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sailsurf7713 03-25-2012 09:26 PM

99 Rusty Revival
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:DFigured I'd start one of these. Had the Jeep now for 4 years. Hasn't gotten as much love as it deserves, but my other hobbies are boating and mountain biking, and I'm a full time M.E. major, so the budget isn't huge.

It all started here:

1999 Wrangler SE
2.5 Liter Low Output
AX-5 Transmission
Dana 30/35 combo...not off to a good start :rofl:

sailsurf7713 03-25-2012 09:31 PM

The Defender next to it is a total pile of crap, however the one my buddy owned prior (TDi, tall skinny tires, rear locker, snorkel), was the inspiration for getting a 4x4. I was simply amazed at where that thing could go in comparison to my 2wd dodge dakota. Being a Mopar guy and not having 45,000 dollars laying around, I decided on the jeep.

Defender TDi

Wheeled it stock.

Rainbowed the tie rod.

Replaced it with a Big Daddy Monster Tie Rod and kept wheeling it stock.

The rubicon pictured above was traded in on an Audi and the Defender never gets wheeled, so I lost interest in modding and offroading for awhile. Then my buddy picked up an Xterra for real cheap and I joined a club with him. I had already acquired some Soft 8s, 30" General AT2s, steering skid, stock rubicon springs, 3/4" spacers all round, savvy g.t.s. and overall the jeep performed beyond expectation. But some little curve balls were about to make this build a bit more interesting and a lot more frustrating.

The Xterra (Up to date)

sailsurf7713 03-25-2012 09:43 PM

Monstalined the interior and the front bumper. The front bumper is a Jeeperman for reference.


The rear pinion bearings in my turdy five were over torqued by my last ever mechanic and about a month later sounded apocolyptic. Out came the axles and in a desperate act of complete stupidity and ignorance I rebuilt the Dana 35....myself.

It got TrueTrac LSD, 4.56 Superior Gearing, and Superior Discovery Chromolly Axle Shafts.

Prettiest this turd will ever look.

The 30 got matching gear set and a full diff rebuild, and my Jeep was back on the road. Took it out the night we finished up with no top or doors in 18 degree weather.

sailsurf7713 03-25-2012 09:57 PM

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That bumper looked real silly without a winch, so after weeks of pouring over specs I chose one. Chose a Superwinch EPi9.0. Has excellent specs, works well, has a phenomenal warranty and superwinch is 45 minutes from my house. Downsides are its a pig, and its made in Taiwan. Can't win them all. But still very happy with it.

Installed it in a thunderstorm :cool:

The galvanized aircraft cable never even made it outside. Winching with steel cable is simply terrifying. This winch got 100 ft. of 6mm SK-90 Dyneema rated at 12,000 lbf. Then was covered in polyester chafe gear. Also got an SK-75 Dyneema moveable chafe sleeve. Saved close to 30 lbs on the front end and no fear of any vehicle or human damage whilst winching. :2thumbsup:

Getting used.

Xterra being recovered after not being able to peak "Diaper Hill." Notice the Jeep Recovery Vehicle sticker.

Recovering another XTerra after she slipped sideways attempting to climb the ledge.

A few months after these pictures were taken the jeep got its only form of lift. A 1" body lift was paired with some Brown Dog +1" motor mounts. Otherwise just a 3/4" spacer was maintained up front to compensate for the winch and the rear spacers were removed.

sailsurf7713 03-25-2012 10:10 PM

Curve Ball 2:

To continue the little purple jeeps story...

Its not doing too well. The frame has rotted to the point that it is on the verge of breaking in half and the T.C. skid/crossmember is beginning to seperate from the frame. :(

But with my evolved theory of "with the proper tools and the internet, you can do anything" it will be fixed. Picked up a never used Lincoln 180T on craigslist, taught myself how to weld, helped build a SAE baja buggy as well just to reinforce my learning. Turned out awesome. Placed 22nd down in Auburn this year in the endurance race, not bad considering we built it in one semester.

Big Miller is dead, hence my little lincoln sitting on it :rofl:

Future also holds JK front seats, front locker, some aluminum skids, tube fenders, maybe some custom chromolly Johnny Joint control arms? Plan is to make it a daily driver friendly rig that is a sleeper on the trail.

Here goes...


