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CRWDDYZ 09-26-2009 09:20 PM

UPDATED: NEW PICS - 2006 TJ Rubi Build from bone stock
This is my first jeep so I will need some help along the way from the experts here. I just installed a front Smittybilt XRC bumper last week. The matching rear bumper(arrived today, 11-09-09). Not the toughest bumper but I like the looks, we'll see how it fares. (Well it did not last long....mounted it 11-20-09, did not care for the look so returned it. Ordered a Genright Boulder Series swing-down carrier instead.)

I am going to do this build right the first time and will spend the coin to make it right. Please share your ideas, advice and suggestions.

This is my first Jeep and will likely be with me for life. As I have a company car, my jeep only has 16k miles on it :thumbsup: I plan to have this build done before spring 2010. (Update: Decided to go ahead and get it all done NOW....I should have stage 1 completed in 3 or 4 weeks now. Last of the below parts ordered today and most are on-hand as of 11-9-2009). Wow...this is taking much longer than anticipated. Should now be done around January 27, 2010. NOW IT IS least for now...

I have not made many decisions yet on the build, but here are what I have decided. (UPDATED - Lots of decisions made with help from many of you here...THANKS ! Updates in bold text as of 11-9-09.

Stage 1:

1. Rubicon Express 4.5" Extreme Duty Long Arm suspension - Installed
2. Pro Comp Black Steel D-window 15 x 8wheels, because so many have soft 8's - Installed
3. 37" x 12.5 x 15 Super Swamper SSR Radial Tires - Installed
4. TNT Tube Fenders 4.5" with LED kit - arrived on 12-15-09, painted black semi-gloss and being installed today, 1-23-10.
5. TNT Extended Full Corners with 4.5" flares with LED kit - installed.
6. TNT Sliders - arrived on 12-15-09, installed 1-23-10.
7. Bilstien 5150 Resivor Shocks - awaiting arrival....unknown date...long delay at one delivered 12-21-09...waiting on three more....finally got the shocks, guess Bilstien had them back-ordered and closed down over the holidays. They are now installed !
8. K & N CAI - .....this needed to fit TNT Tube Fenders, stock intake will not fit with TNT Fenders. Installed 1-22-10.
9. Superior Chromoly Axles front and rear - Installed
10. CMT U-joints - Installed
11. Riddler diff covers front and rear - Installed
12. 5.13 re-gear. - Installed
13. Smittybilt XRC10 10k lb winch - Installed
14. RE CV Shaft - Installed
15. Teraflex HD High Steer Kit - Installed
16. Genright Rear Boulder Series rear tire carrier bumper, and a hitch on it as well. - installed
17. Genright 24.9 Gal welded aluminum fuel tank and Genright HD tank skid plate - Installed...
18. Genright 1" BL - awaiting arrival.....this was not needed after all. Genright said it was to install the above fuel tank, but the tank fit with good clearance all around.
19. ACOS Bump Stops - Installed
20. Skyjacker Rock Lock - Installed

Future planned upgrades:

Stage 2:

Full Weld Cage - need help on selecting which one
Seats & Harnesses - I want 5 point with seats with slots for harnesses
Rubicrawler by Advance Adapters
Additional Armor

Stage 3:

1. Upgrade Brakes
2. D60's, built
3. Upgraded steering (possibly hydro)

Please feel free to make suggestions on the build ! Thanks

Here is the stock pic followed by the XRC front bumper pic. of 11-23-09....more current pics at end of thread....

Stage 1 finished....cell phone pic....more pics coming at end of thread....

nriver 09-27-2009 06:18 AM

nice, good luck with your build

yoda13 09-27-2009 09:52 AM

good luck, yours looks just like a buddy's Jeep who is slowly building his...I can't wait for the pics...:)

2006_Sport 09-27-2009 10:23 AM

for tires may i suggest, the new GY MT/R with kevlars or the New BFG KM2s. Both are getting awesome reviews. As for tube fenders, TNT makes some tough stuff.

Nice lookin jeep though, any other pics?

CRWDDYZ 09-27-2009 03:46 PM

Thanks...I will look into those tires and the tube fenders.

CRWDDYZ 09-27-2009 03:47 PM

I think I will be ordering fenders and sliders within the next two weeks. I have no idea on which sliders bars to get. (Update...going with TNT)

06TJwrangler 09-27-2009 07:29 PM

i have the same jeep, exact same, paying it off and will be done in may :) when i graduate college, so money should come in quick to get my build up and flying


CRWDDYZ 10-26-2009 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by 06TJwrangler (Post 8004357)
i have the same jeep, exact same, paying it off and will be done in may :) when i graduate college, so money should come in quick to get my build up and flying


O6TJ -

Thanks...I'll need all the luck and advice I can get with this build.

