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Viking Offroad Fastback

The Viking Fast Back for the TJ is a frameless soft top featuring windows that can be removed and stored in minutes. The windows are stored flat in a specially made storage bag in the ceiling portion of the top maximizing storage space inside the Jeep.

Features of the Viking Fast Back Top:

• Increased visibility and safety over other tops
• Dark tint windows
• Reduced time converting to the Safari Top (sides up)
• Windows stored between the ceiling and top therefore do not take up valuable space
• Sides drop back into closed position in minutes
• Heat sealed windows (same as factory tops)
• Heat sealed seams on top to prevent water leakage
• Map nets for both drive and passenger
• Tight and quiet fit – road noise is noticeably reduced
• OEM quality materials that are made in the USA
• Uses the sportbar as the frame
• Fits the stock door surrounds
• Uses the stock rear window bar and clip hardware

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Viking Offroad Fastback

I bought this top used (3 days used) from a fellow JF member, and installed the safari top only, as it got dark outside rather quickly. I put the entire top together, and wanted to share my thoughts about it.

Window storage: Outstanding window storage. There are two flaps to the rear of the top:

The lower one keeps the front tight (in addition to the roll bar / footman loop strap) by using straps that go around the rear seatbelt upper mount. Good design.

The upper layer covers the windows, and creates the "Safari" look:

The side windows have a bag with layers of sailcloth inside, so the windows don't rub each other and scratch. Very nice again.

Safari mode: Very nice top, smooth fit, thick enough not to flap in the wind, thin enough not to notice.

Full top mode: Very very very tight fit for the first install. This was the hardest I've pushed / tugged / pulled since the night of my senior prom...

The side windows were a PITA to get fully zippered in. The main problem was that the rear window was not wide enough it seemed like. With enough persuasion, I made them fit. The only real hard part about this is stretching the fabric enough to get the plastic lips to clip in the railing.

Finally got everything together:

You can see more pictures HERE
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Viking Offroad Fastback

Lots of people who see this top say something about it. People have asked me if I modified the roll cage, asked if it is really a jeep, think it is taller than it actually is. Weird to me, I don't see it.

There are several great things about this top, it is quieter and I can put it up faster than the OE top. I love the tinted windows, my hardtop doesn't have them, I notice it is cooler with the tint on the windows, plus I think it looks better with a black top. There is absolutely no frame to pinch my hands or try to flip up. I am not very tall, so this actually was a big deal to me. In an area where the clouds can just open up and pour, it was nice to have protection just a but faster! I also love that the top makes a great safari top. The windows actually can be removed and stored in the top (think above the back seat). Not only do they have a "home", but the home keeps them from getting mangled and scratched.

Unfortunately there are some things about this top that drive me nuts. There is a plastic ribbing that folds into the upper curve of the door surrounds. The OE top has this as well, but the Fastback has a tapered rib, so the front part of the rib pops out of the surround. Out of the box the Fastback was super tight!! Two grown men where hanging from the top to get it to fit, a year later and it is still really tight. I thought that the heat and driving would help it stretch out enough to where the rib would stay in, it still doesn't. So every day or so I have to tuck the damn thing back in, otherwise I get some leakage when it rains. I have been told that the rib popping out issue is not an issue of the current version, but I cannot confirm.

I also waited for several months before the top came because it was on backorder, I think it is safe to assume that this is because the seasonal demand for this type of product. I got this top May 07, I know it is a newer version than some, but I don't know of a way to tell or name which version I have.
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Viking Offroad Fastback

Overal the top fits great. It's quieter than the bestop sailcloth top I had before. I love the map pockets for sunglasses. The rear window does not have to be removed to flip it upside into the top.

I bought top with header.
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Viking Offroad Fastback

This is a big change from the factory soft top and has the unique appeal to really turn heads. I love the design and the lack of support bars. It does not flap around at all, and has many adjustment points to tighten if it did. Putting it on was a little challenging with 1 person and also when it was 45 degrees. I highly suggest putting this on during a warm bright sunny day to make things go a lot quicker. I had to use a hair dryer to be able to stretch it enough to get the back window in. My only complaint was that the corner straps are too long so you have to find a way to tie the excess up or something, and the top does not properly seal around the door by the windshield. This may cause a slight leak in a rain storm, but a definite leak when hosing your Jeep off. Fantastic design, amazing style, great quality.
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Viking Offroad Fastback

well i actually have the OFF ROAD HERO'S top but i think it was the same co. littel expensive but you gotta love the fast back look plus i can go topless in 1 min and top back on in 2 min
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Viking Offroad Fastback

Looks great. Easy to install. It is quite functional and unique. I highly recommend it.
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i think its a pretty sweet top. ijust love the look it gives my jeep. really takes away from that slanted look. also if you have different colored doors besides black to match it, some vinyl spray paint works wonders.
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Bought a sailcloth Viking top through A-Z Fab, arrived in less than a week. Comes rolled up in a fairly small box, they do a good job of rolling it all up with paper separating the windows so they don't get scratched. Install was a little tricky with only one person, but if it's done in the direct sunlight that helps alot! Need an aftermarket front header and your factory tailgate bar. Due to the very nature of the frameless top, the directions are, at times, confusing. I had to "modify" the way I strapped the back section to the roll bar compared to how the directions called for. That might partly be bacause I took off the factory cage padding. The passenger side window I received was either torn to begin with or it tore during installation. The door surround has a point on it up top that decided it wanted to see sunlight even if the top was on and tore the seam. A quick call to Thor and I should have a new window in less than a week. He's a great guy, said that he might be out of parts and pieces for a sailcloth top, and that he'd ship me a whole new top just for the one window! That's excellent "overkill" customer service, more businesses need to learn from him. I couldn't see that as necessary so we agreed that if he was out of them he'd ship me one as soon as he could get it from the factory. I'm running around with the full top and windows in so it can become "fit" to the Jeep, then I'll start taking the windows out. I never knew just how bad visibility was with the factory top until I put this one on, I can actually SEE out the back and sides now!!!

'06 LJ, Bestop Trektop NX, Smittybilt front/rear bumpers, 4" RC long arm lift, Currie HD steering, 35x12.50x18 Toyo Open Country MT's, 18x9 Fuel Hostage's, matte black special.
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This top is great.The window storage was very well thought out.And overall top design is almost perfect. I opted to get the sailcloth version and im glad I did.I feel like a couldnt stab through it with a knife.It is very thick.

'01 TJ, Waggy 44 front, D44 rear, Both locked and loaded, Savvy Armor, SuperWinch LP8500, MetalCloak bumper, and a heavy foot.
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the owner of the company is nice, the top works wicked well..the tinted windows and dif shape really show the jeep apart from others. It works really well and is very functional. If you put it on right, it'll never leak at all...but it shouldn't matter if it leaks on a jeep...
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Far superior to factory framed tops. Almost as quiet as my hardtop.
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Like it so much I sold the hardtop
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Love it's looks and cost. Nothing to bend or break for hardware. Did break a window plastic on first trip out when it was Cold.
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