Bestop - Bestop Trektop NX for 04-06 Unlimited LJ (2 door) Reviews, Ratings, Specs & Prices
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Bestop - Bestop Trektop NX for 04-06 Unlimited LJ (2 door)

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Product Information

MSRP: $700.00
Average Price: $620.00
Manufacturer: Bestop
Yes: 4 / No: 1
Company Website:

I am considering buying a Bestop Trektop for my 2004 Wrangler 2door Unlimited LJ.
This is a review for those who own a Bestop Trektop NX for an LJ.
What do you like/dislike about it?
How easy is it to use (assemble or disassemble)?
How is the head room for the person in the back seat?
Thank you


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Registered User
RHINO965's Reviews
12-21-2014, 04:41 PM
Price: $730.00
Pros: sun roof, easy to install, LOOKS AWESOME!!
Cons: none yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I ran a bestop bikini top for over a year and needed to up grade. This top has the built i sun roof option and still allowed me to remove side and rear panels. The top was installed in 23 hrs and fits great. The kit was complete and came with a tension bar to prevent pooling on roof. Also in the kit was new door surrounds and all hardware. It is night and day as far as the look my jeep now has.

Registered User
yoopermk's Reviews

07-19-2013, 09:16 PM
Price: $600.00
Pros: Looks and fits great once it's on. Quiet compared to the stock. Sunrider opens and closes easily
Cons: Pain in the butt to put on the first time.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Just got the Trektop NX to replace the ratty factory one. Other posters aren't joking, this thing is hard to get everything all zipped and clipped up. I did it on a day that was in the 90s and it was still a pain in the butt. Once it was on, I loved it. Looks great.


Senior Member
cologc46's Reviews
07-06-2013, 09:32 PM
Price: $500.00
Pros: Sunrider. Easy install and take down.
Cons: Hard to store side windows on the trail, because of the curved inserts.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Installation was easy, May 2012. I picked out a warm spring day, allowed the top to get warm in the sun, and it went on easy. After it cooled, it was tight as a snare drum, perfect. I use the sunrider top often. I have not yet tried to run bikini mode. Took it off for the winter in Oct 2012, and reinstalled it in April 2013. 2nd install went pretty much the same as original install, and it looks great.

Registered User
TFERV's Reviews

06-19-2013, 01:30 PM
Price: $570.00
Pros: High quality, fastback look, quiet, Sunrider feature, Safari feature, has all necessary parts for complete soft top install.
Cons: Can be tough to install the windows (see my description of alternative way that may make it easier)
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Thanks for posting. I (the person who started the tread) have already bought the top. I have had it for almost 2 months now. I think it's great! 10x more quiet than my stock top! The NX bar isn't nessessary unless your jeep sits outside 24:7 in rain and snow. I have yet to put it in. The sunrider feature is much easier to use over the stock top. The safari feature is great on a hot sunny day and doesn't flop around in the wind like i thought it would.

It is much more difficult to put the windows in than the stock. I have found that sometimes it is easier to zip all the windows together, have one side in the door surrounds and on the other side pull on it and connect it into the door surrounds. You get more leverage that way instead of having to pull both pieces together and mess with the zipper at the same time. Installation is probably the biggest downfall of the top; still, it is defiantly worth it. However, that is the downside to any frame-less top that fits snug and isn't sloppy looking.

My header bar had a 1/2" gap between the windshield and at high speeds the wind made it sound like my A/C was blowing on high. I called and they sent me a knew one. Haven't had a chance to install it yet. It wasn't packaged right and my side windows got a big crease in them that still hasn't come out so I am in the proses of getting new ones sent to me also. ...I need to follow up on that again.

All in all a great top but a slight wrestling match to reinstall the windows. No regrets for me.

Registered User
mdd423's Reviews

06-18-2013, 11:12 PM
Price: $700.00
Pros: Looks Cool, Quite
Cons: Pan in the ass to put on/ impossible to put on. I've ripped 3 rear window just trying to get everything buttoned up
Recommended? No

Comments: I've been thoroughly disappointed with the design of this top. I may be the only one and would love to hear other's comments but this top has been a giant turd from day one. I initially tried to install the top when it was aprox. 75˚F and it with the sides in place there was 2 inches of gap between the rear window and side zipper.

After dealing with this for a while (weeks) I was able to get it hot enough start the zipper but as i did the window just split at the seam.

Contacted Bestop and got a new window.
Same problem

Finally got a complete new top and still having problems but this time it was 80˚ + day so it went on.

Well it's been a year and I'm still having trouble getting this top on correctly, I'll take it of durring the day but if the temp drops 5˚ the top won't go back on.

Really bummed because it looks fantastic.

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