Prryan45 03-25-2012 11:14 PM

You go purple Jeep,you can do it.

sailsurf7713 03-26-2012 03:56 PM

Frame sections have been acquired from Auto Rust Technicians in Cranston, RI. Awesome people and looks to be a great product. The JK seats have been acquired from a member here. (Thank you again). Just gotta pick up a bottle of gas and a whole lot of cutting wheels :D

I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures thursday.

XJ_Renegade 03-26-2012 08:44 PM

Way to keep on keepin' on. Seen plenty of people give up from less.

sailsurf7713 03-27-2012 09:13 AM


Originally Posted by XJ_Renegade (Post 13308561)
Way to keep on keepin' on. Seen plenty of people give up from less.

Well, like my signature says. "It could be worse." I've invested a lot of blood, sweat and aggravation into this rig. Its taught me more than I could have ever imagined. A couple years ago I was impressed with being able to swap out shocks. Now I've regeared the jeep and will be welding the frame back together.

After this is done, I have two body mounts to fix and it'll be ready for an AX15/NV3550/NSG370 swap and eventually a diesel :D

sailsurf7713 04-01-2012 07:20 PM

Got the mid section of the frame done thursday. Didn't get to the rear control arm mount area, as there is already a plate there that I'm going to have to somehow remove. This was just a temporary fix to get my by until Auto Rust came out with the sections. Any input on getting them off is much appreciated.

On to the pictures.


Was able to pry this side of the T.C. Crossmember off. :eek:

The fix:

Cut out rotted bits. Best to keep as much good metal as possible. The driver side was substantially better than the passenger. Go figure. A plasma cutter would have been ideal, however I had very little trouble with a 4.5" grinder.

Test fit and ensure the edges of the cap are just touching the aft weld of the forward lower control arm mount and the forward weld on the rear lower control arm mount.

Once satisfied, remove and clean up areas to be welded. I used an Avante paint removal disc from home depot. Did a great job, but was destroyed with only a few minutes of use.

Buy these instead: Norton also makes a really good one. Sears has them.

Ensure everything fits tight and the weld joint is tight with a few c clamps and tack all around.

Once you're certain everything is perfect, burn it in.

Repeat on other side. Next thursday the other sections will go in and I'll get some finished photos up soon. Got too dark for good photos and a few areas need some detailed finishings, but its coming along.


sailsurf7713 04-08-2012 10:07 AM

Got the rear control arm sections in. Unfortunately, no pictures. Was mostly working by myself with my girlfriend making sure I didn't light myself on fire. Suffered a few burns and one severe one on my stomach, but all is well and it'll heal. :D

In the midst of reassembly, noticed the rear control arms were mostly shot. Could have got new stockers, but opted for some curries.

Up next will be:

-Savvy/Currie rear arms (done)
-JK two tone seats (half done)
-265/75/16 Kelly Safari TSRs (done)
-MCE 3" Gen II Fenders (done)
-Homemade On-Board Air
-Aussie locker up front
-Repainted dash
-Undercover fab 1/4" aluminum T.C. skid and Engine skid
-Some other aesthetic stuff. (Save that for last.)

Throwing around the idea of trussing the Dana 35, now that I've put a good chunk of cash and time into it. Also need some tipe of rear recovery point. I remove the tow hitch for wheelin.

sailsurf7713 04-11-2012 08:16 AM

Savvy/Currie arms are installed in the rear.

Picked up some rear frame side coil buckets from ruffstuff. So, frame is nearly done. Gotta patch a small hole on the underside of the tub, then new seats.

sailsurf7713 05-09-2012 10:44 PM

Just got out of school and got my tax return. So putting these (265/75/16):

on these:


Little blingy, but this combo yields 1" T.C. skid and axle clearance while weighing the same as the 30x9.5s and Soft 8s I have now.

sailsurf7713 08-25-2012 11:02 AM

Got the tires and wheels fitted. Got the driver side JK seat in and installed in a way that maintained the ratcheting height adjustment :2thumbsup:. MCE 3" Gen II fenders will arrive shortly. Just have to finish up some odds and ends, get the other seat installed, then front locker and wheeling my club's best annual event in September...god willing :cheers2:

Pictures to follow.

sailsurf7713 08-26-2012 09:35 AM

Some updated photos.

Was gonna paint the wheels satin black. Opinions?

And don't worry the other seat's going in soon. I was only willing to play around with my safety first. Not my girlfriend's.

The time now is 10:56 PM.

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