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theGiantPanda 07-24-2013 12:21 AM

6 Day TJ Daily Driver, sorta, Build...
This JEEP now has 2001 5.3 LS with a 4l60e transmission and NP231C transfer case...The replacement 4.0 didn't last long powering the Jeep as it wasn't a V8 any other Jeep build.. its an on...

ok I scored a deal on a 2003 TJ with a blown motor, gremlins were knocking on the oil pan trying to get out. message to PO, when it starts ticking... get it looked at. so be it, mine now.

the 03 TJ was going to be a shop jeep, built for rockin' but I got my feet planted and the 6.1 hemi redicon build is back in the mix of it... so this little black 03 is now directed to be my daily driver. i haven't had a daily driver jeep in over 6 years so it will be a welcomed addition to my fleet.

the plan for this jeep is simple.. pull the blown 4.0 driveline, separate the trans form the junk 4.0, swap flywheel, mate it to the 4.0 i pulled from the silver bullet LS jeep project, put an SYE in the 231j t case, put it all back in the jeep. ALSO get a 4" zone SA kit and a 1.25 BL kit as well. THEN get some bling wheels and 35" BFG KM2's to run around on. The KICKER is to try and do it all within '6 days.' My tags/registration expires on my birthday [29th] and I don't want to renew the tags on my Yukon xl, which i have listed for sale. I would much rather put that cash into registration for this jeep...:D:D

EDIT/UPDATE: as of 8/1713 the jeep is up and running, ready for exhaust and plates. my 6 day goal was blown by the hidden parts in the jeep the needed to be replaced and modifications that I decided to take on above the basics.

cost of jeep $3000
motor $0 [I had it]
lift $500
body lift $100
front axle shaft u joints $70 installed
new hub bearings $60
new clutch, pressure plate $130
re surface flywheel $25
new belt $20
sye kit $0 had it
rear drive shaft $330
new battery $120
wide flares $110
wheels $450
tires $1000
outboard shock [parts] $40
new rear shocks $80
new fluids $60
new motor mounts 1.0" lift $60
tire carrier $120 materials [so far]

heres how i got her.. minus 3+quarts of stock 4.0l, 5 speed, both front sway bar links torn apart :confused: blown rear pass brake cylinder, a transfer case that looks like it was used for a shovel :confused:

at about 830 tonight my brother showed up for his first 'jeep wrenchin' experience :cheers2: he got a jk a few months ago, and now its time for him to earn some jeep cred's.... bill, the guy who owns the big K5 Blazer we are doing an 1 ton axle swap, disc brake swap, high steer, blah blah ton of work to, hung out and lent a hand as well. so after 3.5 hours of wrenchin and a lot of direction, explanation and instruction, we made some serious progress....

my brother working on a jeep, sniff, brings a tear of joy to my eye :cheers:

observe the shoveled front edge of the trans skid :thumbsup:

on the waaay out


theGiantPanda 07-24-2013 11:28 PM

hey anyone have the part number for the pilot bearing bushing for the 03 crank??? i have to pull the auto spacer out and pop the manual bushing in.

gst95dsm 07-24-2013 11:34 PM

Sounds like fun man! I see your shop is in Taylor. I used to run around there as a teen. I'm from Carleton / Monroe if you know where that is, just a little south. Keep up the good work!

theGiantPanda 07-24-2013 11:40 PM

thanks and absolutely.. i actually worked part time in Carleton PD this past winter... i went from an urban fast paced high crime etc area to Carleton.. like going from 90mph to .05mph!!!

i found my bushing, now just deciding if i get a new clutch for it. local auto parts store..130. ram brand clutch.. 200.

gst95dsm 07-24-2013 11:58 PM


Originally Posted by theGiantPanda (Post 15716078)
thanks and absolutely.. i actually worked part time in Carleton PD this past winter... i went from an urban fast paced high crime etc area to Carleton.. like going from 90mph to .05mph!!!

i found my bushing, now just deciding if i get a new clutch for it. local auto parts store..130. ram brand clutch.. 200.

:rofl::rofl: Then you surely know the trailer park down the long road off the main drag. I think there's a bunch of new houses down that road now. I lived in that trailer park! Haha. You also may have arrested some of my family at the Hotel bar. The James boy's are / were pretty notorious in that town. Haha. Ok sorry..... on with your build!

theGiantPanda 07-25-2013 12:24 AM

lol... yes..yes..possibly....

pics are loading, be up soon. i ordered my wheels and tires today.. and yes i got some BLING BABY!!!! got my hook up on the KM2's and a deal on some shiny 15"s as well. $1600 5 wheels, 5 tires- mounted & balanced. ordered my suspension lift and BL today as well. im waiting to get set up as a dealer with a Michigan based supplier. cant wait actually!