My rear XRC bumper and Tire carrier is not in yet. Dealer called Smittybilt today and they still said end of 26th today....hope they are right. (Update: They were wrong...arrived 11-09-09)

As soon as all that and the rear bumper is installed, I will be adding the Rubicon Express Long Arm 5.5" Tri-Link lift kit and 35" tires. No idea which tires yet....I'll be doing mostly hardpack and rockcrawling with the occasion seasonal mudbath...rare in my parts. Any tire suggestions appreciated. (Update: Changed to RE 4.5 Extreme Long Arm and 37 x 12.5 Super Swamper SSR Radials)

I'm going with black steel wheels....the blacked out look awesome. I like the Black Rock wheels in 15 x 10.....either the Soft 8 style or the Lobo....can't decide. Leaning towards the Lobo, just to have something a little different. (Update: Ordered Black D-window steelies)

I'll post more pics as soon as more work gets done.

CRWDDYZ 10-26-2009 10:20 PM

[quote=06TJwrangler;8004357]i have the same jeep, exact same, paying it off and will be done in may :) when i graduate college, so money should come in quick to get my build up and flying

0blcktj6 10-27-2009 06:40 AM

43 Attachment(s)
If you are going with a 12.50" wide tire I would recommend an 8" wide wheel instead of the 10". The 8" will let you air down further without having to worry so much about losing the bead and it keeps the wheel sucked in away from the rocks so it will be much more difficult to damage. I run BFG MT KM's and they are an excellent tire and I hear nothing but good things about the KM2's. They have excellent street manners and perform exceptionally well offroad both in rocks and mud. I would also look into the new MT/R's with kevlar, they are the tire I am going to go with when I move to 35's just to try something different, but they must be a great tire as Rokmen runs them on all of their builds.

Also do you think 5.5" might be a little too large for 35's? A lot of people around here run 35's with no rubbing issues on just the 3.5" Superflex kit from RE as their kits actually net you about an inch more lift than advertised.

Imped 10-27-2009 07:43 AM

I'm going to be a critic here. As mentioned above, you want 8" wide wheels, not 10". I would go MTR or KM2. I'm really not a fan of the RE lifts due to many reasons, but you can make your own decision on that. But 5.5" of lift? You don't need nearly that much for 35's, or 40's for that reason. Too much lift, IMO. Why not flatten out the belly and lift the jeep less? I'm also not a fan of Smittybilt so you could have done better in that department. TNT/Treks would have been the obvious choice for me. Nice looking jeep, looking forward to more pictures.

0blcktj6 10-27-2009 07:59 AM

43 Attachment(s)

With the money you'll save from not buying the 5.5" LA kit you could do some serious mods. Like Imped4now said Smittybuilt is cheap for a reason, their tube fenders don't really offer you anything other than looks as they don't open up the wheel well at all, TNT/Treks makes excellent tube fenders that they claim will allow you to run 35's on your stock suspension, so realistically if you went that route you could simply do a 2.5" lift with a 1" BL and 35's. This would leave you money for things like upgraded CA's like the ones Rokmen offers and all of the other fixings like a nice TT for a great rig.

You can completely disregard this if you wish, it's your rig so do with it as you please, I understand people like to lift it high to accomodate their tire size I just honestly think 5.5" is way too much for just 35's.

CRWDDYZ 10-28-2009 08:35 PM

Thanks for the insight guys....this is my first build up. I appreciate the help. I will reconsider the lift and fender options.

I took a look at the TNT website and am going to return the Smittybilt Tube Fenders and go with TNTs front an rear. They are definately the way to go. Thanks for saving me a disappointment later.

What is a "CA" ? and "TT" ? Sorry I am a noob here.

Regarding the lift. I do want the maximum articulation I can get. I thought that a long arm is the way to get that. Am I wrong ?

Imped4now....what are some reasons you do not like the RE lifts? What lifts do you like and why ?

Thanks for the help.

CRWDDYZ 11-02-2009 10:55 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions....I have made changes to the build as you all suggested.

OK....I have returned the Smittybuilt tube fenders/corners, etc. I dropped 6 grand today on the following parts:

RE 4.5" Long Arm (I need articulation, mostly drop for rock crawling)
10k lb winch
37 x 12.5 Super Swamper SSR Radials
Pro Comp D-style steel wheels 15 x 8 (soft 8's are too common now)
Bilstien 5150 Resivor shocks

Tomorrow I am ordering the TNT Tube Fenders - 3" flare, full corners with 3" flare and sliders. (Update 4.5" flares)

Down the road I plan to go to 37's and 4.88's.....(Update: went with 5.13's and 37" tires)

This should be a good start.....what else do I need now. Concerned about skid plates, belly up kit, and any other protection I need.

Dmcastino 11-03-2009 09:15 PM

Steering and brakes for sure for those new 37"s

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