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BF Goodrich All Terrains

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Product Information

MSRP: $900.00
Average Price: $409.49
Manufacturer: BF Goodrich
Yes: 276 / No: 10

35x12.50x15 BFG KM Mud Terrains


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Registered User
forstmeister's Reviews
09-03-2010, 01:33 PM
Price: $400.00
Pros: Good traction
Cons: road noise
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Like the aggressive tread and way it makes the Jeep look

Registered User
YJWarrior's Reviews
08-25-2010, 12:15 AM
Price: $145.00
Pros: Great all around tire on and off road
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great tread wear and very versitile

Registered User
t-fids's Reviews
08-10-2010, 03:13 PM
Price: $650.00
Pros: wicked on and off the road voted best on the market!
Cons: no problems
Recommended? Yes

Comments: These are great on and off the road. I do trails and some mudding, and these have definitely done their job!


Registered User
Rckcrwlr's Reviews
08-05-2010, 09:30 AM
Price: $600.00
Pros: Better ride, Better Handling, Better Look
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I have put BFG A/T's on all my rigs throughout the years. The new KO tread design still gives the performance with a quieter ride.

Registered User
gorko's Reviews
08-03-2010, 01:26 AM
Price: $100.00
Pros: Good all around tire. Quiet on highway
Cons: Not great for mudding
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I bought all four used with about 3/4 tread left. A good overall tire in my opinion. The tread design keeps them quiet on the highway but still gives decent grip in most circumstances. I'd buy them again without hesitation.

Registered User
ekpowell's Reviews
07-28-2010, 02:52 PM
Price: $215.00
Pros: Great tire. Nice quite ride. Very good wear rating and had 50,000 treadwear warranty from Discount Tire
Cons: Tread looks good but sidewalls not very agressive looking
Recommended? Yes

Comments: When from Moto Metal 18" wheel with 33" GY Duratracs to these 16" wheels with 34.5" BFG AT KOs. The ride and handling both on road and off road is much better.


Registered User
Yagro's Reviews
07-27-2010, 08:37 PM
Price: $900.00
Pros: Perfect
Cons: Reduced mileae vs. all seasons
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Mileage dropped marginally (about 10%) but these tires seem to stick to anything and everything. They aren't very loud at high speeds and seem to be a middleground compromise between a mud/snow tire and a road friendly tire. Precicely what I was looking for and still have an aggressive look.

Jason D

Registered User
Jason D's Reviews
07-26-2010, 10:44 AM
Price: $175.00
Pros: Long treadlife.
Cons: Dangerous in standing water at highway speeds. Glog up with mud
Recommended? No

Comments: 32x11.50x15 BFG All Terrain
I chose these because they were the most aggressive all-terrain tire on the market at the time and they had such a long treadlife compared to mud tires. However, I soon found from personal experience their two biggest faults. Glogging up with mud and inability to handle standing water at highway speeds. I sold mine with about 50% of the tread left and bought a set of Goodyear Wrangler DuraTracs which I have been very happy with.


Registered User
Dudman5703's Reviews
07-23-2010, 01:58 PM
Price: $170.00
Pros: really good traction on wet road, and harder surfaces like that. Pretty good sand and dirt.
Cons: Not the best when it comes to going through water, but still a good tire.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: When it comes to traction, this tire sticks. When it hits water at faster speeds though, you better be ready. Kinda a saying for all tires though. Its a tread that works, very aggresive. Ask my mpgs!

Registered User
deerkilla4500's Reviews
07-19-2010, 11:58 PM
Price: $930.00
Pros: Quiet tires and a smooth ride but still awesome offroad!
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Fantastic tires, a little pricey, but definitely worth it!


Web Wheeler
glenn-91YJ's Reviews

07-19-2010, 05:06 PM
Price: $168.00
Pros: Quite and good in the rain.
Cons: None that I can think of.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Just picked up a set of 33x10.5R15s and absolutely love them. I've had them in the past, no bigger than 31s. These are real quite and made the ride softer which is a good thing after adding a 4" suspension lift.

Registered User
Decimage's Reviews
07-13-2010, 03:15 PM
Price: $1,000.00
Pros: Awesome all weather. Look great.
Cons: Not so great in heavy mud. Hope no one is behind you after coming off of gravel or dirt rds..stone thrower.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Haven'y had these in the snow yet. Can't wait. Tread pattern not so good for heavy mud.

Registered User
Keeganhmorgan's Reviews
07-12-2010, 04:24 PM
Price: $900.00
Pros: Great grip
Cons: Cost
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I got 33" bfg at's and they are definitely better than my $100 tires with 30% tread that I got off of craigslist.


Registered User
deerassassin22's Reviews
07-10-2010, 03:36 PM
Price: $160.00
Pros: Great all around traction
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I drive alot of highway miles and mainly go offroading for hunting purposes but tires work great on all surfaces and no road noise.


Registered User
BrandonRay's Reviews
07-05-2010, 02:53 AM
Price: $740.00
Pros: good for a daily driver, good in snow/rain
Cons: not the greatest for mudding/crawling but managable
Recommended? Yes

Comments: The tire does exactly what it's made to do.. be an all terrain tire. Quiet on the road, good in the rain/snow/dirt, when I get a second vehicle I'll go to mud terrains but for now I have no complaints with these 33x10.5 15r's.

Registered User
kreita's Reviews
07-03-2010, 12:43 PM
Price: $170.00
Pros: Great tire for an old nostalgic vehicle.
Cons: Not Mud Terrains.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: The last set of BFG/AT 31x10.5's that were on my seldom driven jeep lasted for 15 years (still had 1/3 of the tread left). Thought they were getting dangerously old so I installed a new suspensions and new 33x10.50 AT's. I am pleased with the tires. They are relatively quiet on the highway and seem to have a low rolling resistance for 33's. Definetly better and safer on wet roads when compared to the 15 yr. old tires. Also work well in sand (I typically air down to 12 PSI).

Registered User
VAYJ's Reviews
07-01-2010, 04:07 PM
Price: $109.00
Pros: Great tire with good treadt wear after over 1 year of use.
Cons: None to speak of.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Tires were proced great for 31x10.50's. Very low, to no, road noise. I have experienced only one winter with them, but have to say the snow traction works. Wet traction is good as well.

Registered User
AuburnZj's Reviews
06-28-2010, 02:04 AM
Price: $160.00
Pros: Good for weekend wheeling but not a lot more. You get good milage out of them 50,000+
Cons: For more serious wheeling i would get the BFG M/T
Recommended? Yes

Comments: They were good for light wheeling but as soon as i got on some serious trails i relized they were lacking. I love them on the highway and for street driving. there quiet and are rated for 50,000+ miles.


Registered User
Skyvalley's Reviews
06-22-2010, 10:06 PM
Price: $519.00
Pros: Great traction and look
Cons: none yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I think these tires are well made and look awesome. Has a quiet ride for agressive tire.

Registered User
wagster11's Reviews
06-22-2010, 12:56 PM
Price: $200.00
Pros: Nice pattern for an A/T and good overall tire
Cons: None
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I bought a set of 32" x 11.5 R15 TAs off a buddy and they were worn slightly weird because of his IFS. Have had them on the jeep for over a year now and are still going strong. Tire wear is good for used and highway frequented tires, but they still get the job done offroad with the psi down. I would buy another set if i had the choice.

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