theGiantPanda 07-25-2013 12:56 AM

wheels... economical bling lol!

tonight i only had a few hours to play with the jeep. i separated the manual trans from the blown 4.0. then i had to separate the auto trans from the good 4.0. then move the junk out of the way, then bring over the other motor.. things are getting tight in the shop... :thumbsup:


yay.. auto bushing removal time!

the easiest way that i have found is this.. drill 4 holes in the bushing, then re-drill with progressively larger bits until you only have mm's of material. split the holes open with a chisel or flat head screwdriver and hammer. then knock out a section of the bearing. i drilled 4 out of habit, you really only need 2. 4 just releases more tension from the bearing.

all out!!!

orileys website shows the local store has the bushing/bearing i need. im just going to go get that, the clutch kit and a new serpentine belt, so i can get this back together and possibly back in the jeep tomorrow night :dunno::congrats:

wheels and tires will be ready tomorrow... lift kit, possibly tomorrow if im lucky, if not for sure on Friday. i hope tomorrow. Friday night im going up north.

theGiantPanda 07-25-2013 01:04 AM

time investment so far..
Tuesday... 3.5 hours actual, 2 guys= 7 hours [front clip removal, complete driveline removed]
Wednesday... 2 hours, just me [remove manual harness from junk 4.0, split, remove 4.0 auto harness, split auto, remove auto bushing]

USMCHarleyJeepG 07-25-2013 10:42 AM

gonna be nice man

theGiantPanda 07-25-2013 11:40 AM

thanks!!! i sure hope so!

been chasing parts all morning. i opted to just get a new clutch kit which worked out good. came with pressure plate, clutch disc, the 'bearing and bushing' i needed, and an alignment tool. bought a new flywheel too, then i was thinking 'i wonder if anyone around here still does re-surfacing?' yep, 5 miles from the shop.. $25. done, had it finished in about 15 minutes. have to take the other one back with some other stuff now..

i have to run out and look at the falcon we did, help the guy out with some finish details. when i get back, my plan is to get the driveline re-assembled and ready to go back in.

current tally.. 9 hours + 1 hour chasing parts so far 10 hours in.

jeepwrangler97 07-25-2013 02:36 PM

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I can't keep track of your builds... this is getting confusing :)

Sent by a messenger bird

theGiantPanda 07-25-2013 06:06 PM

LOL... try standing in the shop.. :D

heck I think I use the forum to keep track of them myself... :D:D

just got back from addressing the falcon.. all good. scarfed down some grub... bout ot walk back in the shop and try to accomplish something, hmmm 7pm perfect starting

theGiantPanda 07-25-2013 11:30 PM

log 4 more hours.... takin alittle break, I love my little brother.. he and his wife came to the shop, they brought me some wings from hooters, yay! we bs'd for a while and they just took off. going to do a little update and then got put another hour or 2 in.


new pilot bearing/bushing installed, disc and pressure plate..

mated back together...

I got the 4.0 manual harness installed on the 4.0 engine. the only difference I ran into was the o2 sensors are different from the 03 and the 04. the 04 engine had the power tech smpi on it so maybe that was the reason. anyways, I pulled the o2 sensors from the 03 and just swapped them in. done.

getting her back home...

I leave the drivers side mount on the motor and just separate it from the frame. its the easiest way I have found, both in and out.


now for all the trinket stuff, fuel/evap lines, ac lines, starter, mate the harnesses back together, new serpentine belt etc...

I think im going to go see if I cant knock out the SYE install rear quick and get the t case back in so I can put the skid up and the jeep can be moved, especially with the lift and new shoes coming tomorrow. [2] more additions, ordered extended flares and... im going to look up Gerry and get a cable shifter for it. :thumbsup:

theGiantPanda 07-26-2013 01:34 AM

Im pretty sure it took longer to get the harmonic balancer off the tail shaft than it did to tear apart the t case and do the SYE install.

im not going to post any pics of the SYE install process etc as there are hundreds of those floating around here. what I am going to put up is my after midnight hillbilly harmonic balancer puller. I was getting this thing done tonight :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I drilled recesses in the 2x4 for the shaft on one side and the C clamp landing pads on the top so they wouldn't shift. :laugh:

it worked with a little assistance from a punch tapping it along :hahaha::hahaha::hahaha: :doh::doh:

and skip to the end... I had this kit on the shelf from when I swapped the Patriot Hemi to a Mega Short Kit.

I have done 6 of these kits in the last few months and the craftsmans work the best!!

SonicR1 07-26-2013 07:57 PM

I love the c-clamps!!! I lucked out when I did my last one, the puller I had didn't work, found some old all thread (I don't know why I had some that small) and threaded it through the holes in the balencer… took a long time but it worked.

Nice build!!!

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