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Recon - Recon 10500lb winch

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Product Information

MSRP: $999.99
Average Price: $442.42
Manufacturer: Recon
Yes: 8 / No: 0
Company Website:

RECON's new "Recovery Division" has everything you need if you are serious about mudding, off-roading, rock climbing, or salvage & recovery. RECON's new Pro Performance Series Winches & Brute Force Series Winches are the best money can buy & we back that statement up with a limited lifetime warranty.

So whether you're 4 feet deep in a Louisiana swamp, sliding along on red Georgia clay, jumping sand dunes in Arizona, sandwiched between 2 rock mountains somewhere in Utah, or up to your windshield in fresh white powder, RECON's new line of award winning winches will give you the piece of mind you need so you don't get stuck way out in the boondocks.

RECON's newest award-winning winches have raised the bar with regards to reliability, line speed, and pulling power. With the fastest line speed (28 feet per minute) of any serious winch sold in the automotive aftermarket & enough pulling capacity (17,500LBS) to get you out of even the most serious bind.

PART # 264100PPW - PRO PERFORMANCE SERIES Winch Specs are as follows:

10,500LB, 12VDC 6.5HP MOTOR, 3-Stage Planetary Gear w/ 218:1 Ratio for Exceptional Line Speed, Aluminum Hawse Fairlead, 88ft of 7/16" Synthetic Rope Rated 16,500LBS, Controlled by both Wireless (30ft Range) & Wired Remotes

Performance: 12VDC
Single line rated pull: 10,500lb (4773kg)
Motor: 6.5hp Series Wound (4.9kw)
Solenoid: IP67 Rated against dust and water
Wired Remote: Wired Remote switch, 12ft (3.7m) lead
Wireless Remote: RF Wireless Remote, 30ft (9.14m) range
Gear train: 3 Stage Performance Planetary Gear Train
Gear Reduction Ratio: 218:1 for incredible line speed
Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
Braking Action: Automatic In-The-Drum
Drum size: Drum size Diameter 2.5"(63.5mm ) Length 8.8"( 224mm)
Synthetic Rope: 88ft of 7/16" diameter (26.5m of 10.5mm) Rated 7.5 tons or 16,500lb
Fairlead: Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
Mounting Pattern: 4.5 x 10 bolt pattern (114.3mm x 254mm)
Battery Recommended: 650CCA minimum for winching
Battery Leads: 2 gauge 72"(1.83m)
Net Weight: 62lb (28kg)
Gross Weight: 66lbs (30kg)

PART # 264100BFW - BRUTE FORCE SERIES Winch Specs are as follows:

17,500LB, 12VDC 7.0HP MOTOR, 3-Stage Planetary Gear w/ 358.4:1 Ratio, 22,050LB Snatch Block, 4-Way Roller Fairlead, 92ft of 7/16" Aircraft Grade Steel Cable Controlled by Wired Remote

Performance: 12VDC
Single line rated pull: 17,500lbs (7,955kg)
Motor: 7.0hp Series Wound (5.2kw)
Gear train: 3 Stage Planetary
Gear ratio: 358.4:1 for increased torque
Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
Brake: Automatic in-the-drum
Drum size: 3.5"(89mm) diameter X 8.8"(223mm) length
Steel Line Cable: 7/16 (12mm) diameter X 92ft. (28m) length - Aircraft grade steel
Snatch Block: 22,050lb (10 ton)
Fairlead: 4-way roller fairlead
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 21.85 x 7.75 x 9.8 (555 x 196 x 249mm)
Mounting bolt pattern: 10 x 4.5 (254mm x 114mm)
Battery Recommended: 650CCA minimum for winching
Battery Leads: 2 gauge 72"(1.83m)
Net weight: 125lb (56kg)
Gross weight: 129lb (58kg)

10500lb , recon , recon winch , synthetic winch line

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Registered User
tallykeith's Reviews
07-17-2013, 11:33 PM
Price: $400.00
Pros: Awesome pull and built to take a beating
Cons: Not as fast as a WARN, but not bad either
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I love the synthetic line and the pulling capability of this winch.

Registered User
markymarc's Reviews
12-11-2011, 12:23 PM
Price: $430.00
Pros: not installed yet
Cons: not installed yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: good price for the quality

Registered User
cdemarre's Reviews
10-12-2011, 11:31 PM
Price: $500.00
Pros: big
Cons: didnt come with cover
Recommended? Yes

Comments: love it. used 4 times wish it had wireless controls though


Registered User
OH9JK's Reviews
06-19-2011, 08:21 AM
Price: $479.40
Pros: Synthetic rope, wireless remote, 3 yr warranty
Cons: None at this time
Recommended? Yes

Comments: 10,500 lb waterproof winch shipped to my door for under $500!!

I know the old saying "you get what you pay for" but in this case that may be wrong. There is nothing negative I can find about this winch but I guess only time will tell. Only very positive reviews.

Registered User
jstone18's Reviews
03-23-2011, 09:51 PM
Price: $450.00
Pros: Synthetic Winch rope, waterproof, wired and wireless remote
Cons: None so far
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I can't really talk from experience because this is my first winch. I can def say that this has saved my butt on many occassions. I have pulled myself out of water that was over the top of my winch and it didn't even hesitate at all. One time i went out mudding by myself and got caught in a mud slide. My jeep was hanging off the side of a big drop off, it was dark and i couldnt find anything to hook my winch to so i had to leave it there over night. I was expecting my jeep not to be there the next day but it was. I ended up finding a group of bushes (it was the only thing in sight) on a bluff above my jeep and tied up to that. I started winching as my rear end dropped. As the winch pulled it lifted the whole front end of my jeep a few feet off the ground. Ended up getting out of there and still had my jeep in one piece because of that winch. I have recommended it to a few people in my jeep club, they are using it and like it too, no problems so far.Mine is only about a year old so time will tell.

Registered User
nibstools's Reviews
07-21-2010, 10:14 PM
Price: $430.00
Pros: Very strong, love the winch rope. Also love the wireless remote!
Cons: Doesn't seem quite as fast as advertised but it still gets the job done very nicely
Recommended? Yes

Comments: So far i rate it excellent. Only got a few heavy duty pulls on it yet so not real sure on durability. Does have a three year warranty though so we'll see how it goes. Great bang for the buck.


Junior Member
steviej35's Reviews
07-21-2010, 05:34 PM
Price: $450.00
Pros: Pulls great, wireless remote, Synthetic Line
Cons: none
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Bought this as a kit from truck and winch. It came with the winch snatch block and a tree saver strap. Great winch hasn't let me down yet

Registered User
RockMonster's Reviews

04-22-2010, 01:43 AM
Price: $399.99
Pros: synthetic line, wirless and hard wired remote, ip watterproof rating, lightweight
Cons: none so far
Recommended? Yes

Comments: i took a gamble and bought this winch of ebay knowing absolutly nothing about it and so far its been the best investment ive made to my jeep. ive had it installed for about 3 months and have done a moddest ammount of winching with it. it has been fully submerged in watter and mudd but pulls strong every time. i havent done any really hard core winching with it yett but when i do ill be sure to let you guys how it gos! (i didnt give it an excellent star rateing because i feel i havent owned it long enough)

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