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Warn 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch

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Product Information

MSRP: $1,200.00
Average Price: $811.69
Manufacturer: Warn
Yes: 13 / No: 0

Like its professional counterpart, the 9.0R, the 9.0Rc is a short-drum, 9,000 lb. capacity winch that features a 4.8 hp Series Wound Motor for fast line speeds. An exclusive, multi-segment Cam Actuated Brake gives positive operator control during winching.

The 9.0Rc comes standard with 50' of 3/8" diameter synthetic rope. Other features include: a chromate undercoating and gloss red paint that provide superior corrosion resistance; a rugged, 360-degree swivel hook and thimble; an aluminum hawse fairlead; extreme duty winch sealing; and a "Ballistic Nylon" Sliding Sleeve that provides extra protection against abrasion and wear.

The 9.0Rc - a winch built for rock crawlers looking for efficiency, reliability and the legendary WARN performance.

Part Number: 71550
Rated Line Pull: 9000 lbs. (4080 kgs.) single-line
Motor: Series Wound, 12V 4.8 hp
Remote Control: Remote switch, 12' (3.7m) lead
Geartrain: 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 216:1
Lubrication: Aeroshell #17
Clutch (freespooling): Sliding Ring Gear
Brake: Automatic Direct Drive Cone
Drum Diameter/Length: 2.75"/4.75" (7.0cm/12cm)
Weight: 54 lbs. (24.8 kgs)
Rope: 50', 3/8" Synthetic Rope
Fairlead: Polished Aluminum Hawse
Recommended Battery: 650 CCA minimum for winching
Battery Leads: 2 gauge, 72" (1.83m)
Finish: Chromate with high-gloss red paint
Nuts/Bolts: PN 39625

Line Pull
Lbs.(Kgs.) Line Speed
FT./min(M/min.) Motor
Current Pull by layer
0 42 (12.8) 80 amps 1/900 (4082)
2000 16 (4.88) 200 amps 2/7280 (3302)
4000 11.9 (3.63) 285 amps 3/6670 (3026)
6000 9.79 (2.98) 350 amps 4/6230 (2826)
8000 8.01 (2.44) 435 amps
9000 6.4 (1.94) 465 amps

**NOTE: This winch requires a 6"x4.5" mounting pattern.


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Registered User
SunnyYJ's Reviews
02-21-2013, 06:44 PM
Price: $1,200.00
Pros: light
Cons: length of line
Recommended? Yes

Comments: other than only having 50' of line this is a great winch. that can easily be taken care of with a stram or winch extension. I think the weight savings make it worth it. paint is starting to come off after 4 yrs or so but nothing much to worry about. its a warn. nuf said.

Registered User
89wangler's Reviews
12-01-2010, 01:32 AM
Price: $350.00
Pros: awesome power super fast dependable and its rebuild able for very little expense.
Cons: gotta do a dual battery setup if your gonna do any kinda major winching as well as a alternator upgrade and a little rewiring of important battery connections
Recommended? Yes

Comments: After i installed this on a plate i mounted it to a tractor and dead pulled 9k worth of cement block on a sled with no problem it almost stalled when it caught a corner but then it stared to drag the cat it was mounted on around . I just ordered a Smittybilt xrc bumper to go with it i will review the combo as well as mounting ease of both when i receive it .

Registered User
MoCab's Reviews
12-07-2009, 06:17 PM
Price: $1.00
Pros: was on vehicle when purchased. very powerful and light in weight. Fast Line speed.
Cons: line is only 50' more like 45-47' effective. use if extension required often.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Not much to say it was on the Jeep when I bought it.

Registered User
rollercam351's Reviews
11-16-2009, 04:44 PM
Price: $1,500.00
Pros: Red, instead of black, small, perfect capacity, better duty cycle than others
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Best winch for jeeps that constantly use them

Registered User
JPTJTrav's Reviews
10-14-2009, 09:43 AM
Price: $850.00
Pros: very fast pull
Cons: short cable, bring an extension with you
Recommended? Yes

Comments: used this winch multiple times and it is very fast and quite strong. I highly recommend it for the weight and speed of pull.

Registered User
bnine's Reviews

03-18-2009, 01:10 PM
Warn 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch
Price: $1,050.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great weight wise, a tad slow. The line, hook, and insolator all good quality.


Registered User
wizwoz's Reviews

01-18-2009, 02:13 PM
Warn 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch
Price: $1,200.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: No real rating yet but I got this winch because I wanted to stay lightweight and use synthetic rope. I carry an extra 50 foot cable and 20 foot strap in case the 50 feet winch cable is too short, but expect that this winch will be easier to use because I can pull out all the cable quickly and use the first few turns to get max power.

Registered User
luskie's Reviews

11-19-2008, 05:01 PM
Warn 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch
Price: $1,100.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: works well no cable frays,
rope not long enough would like 100' just use an extension

Registered User
badasscrawlers's Reviews

03-26-2008, 09:29 AM
Warn 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch
Price: $500.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: got it on a trade

Registered User
flyerboy1522's Reviews

03-16-2008, 09:47 PM
Warn 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch
Price: $850.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: very nice winch I have never used it on the trail but just playing around with it, it seems to be very good and fast too!!!

Steve and Will

Dad and Son
Steve and Will's Reviews

02-25-2008, 09:52 AM
Warn 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch
Price: $950.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: looks good also

Junior Member
's Reviews

02-05-2008, 10:55 AM
Warn 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch
Price: $2.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: asdf


Resident Physician
ChristopherJ's Reviews

08-08-2006, 11:00 AM
Warn 9.0Rc Rock Crawling Winch
Price: $999.00
Pros: fast line pull, strong, light weight, looks cool
Cons: only holds 50ft of line
Recommended? Yes

Comments: This product was initially sold as a professional rock crawling winch, only for those with sponsors in competing in large events. Once made available at a good price to the public by Biff @ offroadoverstock.com I had to take advantage. With price being equal between the RC and Warn's thermometric winch, I had to look at the features and decide which was better. The biggest deciding factor for me was the weight difference. The RC was half the weight of the other, perhaps largely due to the synthetic line which comes with the RC. I had zero spring sag from this winch which weighs in at 45 lbs. The only negative is that it holds only 50ft of line. I plan to get an extension line to keep in the jeep, just in case.

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