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justanotherjpr 10-30-2008 10:16 AM

2000 Xj
This is my 2000 Cherokee. It's been a little over a year since I started building it, and this is what I ended up with. Let me know what you think :-)

About this time last year

At Funny Rocks in Naches, WA this summer

The rock pile at Seven mile ORV park

Moon rocks at Naches, WA this summer

L3ATHERF4CE 10-30-2008 10:27 AM


The rock pile at Seven mile ORV park
I like the strategically placed POWERADE & Oil... sponsors:D

justanotherjpr 10-30-2008 10:33 AM

Ha, good find! Actually, this is what happened...


Trail fix

The Explorer owner dubbed this 'The tow of Shame'

jeeperkt 10-30-2008 11:31 AM

Thats an interesting suspension setup on that Exploder, looks like it was designed with Jeep in mind.

Nice XJ!

justanotherjpr 10-30-2008 11:48 AM

The explorer has home made Y-links. It's got a HP30 out of an XJ, and it really is set up just like a Jeep. It's using stock Jeep front springs, Jeep

bebout 10-30-2008 05:38 PM

That is the badest Explorer I think I have seen. Very nice pics.

Billygoat82 10-30-2008 10:33 PM

nice xj :)

justanotherjpr 04-30-2009 05:49 PM

Thanks :-)

01ClassicXJ 04-30-2009 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by justanotherjpr (Post 7116203)
Thanks :-)

lets see some more pic man looks good.

PARubicon 04-30-2009 06:28 PM



justanotherjpr 05-01-2009 09:20 AM


Originally Posted by PARubicon (Post 7116415)


Rear Suspension: Rubicon 3.5" springs with 1.5" shackles and .5" block, 1" BPE's. HD Offroad Shackle relocation brackets

Front Suspension: No name ~5" springs, 2" spacer, super-flex adjustable lowers, Iron Man adjustable uppers, control arm drop brackets, CA skids. TNT 6+ track bar and bracket.

Rear axle: 29 spl 8.25 w/Superior 4.56 gears, No-Slip locker, ZJ disc brakes, HD diff cover. Shaved diff.

Front axle: 91 HP 30 non-disco w/ Yukon 4.56 gears, Aussie, CA skids

Armor/bracing: AJ's bumpers front/rear, AJ's super sliders (3/16"), TNT frame stiffeners, ZJ t-case and gas tank skid, C-rok inner and outer steering box bracing.

Tires: 33" Interco TrXus on cheapie D-windows.

Other: MAD-XJ style hi-water intake, rear cargo tray. Home-brew rear CV shaft, IRO tie rod, LeBaron hood vents, front TJ flares, Rampage h4 conversion w/harness.

justanotherjpr 05-01-2009 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by j0hnb0y1989 (Post 7116333)
lets see some more pic man looks good.

More pics:


8.25 and HP30 painted


More rocks

Getting the hook

Used to be shiny and on 31's

JaikYJ 05-01-2009 11:46 PM

Very nice rig, I like the stance looks mean for an XJ, looks good on the rocks. How do you like the procomp muds?

justanotherjpr 05-02-2009 01:30 AM

I got the X Terrains for $325 with 75% tread on them. They aren't great in the snow but are pretty good everywhere else. I wouldn't buy them new, too pricey when compared to BFGs or Swampers. Thanks for compliments!

lifted1992yj 05-22-2009 01:16 PM

good looking rig. was not expecting to see a expecting explorer with a sas. lol

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