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Excellent performance and aggressive look! Not at all like I pictured an all-terrain (as opposed to a mud tire). I didn't know what I was missing with my old BFG Mud Terrains. I like the way these handle and look MUCH better than the BFGs. Five, 33x12.5x15 mounted on ATX Chamber wheels.

I used TireRack (tons of research) and combined a TreadLightly discount for Goodyear tires -$25 for TreadLightly membership and a $100 rebate check from Goodyear (arrived quickly - net $75). I also used FatWallet and got another $50 back since TireRack was listed. Great experience and as everyone knows, TireRack is awesome (first time customer)!

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I purchased these tire in March on 2010. First trip was a trip over the Cascade mountains from Salem to Bend Oregon. worked great. then spent the weekend in the mud and snow, all kinds of traction. Extra benefit is I went from loud MTR, to these which are 10x quieter.
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Quiet, good in almost all terrain. Rides great! Put 2000 miles on them so far. Great tire. Mine are 33" tires
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I just got them so I don't know how they wear yet. But so far they have been great! Quieter than expected on the road! Aggressive look and performance! Get them!
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This is an awesome tire. I did not have any issues with the driveability of this tire on or offroad. I read alot of people saying they swayed on the highway or would roll the sidewall on curves, I just think those people dont know how to drive. The only complaint I have is that they are a little softer then my BFGW ATs so they dont last as long on highway use. It could be the tread pattern is a little more aggressive, I dont see myself changing to a new tire anytime soon, ill just grab 4 more of these bad boys when the time comes.
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Size: 31x10.50x15

I got these in the spring. My TJ is a daily driver that rarely makes it off road. I wanted something with an aggressive look but good road manner. I think I found it. Previously had the 30x9.50x15 Goodyear GS-A (the OEM tire), 31x10.50x15 BFG AT, and 33x10.5x15 BFG AT.

I like them better than any of the previous tires. They are a little louder than past tires, but nothing loud enough to be distracting over the noise of the soft top.

looking forward to getting them in the snow.
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I got a set of them on the stock rims and the look great much better the stock pizza cutter tires They do look larger then most 31's and wear has been great so far
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Switched from MT MTX's and couldn't be happier. This tires are awesome and are worth every penny. I was looking for a good street ride along with a tire that had an aggressive look. I ordered Bridgestone Revo's but it was going to be 90 days before they would be in (i guess Bridgestone stopped prodution for a while.) anyway glad they did and I'm glad I came across these Duratracs. At first I thought they were too agressive as I do 90% on road with my Jeep. But even after just one weekend with these tires, I'm in love. Even my wife could tell a difference in the ride quality. very (and i mean very) little road hum great manners, can't wait to see how they do in the snow. If other reviews are an indicator, I think I'll be just as happy. Don't think I'll be getting any other tire, these are perfect.
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This review is subject to change as I observe wear, but I picked up a set of five 33"x12.5" DuraTracs and I've been extremely pleased, so far. The tires have a slightly louder whine on the highway than previous tires, but I attribute this to the greater width rather than the compound. This TJ is both my daily driver and my weekend fun, so I needed some tires that would work anywhere. Even considering the pre-lift days, I've never, ever felt so planted on a slick highway than I do with these. I can't wait to really test them in the mud, snow, and rocks. Price stated is from TireRack, shipped, but did not include mounting and balancing.
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They absolutely dominated in the snow we got down here last year. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a do it all tire. Had no problems in Uwharrie, no problems on the beach, no problems with standing water on the highway at 65. 9 months in and I honestly don't have a single bad thing to say about them.
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I have had these tireless a short time but so far I am impressed they are smooth and quiet going down the raid but they are good in sand/ mud have yet to try them in snow but I think they will do great
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Great tire, very quiet for such an aggressive tread. There is some humming around 40 mph, but not a lot. The side lugs work well in mud, they've pulled me out of some mud more than once. The tires do well when hitting puddles as well.
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If you are looking for tires for a daily driver/ trail rig, these tires are what your looking for a wheel them an weekly. On the rocks and in the mud they have done great. Deep mud the shoulder MT lugs clear at 15, but the center AT tread clears around 20. My are 245/75/r16 (30.5X10.5)
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Gotta love these Duratracs (235/75R15), they replaced a set of Wrangler RT/S. It was a night and day difference. The RT/S's would tend to break loose as soon as the pavement got wet. The Duratracs however, you can actually feel them gripping the pavement. I had them mounted on a road force machine, and they run smooth as glass. I'm sure they have a bit more noise, but with the rag top I don't hear it. Plus being rated as a snow tire, it means I only need one set of tires/wheels. I'll update once I take them through a cleveland winter.
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I am running these on my WJ for about 5,000 miles now and i have to say i am very pleased with them. I went with them since I liked the tread design and were the only tire I could find in load range C in the size 265/75/R16.They ride smooth for a tire that is a cross between an all-terrain and mud-terrain. I have seen no noticable treadwear yet and am hoping that they last me for at least 30,000. They have a slight hum when traveling above 40 mph but that is only barely noticable with the window down but then again anything would seem quiet to me since I run TSL's on my YJ. All in all they are a great tire and provide great traction in the mud along with having good road manners. I wish i could tell you about the traction on the rocks and in the sand but I haven't been able to do much wheeling lately.
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