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teejmcd 08-05-2013 08:28 AM

Captain Cartwheel
starting my build thread over, i bought my jeep when i was 17 (now 25)and have a build thread somewhere. I have experimented with a bunch of different ideas for wheeling some were good some were bad. the last few years the salt got to my jeep and it was time for a rebuild.

edit* found old build thread

here is my jeep in its prime.
new body mounts, full cage, and harnessed seats were in the work.

then this happened, i was going up a very tight trail with no room to get a good line. my tire slid and i hit a tree. well i actually drove up the tree and cartwheeled 2 times and was stoped by a tree behind me. so im told. i only remember some of it. i ended up landing hard on the cartwheel and my body fell out of stock seats and i landed on my ribs. 7 broken ribs later, im rebuilding her.

teejmcd 08-05-2013 08:29 AM

im really looking for a primarily trail rig. big on the safety in case i decide to cartwheel again. i also want a summer fun/ blizzard fun rig. so mostly trail looking but still good to ride on the road. thanks to chris i got a tub, hood, grill, and frame. we are going to swap drive-train on new frame and body. full cage is being installed with harnessed seats as well. flat dash going to keep it basic and easy. flat dash, no heater core, new gage cluster eventually. hope to have this thing rolling sooner than later. after its in my garage, depending on free time may have some more goodies coming!

teejmcd 08-05-2013 08:56 AM

time to get it started.
looked at everything and started to disassemble.
the tub, hood, grill, windshield frame, fenders all destroyed.
looked into ti further the frame was bent also.
my buddy chris who i did alot of work on his jeep offered his garage to do most of the work and gave me a super clean frame, hood, tub, windshield frame, and grill. he was hording it for himself but decided to donate it to me.:tea:

rear corner armor i made 5 years ago did great, they wont be reused but they are still good!

teejmcd 08-05-2013 09:05 AM

after we got to rear corner armor off, the rear part of the tub was all free so we decided to cut it off to make some room.
this is me, dont tell the doc i was doing work only a few days after i broke my ribs. iw as mostly doing small stuff like taking off wiring, hoses, snapping pics. and picking up tools. only so mnay people know how to cust and weld steel so i had to do that.

after it was cut we removed the back half of the tub.

all of the wires are on the cowl so we decided, when doing all this wiring if i had the cowl behind the new one i can just swap wires the easy way. off the old and on the new.

so we trimmed the cowl to move it by hand, the steering colum is best to so i got a new one of them off a guy parting a jeep out.

no more body, got the engine lift connected

teejmcd 08-05-2013 09:14 AM

unbolted trans and engine. taking the old frame out

looks crazy, this is only part of my jeep left!

teejmcd 08-05-2013 09:21 AM

one of the guys in the club brought a trailer to get the new parts from down the street where they are stored.

the whole frame was a roller, so we took the tanks over and i just cut the leaf springs, track bar, sway bars. just needed the frame, this is all the same day so i missed a bunch of pics but you get the idea.

everything loaded up!

teejmcd 08-05-2013 09:31 AM

we then removed all the bolts and leaf spring ends. then through the new frame on the drivetrain rolle dit in to get bolted up to the engine.

took out the glass off the old windshield so i can take all the parts off it.
after we got this far i ordered everyone pizza and beer. aka progress slowed after this point!

everyone was getting tired at this point so we jsut wanted to finish the day off good and threw the body, hood and grill on.

im a happyjeeper! i got good friends and were busting this thing out!

teejmcd 08-05-2013 09:44 AM

we took a few days to get the old tub off, when it was just the frame it only took a day to get the new frame and body on. i had to decide on the color, we were tempted to keep it like this for the Toys for tots run in chicago! but i want to paint it when its easy, i decided camo tan, the secondary color will be od green or olive green. easy to blend, and repaint then scratched parts. this tub was clean! the onlt rust was on the tailgate, and a small hole around the spot next to your foot on the driver side, i cut it out and welded a patch in it. the whole floor was rusted out but about 4 years ago i fabbed up a new floor for chris and already fixed that, irony i have this tub now.

these are pics from 4 years ago. the tub was a trailer, and this is the only rust on the tub.

teejmcd 08-05-2013 09:50 AM

got to sanding the other day. just wanted to scuff the clear coat. nothing fancy.

about 7 paint cans later!

teejmcd 08-05-2013 10:02 AM

been almost 3 weeks since i got hurt. i am doing good, i can work more and going back to work soon! i been thinking alot of what to do about the jeep, the cage is going to be sick! keep an eye out for it. their will be alot of fabrication to come also. this is going to be a LCOG rig 4 link will be coming, along with a belly up.

i was going to start working on the body mount bolts, half of them broke on the old tub. then we were deciding on what to do. im hard mounting the cage to the frame, so why have rubber bushings for the body. if your hard mounting 1 might as well do both. so i decided to make my own body mounts out of 2 in square tube, 1.75 in long and welded to 1/8th inch plate on the top welded to the body. i would NOT run just like this, i know the body would bend. but since the cage is smashing the body at every mount. this body is not going anywhere! i wanted an inch body lift so i made it 1.75 in long so the factory mount is 1 inch and a body lift is a puck over that mount. so 1.75 + 1/8th almost 2 inches. i was going to put another plate under but realized i didn't need to.

mounts im talking about.

welded to the stock mounts.

Ggg 08-05-2013 12:22 PM

Hey TJ glad to see the progress and glad you are feeling good. I saw in an earlier post you plan on deleting the heater core, but want to use it in blizzards. I think that may be a mistake not having any heat for your defrosters. Plus on early spring runs it is usually nice to have some heat to take the chill off. Otherwise it has been a good build, typical of the CORE builds I have helped with.
Pulling a complete frame, tub, etc. out of Chris' "outlaws" yard is a perfect example of why "we" stash Jeep parts. All those parts sure came in handy.

teejmcd 08-05-2013 02:09 PM

yea im debating on on the heater, well see when i rip into the dash and make my own.

teejmcd 08-07-2013 12:48 AM

update again! i picked up some paint! i was thinking between gloss or flat. joel from our group core 4x4 said gloss may resist mud and dirt better, so maybe next time i paint it it will be gloss.
i got a gallon of the same stuff jeep p

my home made flat dash, links and cage will be this color.

i should of got it shacked in the store, i forgot to get it shaken so a jeep gas tank strap stiring stick! took forever.

this frame is CLEAN chris (core member) hates me that he had to give it to me, but i still thank him all the time!

we lowered the body and joel and i measured it many many times.
i then welded the body to the mounts. it wasn't very easy. i been healing good but i cant lie down on a flat hard surface so i got about 3 sides welded of the box, which is plenty. as i said the cage is going to hold the cage much better then the body mounts. welds came out pretty good, over head, rusty and painted didn't make it easy.

this mount was pretty destroyed, so i didnt really weld this one much but the support is still their

mounted, i had a smile ear to ear i was told when i started hooking up wires.
took out vac. actuator lines for dana 30 finally, got most of them hooked up.

i cant find a home for this one yet, but i will

freaknajeep 08-07-2013 08:54 AM

Great build so far...I was getting a little stressed out looking at your pics...but then I finally saw it...the beer that cannot build a trail rig with out the proper blood-beer-mud ratio.....

teejmcd 08-07-2013 08:58 AM

Oh yea, beer is a common guest haha

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