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PHARIS88 04-10-2013 02:04 PM

1996 ZJ Grand Cherokee PHARIS88 Build Thread
Hey y'all

PHARIS88 04-10-2013 02:21 PM

FIRST! Quick Story.. because everyone love stories! haha

Growing up my dad bought a 1979 CJ-7, I always watched him while he built that thing, I loved it! Money got tight and he sold it when I was in highschool :(. Well about 5 years ago we started to fix cars and flip them for profit.

I bought a 2001 grand cherokee 2wd few years back which now has about 258,XXX miles on it haha and we still have it!

Little after that I personally bought a 2004 WJ laredo with a 4.0, put a 2'' BB on that and started to mod/customize that, well then I had an offer to buy the jeep which was about DOUBLE of what I had into the jeep ha :2thumbsup: so, I sold it bought me a HONDA CBR929RR (crotch rocket). Had some cash left over and I bought ANOTHER 2001 WJ 4xd with the v8. I put a 2" BB on that as well with some little bigger sized A/T used tires.

My younger twin sisters both moved to Colorado in August, for VET school, and both only had 2wD, one a crappy hyundai, the other a 2001 Cherokee Limited 2wd, well after their first winter, they realized I was right when I said they needed 4wd in Denver lol. So I took her 2001 Cherokee, and I gave her my current jeep which was the 2001 WJ v8. I said I was going to sell her jeep and what ever the difference was in price, she would have to pay me back later on. (yeah like I'll ever see that money) haha

Well sold her jeep and I turned around and bought THIS 1996 Grand Cherokee Laredo with 200,000 miles with a rebuilt 4.0 on it. Pretty rough but I got it for almost nothing, which is good because now I have more money to put into it! :)


I will be posting pictures of my process

PHARIS88 04-10-2013 02:30 PM

Here is a list of everything I have currently going on:

- IRO 3.5" Foundation (basic) Lift Kit w/ NEW REAR coils
- Heavy duty steering stabilizer
- Front ADJ IRO track bar
- Rear ADJ IRO track bar
- Neon/Lime Green Shock Boots
- New headlights, corner lights, and parking lights
^^ALL HAS BEEN ORDERED.. Now just waiting and waiting ...

- New headliner is sent in for repair, I have a guy that will do the whole jeep, roof console, headliner, and visors, for $100ish

- So far I have taken the front bumper off, which was held on by zip ties haha (I threw bumper away because it was a POS), threw out the old foglights, kept wiring, relocated front license plate to metal bumper. Put new clips on passenger door panel because it wasn't even attached.

- Found out it had a high flow cat and flowmaster exhaust already installed.

OH AND TODAY, I thought the wiper motor went out, so I called and ordered a motor to be delivered to me at the shop, well after tearing out the "old" one, realized, the wiper switch on the dash was for the rear wiper, and when I turned it on I was expecting the front to move which of course they didnt haha..


PHARIS88 04-10-2013 02:48 PM

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Here are the pictures of how it looked when I bought the JEEP:

PHARIS88 04-10-2013 02:51 PM

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Removing the Headliner:

PHARIS88 04-10-2013 02:54 PM

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Removed front bumper, by cutting zip ties ha, I did bolt up the front plate to the metal frame bumper.. just forgot to take a picture.

PHARIS88 04-10-2013 02:56 PM

Also, there is an oil leak in the front that I will fix as soon as I have more time to find where its leaking, I also chunked those fog lights kept the wiring harness for I can install lights in the future.

Also, I plan on painting the entire jeep BLACK! This will be a BLACKED OUT lifted jeep :) except the lime green/neon shock boots, and stabilizer boot if I find one!

Now I'm just waiting on parts to come in!

PHARIS88 04-11-2013 11:19 AM

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Had about 20 minutes of free time before I went to work, pulled off the wiper arms, and gave them and the front bumper a quick coat of black paint. Also, I went under the Jeep and adjusted the shifter cable, which was off a little bit.

Waiting for parts...

PHARIS88 04-11-2013 04:06 PM

Ordered, me a new grill/headlight mount thingy for $50 off ebay.. because this morning I noticed the driver side of it was broken off. Shock boots, showed up early but no lift kit yet ha, and headlights should be in tomorrow!

PHARIS88 04-15-2013 10:29 AM

Ended up buying isolator pads, through KOLAK, I plan on double stacking the originals with the new ones, to gain about an extra .5-.75 inchs :)

PHARIS88 04-17-2013 11:18 AM

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GOT SOME PARTS IN TODAY!! Headlights, and headlight assembly!

PHARIS88 04-17-2013 11:23 AM

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Had a couple hours this morning before work to slap on the new lights and mounting assembly, played around with VHT Night Shades as well...

Next thing I'm going to do is paint the grill black, maybe tomorrow morning, and the lift kit arrived to the shop today, probably will install that sometime next week when I have time!

GCjunkie93 04-17-2013 12:28 PM

Looks good man, keep it up!

PHARIS88 04-17-2013 01:13 PM

Thanks bud! Still trying to find a name for her! lol I'm sure as the build continues it'll come to me hah

PHARIS88 04-20-2013 10:10 AM

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Tinted both the tail lights yesterday, and installed them back in today, along with trying the linseed oil and paint thinner renewal trick on all the plastic on the jeep. Looks good, next week, if I have some time I really want to install the lift kit!

The time now is 01:50 PM.

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