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Quadratec - Q9000

My buddy bought this winch with a bumper combo package that Quadratec offered. Install was easy. We decided to give it a test run by letting him pull me and my xj up a large hill in my back yard. As soon as a little tension was put on the winch, the "cheesy" cable clamp that attaches cable to winch let loose, we had to unwind the whole winch and tighten up clamp ( poor design). After that it worked great. We shall see how it holds up in the trails

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Only used it two times so far, but it pulled a JKU out of a stream, up the bank, and up a hill.
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Purchased this winch because of the low amp draw compared to others on the battery,I've made a couple pulls up fairly steep rock faces in yj and it has performed great.
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So far so good. Works very well the people at Quadratec are always a great help. Use promo code Saharatango. Think its still good for free shipping. Although i think they are offering free shipping over $75. Worth the price. One of the cheapest out there but that dose not mean its cheap in any way!
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I havent used it yet ill get back to you on this one
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i bought this winch in one of the quadratics that quadratic offers. i felt it was a good/decent deal on the winch, bumper, and winch plate. the winch is rated for 9000 lbs. and I've fairly confident that it'll easily pull that. I've had my jeep sunk in ruts and in tight spots and it slipped it right out. it holds up to what i throw at it. the instal for it it very easy. comes with helpful instal instructions and everything you need to the instal. id recommend it hope this helps anyone looking into it.
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As a first time winch, I am pretty impressed with how well the Q9000 preforms. It comes with all the wires, mounting hardware and pre wrapped cable ready to go. You can mount the solenoid on the side or the middle. Freespool is decent if you keep you cable nice and it's twice as easy to pull if it's submerged.

The amp draw may be an issue if you don't have a good charging system. My stock 100amp CS130 with stock wiring had issues keeping up for really long pulls but my 170amp AD244 and upgraded wring will run this winch all day. The line speed is decent and will get you out soon enough. It has pulled my XJ out of some tight spots, one which was close to a 75* degree pull to the side. The roller fairlead took it like a champ and I got out with ease.

My only gripe is that the winch remote has a flexible handle that bends before the switch flips so you have to hold it funny. My custom in-cab winch switch fixed that problem as I've not needed the remote since. Overall, if you need a cheap winch that can hold it's own on the trail, the Q9000 might be for you.

*Update* After about 8 months and 15+ pulls it finally stopped working. This winch is far from waterproof so be prepared if you find yourself in water a lot. The motor just stopped working one day when i was wrapping up the cable. Gearbox was full or murky water and the motor wouldn't respond. Quadratec stood up to their warranty and got me a new motor THE NEXT DAY without a single hoop to jump through. With the new motor installed and gearbox repacked, she works good as new now. Props to Quadratec customer service!

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Quadratec Q9500i Self Recovery Winch. Handy remote with long chord. Heavy duty enough to pull my little jeep and all the mud it can pack in!!!

NEVER buy smittybuilt
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I purchased this winch on a budget. I am not a hardcore offroader, but when I do go, I do not want to be nervous about running the more difficult trails. With this cost effective recovery winch, I a now able to run trails with no hesitation. I have used the Q9000 countless times without failure and it has always succeeded. I recommend this for any casual Jeeper on a budget.
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Great winch for a great price.
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Used about six times. Has been reliable and effective for my application.
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This winch i new but my test runs have all been excellent. Good speed, easy to use. and affordable. Also it comes in red which I really like for my rig.
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For the price, you get a good winch. I've used it a few times with no problems.
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I did break the cover of the solenoid during the installation but Quadratec replaced it for no charge.
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Fairly easy to installed. instruction are clear. items very heavy and if your shock is worn out will feel it. I Installed it with a stock. The remote cable is long enough so you can stay away while winching. Make sure your vehicle is running while using this item or otherwise may drain your battery. Is not a heavy duty winch but it does the job of occasionally pulling yourself out.
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