:

Then I welded the tubes of the 14b to the housing.

ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:41 PM

Then I assembled and got the rear truss tack together.

Then I put the rear corner back on and trimmed where the boatsides are.

Back under the jeep the last couple days. Ill let the pictures show the work.

Trying to keep things low, means the upper ares are coming up into the tub.

Worked on the front today. Didnt get as far as I would have liked to, but Ill take what I can get.

Made some beefy CA brackets (passenger side)

(driver side)

Mock up arms

Next up is the track bar and steering box. Some time I wish I went with full hydro to make my life simpler.


Now its time for the jeep!!!
Ill let the photos talk.

The it was time for some ORI sexyness.
Busted out the tube bender that I have had for the last year and haven't used.

First set of tabs (did not like them)

So spent my time with the press break and made these.

ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:42 PM

Front on its own weight, such a great feeling!!!

Sittin low

Welded up the front axle.

Finished the bottom mount for the radiator.

Slant of the grill

Finished up the cross bar for the front hoops.
Its going to be tight for the rad hose

Then I got the hydro-boost mounted up. It feels nice to have one working pedal :)

Got the front links on.

Then I got one of the beadlocks mounted and on the jeep.

Finally got some free time. And I was able to get the rear links installed and bent some tube up for the rear ORI's.


ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:42 PM

Set the winch in the frame rails, and cut off 5" of the extra frame extension I had. It leaves me almost a zero degree approach angle.

Finished my spare tire carrier up.

Got it as close as I could to the tub.

Then the winch plate was welded in and I made some upper plates to finish it off.

Then my GF wanted some time behind the torch, so I let her.

Chopped down the rear frame, moved the x member under the tub, and mounted the rear suck down winch.


Completed the grill mounts, hi lined the hoop and did the front radiator hoop.

Then I moved on to the steering column, I wasnt needing any of the factory crap on there, so I removed it.
I made a new spacer and I am going to tig it in place, but I ran out of argon today :thumbdown:

So then on to the dash:
Took part of the side from the step van. Cut it to the length I need and scored the back of it.

Then I went to town. Jumping on it. pulling it down. And using everything I had.

4 Hrs later I get this:

ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:43 PM

Week of 8/20/12

new steering wheel with a grant quick release. Check!!

Stole an idea from a friend, and made a gauge pod for the 3 extra gauges. It will be tied into the cross bar.

I welded up the center console and clean it all up.

Then I got my exhaust parts in. I got the flow master you fit kit. After about 5~6hrs. I took (6) 45* bends and (2) 50* bends, and made this....


Then I also made a shifter, just have to buy a knob.

I cut down the intake manifold to clear the brake booster.

Then I cut down the battery tray 2". Had to clear the turbo, and I am going to try to run the air filter on top of it.

ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:44 PM

So i spent the last two days finishing up the dash.
I cut out all the holes for the switches and gauges. In addition I made a access door for all my fuses and relays.

I used all SS counter suck hardware, and put the hinges inside the dash. That way you are less likely to cut your leg up on it.

Then when I did this. My girlfriend did some little stuff. Like making a battery tie down, rear body mount, and some other little things.


So i had to raise the whole radiator up and it was a *****. Once I finished that I made all the power steering hoses.

Took me awhile to figure out where the second heater hose connects to. Come to find out if you remove one of the temp switch on the side there is a 1/2 npt fitting. So i got my self a 1/2npt to 5/8 barb and it work great.

Upper heater hose

Found me a lower radiator hose.

Then I bent up a tube for my front suck down winch. Just waiting for it to come in the mail


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ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:53 PM

And some more.

ksilovich 01-15-2012 08:54 PM

And more!!

The time now is 04:24 AM.

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