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Benderff 03-27-2010 10:23 AM

4th Jeep Time to learn something TJ

Here's my lame attempt at a build thread. This is the fourth wrangler I have had, but this is the first time I have really learned anything about them. I finally have a life, some cash, and some free time to built it and wheel it.

Here's my bone stock 2006 TJ right after I bought it new.

The crew I work with is pretty heartless (that's why we get along so well). I finally got tired of them asking me what shop I used to have my jeep "professionally lowered". The father in law hooked my up with a Rancho rock-crawler 3.5 lift. Let the fun begin.

Would I do the Rancho lift again? Nope. I got it at a great price, but I wish I would have read more on here and went long arm or Currie.

On a side note. The Toyo tires are great, but I don't like 12.5'' wide tires for the wheeling and driving in the rain (oregon). Les Schwab helped me with the rim and tire set-up. Again I wish I would have read more first. I like the Rock-crusher rims a lot, but the back spacing was bad! Threw on some Xenon flares to cover them up.

So the first build.
Rancho 3.5 rock crawler lift.
Toyo MT 33x12.5 15 tires
15x10 Rock crusher rims
Fabtech Rockers
Fabtech steering armor
Xenon 6" fender flares.
Daystar 1" BL
Some 1'' MML it's poly. (BUY RUBBER!!)
This is how it all started. It was a nice looking TJ, but it didn't work that great off-road. Time for more changes.

Benderff 03-27-2010 10:27 AM

I hate poly ends!

Dana 30 LCA fixed.

Benderff 03-27-2010 10:29 AM

No one wants to spend the money on a SYE and CV drive shaft. Best money I have spent up to this point! Stop crying about driveline vibs and trying to fix it with a MML.

I really should not drink so much when I work on the Jeep. I might be able to hold that camera still?

AA SYE kit
Tom Woods CV shaft
RE adjustable upper control arms

Thanks to a vendor on here for a great price and fast delivery
Full-Size XJ
I would buy from him again!

Benderff 03-27-2010 10:38 AM

Summer time.

Bought some harley mirrors for a $1.00 on Ebay. They are not the longer style, but they work.

Tuffy vault (ebay again) Gotta be able to lock up a hand gun.

I can't believe how much tire carriers run. So I went cheap. NEVER AGAIN! I had smitty built.

I ran with the hi-lift and the light covers untill I woke up and realized I was mall crawling.

Benderff 03-27-2010 10:53 AM

So that how I rolled for a couple years. I wheeled it and was not happy with it at all. One of those years I spent building a house for us, so not much happend. And getting ready for our son. The little guy showed up a week after we moved in.

Alright. Time to fix the mess I built.

Bought a D44 (ebay again, I have a problem) Came with a full spool and 4.56 gears. The spool won't work for me so off to the shop to get this. First time I have had to have someone else to the work.

Having them put this in.

I cleaned it all up, painted, new disc's, pads, parking brakes, and calipers.

Then threw it in.

The 4.56 gears are great!!!!

Benderff 03-27-2010 11:01 AM

Along the way I picked up a set of MOAB rims for cheap off of craigslist, and a teraflex tummy tuck. I cleaned up and painted the skid and threw that in just before the D44. No more shovel holding me up. There are other skids I would be happy with, but I got this for $80.00.



Shaved off a couple inches.

I sold the 33x12.50 tires and the rims with lame BS on craigslist. I liked the Toyo MT's so I went with a set of 285x75 16's on the Moab rims.

Benderff 03-27-2010 12:47 PM

Time for the front axle. I was going to regear the LP D30, but I found a HP D30 (4.10 gears) for just under what a new carrier would run me.

I cleaned it up, painted it, threw new MOOG ball joints, and had it regeared to 4.56.
I used my old knuckles and the Centric disc's and EBC yellow stuff pads I had just put on. I wasted $20 on a "mini" truss for the axle. I should have just built my own. Just wanted to play with the welder I just picked up.

I put a ZJ tie rod on since I bent the stock one my last time out.

Benderff 03-27-2010 12:51 PM

Another cheap craigslist find. I have been wanting a roof rack. Cleaned it up and painted it.

I put some Hella 500's I had on, and then took them off. The brick didn't need a sail on top of it. They where bright, but they lit the hood up way to much to be of any good.

I also sold the Xenon sport flares since they hung way over the tires. I only need about 4" of coverage so I picked up some Xenon flat flares.

I sold my Rancho springs and put some RE springs in. I really need to change the lower control arms now!

Benderff 03-27-2010 12:59 PM

The axles and right gearing made a huge difference! I'm really likeing the narrower tires. I don't hydroplane all over the place anymore. It's much easier to steer, and I am getting further through thngs when I wheel. I don't get stuck "floating" on top.

Moving on:

I just ordered the front and rear A to Z cage kit.

Also ordered there front bumper starter.

I put the backseat and brackets on craigslist.
Ordered a PRP seat that I am going to flat mount in the back for the little guy. ( He is a year old now so he can face forward). My plan is to have the seat for him, and room for the dog. Our junk can go on the roof rack till we get to the camp.

U-Pol Raptor is on the way also.,233_U-...Liner-Kit.html

That will keep me busy for now.

I have been watching this thread fo awhile now.

Sold the AEV kit I picked up

After the cage gets set up I am planning to move the spring mounts and outboard the shocks.

Just picked these up.

2006_Sport 03-27-2010 01:01 PM

Nice jeep man!!

You'll love the U Pol Raptor kit. Mines holding up great with the exception of a few chips that were my fault.

Benderff 03-27-2010 01:11 PM

Thanks. Yeah I can't wait to get the U-pol down.

More future plans.
Better lower control arms.
Replace the heavy rockers with Savvy's.
Savvy gas tank skid.
Engine skid.
Savvy corner armor.

WtrHamer97 03-29-2010 02:50 AM

Really nice looking rig, it will definatly look nice w/ the U-Pol sprayed in. LIke where you are going with your build.:tea:

Imped 03-29-2010 10:05 AM

I'm liking the progression--you started out as a know-nothing noob and now it's obvious you know what's right and wrong. Great job. And I'm jealous you live in the PNW--from the pics I've seen, the trails out there are gorgeous.

Benderff 03-29-2010 12:28 PM

Thanks! I'm pretty happy now. It's way more capable now. The next batch of parts should start showing up this week. Are you career or volunteer?


Originally Posted by firejeep97 (Post 9179029)
Really nice looking rig, it will definatly look nice w/ the U-Pol sprayed in. LIke where you are going with your build.:tea:

Terrible2 03-29-2010 12:31 PM

Where from Oregon are you?

The time now is 09:22 AM.

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