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ElectroSport Trad. Style 6024 Sealed Beam Headlight HID Conversion Kit, 7" Round

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Product Information

MSRP: $299.00
Average Price: $232.00
Manufacturer: ElectroSport
Yes: 1 / No: 1
Company Website: http://www.electrosport.com/

Product Description:
Our 7" Sealed Beam HID Headlight Conversion Kit provides an amazing new experience for all of your off-roading adventures!

Our 35 watt, 4300K HID H4 high/low bulbs give you both a high and a low beam with a light intensity that measures three times the output of standard halogen bulbs! Our HID bulbs outlast standard halogen bulbs six to one. You can expect at least 3200 hours out of each bulb! The glass lens on this headlight assembly is optically engineered to provide a sharp beam cut-off to illuminate the trail ahead without blinding oncoming drivers.

Kit Contents:

2 Headlight Assemblies

2 Moving High/Low HID H4 Bulbs

2 slim-mount ballasts

Necessary Wiring

Necessary Mounting Hardware

Fitting Instructions

Detailed Technical Information:
Each ballast requires approximately 35-40 watts of power.


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Registered User
johnjohnoakes's Reviews
02-08-2011, 09:04 AM
Price: $165.00
Pros: bright and good looking
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: looks great and really brights up the road and people vary rarely have them on their jeep so you could be the only one in your town with them

Registered User
Mystifire's Reviews

06-07-2009, 12:55 PM
Price: $299.00
Pros: -Very bright -Easy Installation
Cons: -Poor instructions -Slow customer service -Broken hi-beams -Initially shipped the wrong product -One light was purple and the other was white -No Focus -Impossible to align -Not street legal in U.S.
Recommended? No

Comments: So I ordered the

ElectroSport 7" Sealed Beam HID Headlight Conversion Kit
Part Number: ESH6024
Price: $299.00

from ElectroSport's website this past Monday and something seemed off about the online ordering process and sure enough when I received the order confirmation e-mail, there was no shipping address or S&H charges.

I called them immediately and my call went to voicemail. The call was returned within 10 minutes and sure enough, the order was not marked for delivery. They changed my order to delivery (without charging S&H or even sales tax - ??) and told me they should be delivered by Friday. Well today is Friday and they were waiting for me on my front porch when I arrived home from work.

Anxious to be able to see at night while driving my Jeep, I tore into the box and found the following:

-2x 7" headlight housings with a small halogen bulb inserted into an aftermarket hole in the housing and blanks where the bulb would be
-2x pieces of rubber
-...and that is it...

Whereas the kit says it contains:

-2x headlight assemblies
-2x moving high/low HID H4 bulbs
-2x slim-mount ballasts
-necessary wiring
-necessary mounting hardware
-fitting instructions

I call them at 2:30pm PST (Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time) and my call again goes to voicemail - and nobody has called me back.

So there goes my Jeep project for the weekend.

I'll post a follow-up once I have them installed if I can ever get the rest of my parts.

Follow-Up Monday May 18:

ElectroSport did not return my calls from Friday so I called them today when I got off from work and was again sent to voice mail. I proceeded to google the president of the company who I found to be Ritzo Muntinga, looked him up in their company's phone directory and left a voice mail for him. We'll see if this gets me anywhere.

Follow-Up Monday May 19:

Looks like that phone call to the company president got me somewhere as I received a phone call this morning roughly 5 minutes after ElectroSport opened for business. They claim they have erroneously assigned the same stock number to two different items and the new guy in the parts dept didn't know about it.

So they are shipping me a new complete assembly and a return label so that I can return the pieces I received back to them. I asked if they could express ship it so that I could install them this weekend and they offered to overnight them from the other coast.

I'll create a new post regarding ease of installation and first impressions once I get them installed.

The lights arrived at my house the next day as promised.

The instruction manual appears to have been authored by a 12 year old foreign exchange student with a learning disability and no knowledge about electronics. The wiring diagram was barely representative of what they sent me. Once I threw the manual down and played with the parts, the installation process was very easy and straightforward. They even had the bulbs installed in the headlight housing for me which saved some time.

The wires were all plenty long enough and easy to run alongside the factory wiring. Some adhesive pads they provided made for easy installation of the ballast boxes directly above the headlight under the hood, although it did require the relocation of a ground wire on each side. Some 3M tape to secure the control box underneath the relay box and we were good to go. Everything was plug and play with some nice waterproof flanges on the plugs and the housings fit like a glove.

I turned them on without adjustment to try them out and the high beams would not engage. There is only one HID bulb per housing and so the high beams work via mechanical movement of the bulb. It would click into high-mode for a fraction of a second and then drop back down into low-beam. One light emits a bluish-white light and the other appears to be slightly purple, even after ample warm-up time. Nonetheless, I decided to take a cruise to see how they performed.

These lights make it look like daytime when driving at night. Unfortunately, streets signs were blinding to look at and I was flashed three times out of seven passing cars. High-beams are really not a worry when you have low-beams like this. No biggie, I'll just adjust them and everything will be fine.

Adjusting these lights is damn near impossible as they do not seem to have any focus at all. Flush against a flat surface they emit a small focused beam with concentric circles emanating outward, but at 25 feet away they produce nothing but a cluster#%&! of light. I aimed them as far down and to the right as possible hoping this would keep me from blinding people.

On my way home from aligning my lights, I was flashed several times over ~10 miles of suburban roadways. The lights are definitely better after the alignment with regards to blinding oncoming traffic, but they are still pretty annoying. While stopped at red lights or stop signs, the cabins of the vehicles directly in front of me were completely illuminated to the point where I felt bad. I did a little bit of research on the internet once I got home only to find out that these lights are not street legal in the US.

So I tore the HIDs out and shipped them back to the company and put my old factory lights back in. ElectroSport offered a full refund for the lights, but I have yet to receive the reimbursement for them. It has only been a week so it still may take a few more days for it to hit my account. Once I get my refund I'll be purchasing a set of Hella Vision Plus Halogen lights to which JP Mag gave good reviews. Hopefully these will offer what I need without the side effect of blinding everyone.

In summary, I wouldn't recommend these lights for any on road purposes. These lights are super bright without much focus, but would probably perform very well on the trail. The shipping error, the different colors of the lights, the poor quality instructions, the broken high beams and tough time obtaining customer support will prevent me from doing business with ElectroSport again.

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