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Cyanics - iDeck Integrated Car Cassette Adapter for iPod

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Rating: None

Product Information

MSRP: $40.00
Manufacturer: Cyanics
Company Website:

From the product website:

• Connects iPod and car audio without any cable
• Clear and rich sound quality and no need of scanning for available frequency
• Simple interface and easy to operate
• Mounting position is set on the cassette deck which is the ideal spot for the iPod operation
• Able to charge your iPod (cigarette lighter adapter included)
• Compatible with iPod Nano 3G/4G, Touch 1G/2G/3G, Classic 80/120/160 GB, Video Video (30/60/80 GB)
• Aux port to connect other MP3 player (3.5 mm audio cable required and not included)

My review on Amazon:

I had been looking for a means of playing my iPhone through the radio in my 1999 Jeep Cherokee. I tried an FM transmitter type of device, but there are NO vacant frequencies here in Miami. I returned it. Then I decided to get a cassette adapter (my old Jeep has a tape deck instead of a CD player) and searched Amazon for such a device. While there were many available options for a simple adapter with a wire from the cassette to the iPhone, there was only one choice if I wanted something that would charge and cradle AND play my iPhone's music: The iDeck is that option.

When it arrived I noticed the packaging is very nice and the instructions are very good (although the manufacturer's engineering department really needs to come up with better names for the device's parts; Middle Part does not elicit feelings of confidence in the device's design). The trouble I had with the unit was when I tried to insert it into my radio. It simply refused to mount correctly. It would suck down partway into the cassette opening and then eject after a second or two. I tried for about 30 minutes to get it to work with no success.

I wrote an email to the manufacturer and to their credit, they replied within a few hours. They suggested I try bending the plastic that connects the Middle Part to the cassette part until it forms a greater angle and this should allow it to drop down further into the cassette opening on the radio. I tried this and it did adopt the bend without breaking (they said they would accept a return if I managed to break it while executing their fix), but it still would not load into the radio without ejecting.

While trying to get it to work, I took a long, close look inside the radio opening and saw the radio's cassette mechanism has "feed lips" that seemed to hang up on the iDeck's Middle Part, preventing it from loading correctly. I warned the manufacturer that I was going to take it upon myself to modify their product, then set to work with a Dremel tool and a sanding bit. I took off only a couple millimeters of material from the rear of the Middle Part, giving it a beveled appearance. It loaded perfectly on the second try after this modification and now the iDeck works perfectly. It still requires a few tries to get it into the radio, but I don't plan on removing it since I never listen to the radio and I don't mind having the iDeck always on the dash. I emailed photos of my mod to the manufacturer and they said they would forward them to their engineers for a possible fix in future versions of the device.

The unit comes with a few clips to accommodate different versions of iPod/iPhone, though the recommended clip for the iPhone will not work if you have your iPhone in a hard-shell case. At least, not without removing the case. In my case, I just decided to not use any clip (they're not required for the iDeck to work) and I put a small piece of Velcro on the dash and the back of the iPhone case to help keep the phone steady while I drive.

Speaking of keeping steady, you might want to turn off your iPod's "Shake to Shuffle" option in the settings--every time I drove over a rumble strip or speed bump I would hear a little series of notes and the music would switch to a different song. It took me a few days to figure it out, and turning off the shake feature fixed it.

I highly recommend this product, even though you may have to make a few changes to the current design to get it to work with your particular radio.


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