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The_Goob 10-26-2013 02:10 PM

Goob's "Hell on Wheels" YJ Build
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Let's just start with this. :confused:
Here's some shortcuts :)
Phase 1 - Stock fun! (Read on)
Phase 2 - The teardown and swapping fun
Phase 3 - Working out the bugs, neverending bugs :gunfight:
Phase 4 - Rollbar, interior, extras(Coming soon!)

Some other shortcuts:
Wheeling pics and vids! 4-26-14
September 2014 COlorado trip report
Moab 2015 recap
This is what I started with

I will try to keep a current picture here:
Stock fun
One of the things I will highlight in this adventure is the day to day struggles of doing this build without the knowhow, time, money, skills, tools, or space but finding a way to do it anyway. :D

Now thats out of the way, what we have here is a 91 islander with 4.0 and tf999 with 3.07's. Brought her home summer 2012 cause I always wanted a Jeep.
For the first year I just enjoyed having and driving it. Seeing all these built Jeeps on here, and how "easy" most of the work is to do, really is infectous. early 2013 I decided to pay it off since I hate car loans, and I started first few little mods.
Well first I had to fix a dead water pump
Hardtop was not my thing so I took it off and bought a supertop

Next I got myself a 1" body lift, only broke 2 bolts. Was alot trickier than I thought but got it done.
Then I hit a deer and my euro bar saved my front, but the thing never lined up with the body after the BL so off it came.
Then I read about removing tracbars, BEST MOD TO DATE :laugh:
Next up I needed some rear recovery, and to be able to tow my lil trailer so I got this, love it. Wish I would have considered a tire carrier one before I pulled the trigger.
So after that I was tired of the chrome grill inserts and the rust on the grill the body lift exposed, so I got painting!
At this point I went to Jeep Mania and tried to wheel it, did pretty well considering.
Bent the hell out of my exhaust ^^ but took BFH to it and its fine for now.
Now I added some 1" Booms from BESRK, Turned out well. Had to reset toe in and steering wheel, that was all new to me but my trusty Jeep bible got me through it. At the same time I sold my hardtop. the guy that bought it had 31" mud tires that he didnt seem to want. He agreed to trade tires and rims for me in exchange for $50 off the hardtop price. I WON.
At this point, Having nicer tires and the extra 1" lift from them and booms, it was Wheelin time! But first I noticed my stock shocks were limiting travel so I used the idea from ashland to use old ford truck shocks, they work great!
Not bad for flat stock springs :)

The_Goob 10-26-2013 02:18 PM

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Ok ok the next week was Iowa Jeep show so off we went
I have little kids so the sport bar isnt enough in my eyes, and after a few months of looking i got this turd for $60 or so, needs alot of grinding and paint.
Thats as far as ive gotten is the bottoms done on that for now.
Now it was time for my first wheelin trip with Mississippi Valley Jeep Club, and boy did we have a blast! Didnt get a ton of pictures

Broke down on the way home and a clubby bailed me out. Thanks to apollo on here for helping me get back on the road. had a bad coil
For my birthday my wife got me this, cant argue!
Had to relocate light tabs to fit my lights, first time Ive welded in 10-12 years, better start easy
And now I am caught up, got me a SYE on CL for $125, to add to my parts list for later.

The_Goob 10-26-2013 02:19 PM

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It's time to start talking about the plans for this Heep.
First and foremost, This thing will always stay an Islander model, even if I ruin it with stickers and mud and dents. Something about it I just love.
It is also my summer DD. i have a 94 blazer that i use in the winter to soak up the salt. In addition, I am not made of money so this will be somewhat of a budget build, Id rather not shoot for the moon on everything since I still like a challenge. Very very much open to suggestions and tips.
I do not like paying for auto work though so I will be doing this all myself as a learning experience.

