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Rain Gear Jeep Covers Jeep Cover

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Product Information

Average Price: $113.25
Manufacturer: Rain Gear Jeep Covers
Yes: 6 / No: 0

It's a great product. My TJ has been in some heavy storms and hasn't gotten wet inside. One of the storms had wind gusts to 50+mph and the jeep was still dry. I was in a tent and soaked, but the Jeep was dry. Everyone else who didn't have a cover had a soaked jeep the next day of wheeling.


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jaxtell's Reviews

05-10-2016, 10:50 AM
Price: $120.00
Pros: Inexpensive. Works with and without doors.With top on or off (2 different sizes depending on top). Easy to put on and take off (after the first few tries). Comes with a storage duffle bag.
Cons: If you don't have the top on and rely only on the family roll bar for support, water will pool up. Not a big deal to me though, all cab cover will have this issue.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I have a Rampage frameless top. Works with or without top (must have family roll bar to work without top). Works with and without door uppers. Works with or without doors/mirrors (one of the only products to do so). Heavy duty. 3 minutes to put on or take off and put in provided duffle bag. I go for weeks without the full top on in GA. I've had several cab covers, this by far is the best!


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grymsr's Reviews

06-10-2012, 08:37 PM
Price: $100.00
Pros: Very strudy. Well designed. Fits exactly as it should.
Cons: No instructions. Hold down strap lay-out is a bit daunting the first time.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought this but was very happy once I figured out where all the straps go. It is a bit bulky when stowed, but that is because of the excellent material it is made of. I hate sitting in a soaked seat, so this cover goes with me whenever I'm topless.


Registered User
Steel4Pens's Reviews
02-13-2012, 10:53 PM
Price: $100.00
Pros: Fast to put on Carry bag Works great
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I love this cover. This has saved me plenty of times out on the beach. The storms tend to pop up out of no where out on the beach. It comes with the simply carry bag(looks like a sleeping bag) and easily fits inside the Jeep behind the backseat. The cover goes on very quick and has plenty of straps to keep it from leaking water inside. I would recommend this cover to anyone with a Jeep.


Registered User
Sundowner's Reviews

08-05-2010, 12:13 PM
Price: $133.00
Pros: Excellent construction overall. Very easy to put on and adjust. Exceptional fit and finish. Compact storage size. Includes storage sack. Sheds water like a greased duck. Cool provision for rear-view mirrors.
Cons: None so far.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: First inspection: This is a hell of a good product. Good stitching, heavyweight material, and solid hardware. It's well-made and it has a "finished" look.

Installation: No instructions came with it, but you have to have the brain of a toaster to not be able to put this cover on in about a minute and a half. It literally unrolls, and - when thrown across the top of the Jeep - slides right into place. There are eight 1.5" nylon web straps that secure underneath the body and tension the cover as loosely or tightly over the Jeep as you wish. The hardware is top-notch and works well. It's very quick to put on and tighten down. Fits like a glove. There are velco-flap provisions at your mirror locations that will allow you to either fit the cover on around the mirrors, or to securely enclose the area without the mirrors at all...almost like the flap of a pocket. It's a smart system, and it fits well. There is also a tie down strap that runs to the hood-mounted footman loop, but unless you're dealing with snow or ice, I can't see that you'd need it...the cover fits exceptionally well without it. It can be hard for one person to take off, but it's not unreasonable. Water pretty much beads up and slides right off of it, so you won't really get wet when you roll it back up.

Use: Rain can go f*** itself.

Storage: The cover in packed-up form is basically 10" in diameter and about 18" long. You can pack it into the provided storage sack - which is also very well made - even tighter, but there's no real point...you're just going to take it back out. I've found that it doesn't take up much room in the Jeep at all.

Other: I've been treating the fabric like a tent...if it gets put up wet, I dry it out as soon as possible. No problems so far.

Customer Service: I had it on my doorstep about five days from when it was ordered. Also, it came with a free hat...and it's a good free hat, as well...so, bonus. My one complaint would be that I sent a request to the company for a tracking number on the package...and I didn't hear back from them. Granted, the cover showed up two days later, but a response would have been nice. However, I'll overlook this due to my positive experiences otherwise.

Final Words: The day I got the cover, I went out to pick up a few things at the local building supply store. The weather looked ominous, so I threw the cover on the Jeep (1.5 minute install time) before I came in. About ten minutes later, me and two other Jeep drivers were standing in the doorway, watching their Jeeps get soaked. You could see the water bouncing off the Rain Gear cover on mine. One of them looked at me, said "Man...you suck" and walked back into the store. The other driver hung around long enough to get the details on where to order one. 'Nuff said.

Registered User
Turbonium72's Reviews

03-12-2008, 01:47 AM
Rain Gear Jeep Covers Jeep Cover
Pros: Snug fit, compact bag for storage, anchor points fit in frame holes
Cons: None found yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: A life saver in so many ways. Haven't found a storm it can't handle. We got 2 inches of rain in a day in a half and it took it like a champ. I can't talk about the cover enough. Bought one for both of my friends well worth the money.

Registered User
NavinRJohnson's Reviews

10-13-2006, 05:05 PM
Rain Gear Jeep Covers Jeep Cover
Pros: Extremely well made with durable material; easy on/off
Cons: Too bulky to carry around easily; doesn't fit over soft top
Recommended? Yes

Comments: See Pros/cons. I bought it only for use at home (outside obviously for o/n) or out on the trail. Probably too large to carry around on a daily basis. Works perfectly though. I give it a ten for that purpose. One note, will not work with soft top up, so windows off and top up --> cannot go on without folding down the top.

I bought the Mopar version first. Returned it the next day = total crap.

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