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Tires are great in all conditions but the tread on it for me was really bad and its only been a year and doenst look anything like it should
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Have had on for 5000 miles & very good tire wear to date. They have gotten me everywhere I have gone so far. Thru 2 feet of snow they are good. A little scary on icy pavement or light dusting of snow on roads. On wood roads they do gunk up a bit with mud but have been very satisfied with them as a offroad tire. I bought them as an all around tire & to date they are exactly that. Currently looking at getting some MTs (possibly MT MTZs for more offroad capability) & using these as my winter tires.
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I discoverdd BFG's years ago when I put them on one of my hot roads and have been running BFG's on every vehical I've owned sense. The first thing I notice when I tossed the OEM barbie tires and put the 31x10 BFG A/T's on, is how quiet they are. Then they preformed in there design range just as well as every other BFG profomance, passanger and LT I've had on my rigs over the years.
Having been in the auto detail business for 10 years, I've driven a lot of tires and there's really nothing out there in the price range that comes close to BFG's.
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came with the jeep. what can I say... they're tires and they're round and they're not flat yet... I like em!
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So far everything is GREAT! the only problem i have is that they rub a little at full lock so i have to pick up some wheel spacers in a little while otherwise a spectacular product in mud and rain... Plus they seem to be quieter at highway speeds than the POS stock tires a Sahara comes with... Overall highly recommended.
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I really like the tire. It handles well on the road and takes to the trails well too. I kind of lucked into them on craigslist and was just about to buy the ProComp ATs. I am glad I found them and they were basically half price!
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Had these tires before I threw on some ProComp M/T's 33". Had these 31" BFG A/T and they were a GREAT tire. No noise on road, they didnt wear that fast AT ALL, Pretty decent on the pocket, and still able to hold it's own on the trails. Although I wouldn't go crazy with them. Also a GREAT tire for beginners for trailing and/or lift kits.
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would be good tires if they had meat on them.
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Ive had them forever and they really last. Not to loud on highway and not bad on lil' trails.
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i have gone off road a couple of time and sometimes wish i had mudd terrrianes but can afford them but they will do the work in smaller mud pits.
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like i said... if your just doing trail rides or even a little gravely surfaced roads tour going to be fine with these tires. they load up way too fast to be practical in the mud. i got them for a steal of a price and can't complain about that. however i will be absolutely elated when i can get them off my jeep.
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