At this moment Im' compiling a "winter parts list" of mods to be done all at the same time. the plan is to get it all and hopefully be ready to put it all on come spring. My garage is way to small and Iowa is way to cold to try and do it all in the winter. (EDIT LMAO this is too funny, since I ended up being out there all winter anyway 3-3-14)

  • The idea is to get rid of my flat stock springs for 3-5" springs. I have this narrowed down to BDS 3.5" or zone 4"
  • Ford 8.8 with 4.10 LSD (flameshield up) I really only intend on locking the front, lsd should be an upgrade over open in the back.
  • ruffstuff 8.8 kit
  • Since I have 3.07 I will need another d30 up front with 4.10/4.11.
  • -SYE-
  • Still need a driveshaft. xj front is my viable option. want to avoid dropping the tc since hitting that is my issue right now
  • While I install the sye I plan on doing the tranny vent relocate so I can hit the water.
  • -shocks- already have the extended shocks from ashlands thread so for now I will assume these will stay on.

There is more on the list but my brain is fried so I will update it later. wish me luck!

The_Goob 10-26-2013 02:20 PM

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Some other things I have planned (or just ideas), but in no particular order or timetable:
  • Ditch carpet, fix a few bad spots on floor, monstaliner tub. this is to be done when I swap in the family roll bar so I dont have to take it back off.
  • Ditch the full length flares/steps. would like to make some sliders for the sides and not sure what fenders I would use.
  • Fix my exhaust. I have jammed it and scraped it alot. manifold might be cracked, hard to see on 4.0 since intake blocks view. nothing fancy. there is a nice leak heard mostly when under load sounds to be under foot pedal area.
  • More lights
  • bigger alternator
  • OBA

95YamJam 10-26-2013 06:16 PM

Looks great so far!

Sparrows 10-26-2013 09:32 PM

Sub'd! :thumbsup:
Looking good man! Love the pic/video heavy thread! :thumbsup:
Keep it up.


JeepaholicNinja 10-26-2013 09:35 PM

Looks good! I love white Jeeps...Sub'd

The_Goob 10-27-2013 12:52 AM

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Thank you Thank you! looking forward to what I can do. learning alot and having fun along the way! Looking at this again after several beers I realize I did pic whore it up a bit :P

Itstime 10-27-2013 12:56 AM


Originally Posted by The_Goob (Post 17188090)
Thank you Thank you! looking forward to what I can do. learning alot and having fun along the way! Looking at this again after several beers I realize I did pic whore it up a bit :P

Nothing wrong with lots of pics. We all look at jeep pics like porn if you got pics share them. Haha

Sparrows 10-27-2013 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by Itstime (Post 17188122)

Nothing wrong with lots of pics. We all look at jeep pics like porn if you got pics share them. Haha

Can't really have too many! Personally I appreciate builds that take the time to snap and upload a lot of pics.


The_Goob 10-27-2013 04:13 PM

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Well, I wheeled it today for possibly the last time this year, at least on the club calandar. Had to go on the line 4 times :O
Not having the kids with I guess I got a little more adventurous. Think I bent my springs a bit, and on top of that they finished out flattening. lost about an inch of height and the ride is garbage now. And I smashed up my fiberglass step thing that continues from the front flare. other than that great day!
-Also note while I love my new front bumper, I never knew how har it stuck out and it stopped me several times today,(that and shackles) hoping lift will cure that a bit!
This here bent my shock it wont travel now.

This is alot steeper than it looks!

Itstime 10-27-2013 06:41 PM

I cant see the videos can you give me q YouTube tag to surch?

Itstime 10-27-2013 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by Itstime (Post 17204578)
I cant see the videos can you give me q YouTube tag to surch?

I got it looks fun!

ZSXJ430 10-27-2013 08:18 PM

I love that you use it. Looking great so far.

The_Goob 10-28-2013 08:04 AM

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Originally Posted by ZSXJ430 (Post 17207602)
I love that you use it. Looking great so far.

Thank you. whats the point of having/building if you dont use it and break it? :laugh:
It is a little nerve racking when i slam on rocks and stuff but I'm getting used to it

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