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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

An Aggressive Mud Tire Terrain Radial in Specialty Light Truck Sizing, Features Cut Resistant 3-Ply Sidewalls and a Full 6-Ply Tread for Superior Strength & Toughness On or Off Road.


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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

I'm running these in the 33x12.50x15 size.

They balanced very well. I used a top of the line Hunter GSP9700 machine to dynamically balance my MTZs on a set of Procomp 1069 alloy wheels. The worst tire needed about 270g (less than 10oz), while the rest needed less than 120g. All of them achieved 0 balance easily and they ride very smoothly. I wasn't expecting any balance problems as I have heard these tires are manufactured for Mickey Thompson by Cooper Tire.

They're very quiet on the road for how agressive they appear. A bit of hum around 30-45mph but it's completely drowned out by wind noise at any speed over 50mph with the top off. The results are pretty much the same with the top up. Better than I thought they would be by far.

In a rainstorm last night the Jeep handled very well. No slipping when starting off, and they didn't seem to want to fishtail like my MT/Rs did around corners. I experienced no hydroplaning problems either, though there weren't any deep puddles to really give test them for that. I expected them to handle much worse in the wet weather due to the increased width from my previous 245/75R16s. They have exceeded my expectations in that respect.

A friend commented that the ride & noise was as good as his 31x10.50x15 Bridgestone Revos. Since my TJ is my daily driver, I am very pleased.

I will update this as I pack on some more miles, and with my off-road impressions after I run through some Paragon trails next month.

*EDIT* First Paragon trip on the MTZs, and I'm very pleased. I took a trip around to the far side (Woodpecker, Muddy Pipeline Bypass) specifically because I wanted to see how they did in the slop. Nothing was particularly deep, but the tires didn't hesitate once. No slipping off the rocks, no spinning in the goop, they just clawed me forward with zero drama.

One pit on Inner Spare Tire was a bit deeper than I thought it would be and had a very steep exit, it swallowed my right front & right rear tires and stopped me. I just shifted up one gear and gave a bit of gas and I pulled right out. Again with no drama, and to the obvious surprise of the onlookers how easily I drove through.

On the dry rocks the tires seemed to perform every bit as well as my MT/Rs did. I ran several trails that I've done on my MT/Rs before, and they climbed up as well as the old tires ever did. Granted I'm using a larger size now, but I think they grip as well as the MT/Rs do. I can't say if they're as tough as the MT/Rs have prooven to be... I had no problems, though jeepitup tore a sidewall on one of his new 35x12.50 MTZs. He was running some more difficult trails than I was however... showing off his new Nth LA + AiROCK suspension

I did have one bit of trouble on Hummer Hill. I've done the trail several times before, usually with little trouble. Depending on how dug out the one obstacle is, usually a flick of the locker switch and I'd pull right up. Only one time on my old tires I had to back up and take a different line to make it. This time I had to winch Perhaps if I had backed up further and gained a bit more momentum I could have made it as others in my group had done, but I didn't want to risk anything. I suspect the Nissan Frontier with semi-bald tires and no lockers that was attempting to climb the hill backwards before us was to blame for our troubles. He had dug out the ruts down to some very slick rock under the dirt which made it particularly difficult. I guess that's a trail I'll have to try again next time out.

*Update #2* Another wheeling trip down, and this time I finally got to test two of the things I hadn't previously.

HEAVY RAIN. Driving home in a downpour, no problems at all. The Jeep never felt squirrely or light in the front, even at 75mph thru the twisty & hilly I-80 across Pennsylvania. Very good performance for a wide tire

MUD. These tires rock. I went thru Hummer Hole at Rausch Creek, and though I had a touch of trouble at the end, I did not get stuck. I found a ton of mud caked on both my diffs from dragging the bottom, but the tires still pulled me thru & made for a good show. It's a deep and sloppy hole, but I made it thru on only 33s: 1st gear, 4HI, lockers off.

Here's the proof they can throw some sloppy mud!

*Update #3* SNOW!
A couple of weeks ago we had a few days of solid snow, leaving the roads completely covered in deep show. Driving to work at 6:30 the roads had not been touched by the plows yet, and the traction was great. When braking you could feel a bit of sliding, probably due to the width of the tires. At no point did they loose all traction, or pull to either side of the road. Stopping was still very controlled. Compared to the BFG ATs & Goodyear MT/Rs I have driven in this kind of weather previously, the tires did great. Better than the MT/Rs for sure, and possibly better than the ATs as well.
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

I bought 33x12.5x15's and absolutely LOVE them. I have hadnothing but compliments on their look and ride. My buddy has 35x12.5x15 Copper STT's and and wants my MTZ's.

THe ride is nice, no slipping, or swaying. They're not loud at all, at about 45mph I start to hear a nice soft hum to remind you what I'm driving on and that's about the jist. I'll be taking them offroad this weekend and will update.

The last 3 weeks we have taken a humvee out to the field to try to get the darn thing through this mud puddle, needless to say it got stuck and winched every time. This last time it went back out they charged the shallow side, and well...stuck again...after winching it out and trying to get it started I said screw it and drove right into the mud/puddle and went through with NO 33" MTZ on a 4.5 RE vs 37" Goodyear MTR's...MTZ's won...I proceeded to go through it 3 more times just to show it wasn't luck...eveyone (7 of them) was SHOCKED! haven't got stuck yet.
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

I love these! They look great, and are even quieter than my mtrs and are just as good on the rocks. They seem pretty tough and are definatly better in the mud. I would guess that they are not quite as tough as the mtrs but I don't really get that crazy in the rocks. I mostly trail ride and its my daily driver so these seem like the perfect tire for a reasonable price. I do however feel these have slighlty less traction in the rain than the mtrs did. But overall I like them better. We will see how they do in the snow!

UPDATE: Still Love em! They are getting louder though... as they wear...
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

I just had my 33" x 12.50" x 15 MTZ's put on yesterday and they ROCK!!!! I love'em!! They look awesome and I've had several compliments already. I wish they were a bit louder on the highway, the only complaint I have. See my sig for pics. I bought mine off ebay for $700 shipped.
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

very very good tire, price was also good .would recommend to anyone who wants a tire that can deal with anything you can throw at it.
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

I love these tires, just like said before great on mud, snow or what ever you toss their way. Plus they look hot everyone has said how good they look.
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

I really dont have any other to compare them to as these are my first set of "mud" based tires. Though I could say these are quieter then the MTR's my friend had on his Rubicon. The tires being siped along with the aggressive look narrowed my search/buy down to these tires. Plus the very little coverage (magazines, here on the forums) they got when I bought them were all positive so that also helped.

31x10.5 / 15

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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

amazing tire, will grow through any amount of mud
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

I was talked into buying the Mickey Thompson MTZ's by a rep at 4wheelparts and I am glad that he did. These tire have performed better than I thought they ever would and then some. They are also a very good looking aggressive tire and I get complements on them all the time. I would recommend these tires to anyone who wants an all around tire on there 4X4.
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

Ran then down to 10 PSI recently at Uwharrie NF in North Carolina, and they performed amazingly.

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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

I have 31x10.50x15s on my xj and they are great tires. I have them in just about every kind of terrain and they work great. The thing that i have noticed that sets them apart from other m/ts is there cleanout. They just grip the mud and throw it out and keep on diggin'. I have ran them for over a year now and im guessing they still have 75% tread. I will buy the same tire next time.....only a little bigger.
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

Grat tire, balanced well and grips well. Needed to heat up for best traction and chunck out in rock. Noticed I left alot of rubber behind after tire spin. They are extremely durable as far as cut and puncture resistance. Would deffinetly buy again.
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

I don't need to repeat what has already been said. I bought these as an OEM replacement. Combine these with a modest 4 inch lift and you will be satisfied. Thanks to the previous reviews. They were a big help in finding the right tires for my needs. I am running 33X12.5/15. I don't know if it matters, but the siping seems to help in wet conditions. I had a hard time finding a tire that would serve multiple uses, but these seem to do the trick.
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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

Great tires took them to George washington state park and ran some mud bogs. never got stuck. yesterday took them down to a very sandy river. got the water up to the body, wasnt much rain so thats as deep as i could find. did fine even with the algae covered rocks on the bottom. also did some nice hill climbs. tires did not slip and tire pressure was between 20-25 psi could go alot lower.

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