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trojanhorse 01-30-2013 09:47 PM

Whats wrong with my jeep wrangler, im sorry its long but please read and help
okay so this problem started out when i left the lights on, the jeep died. I jumped it off and when i unhooked the cables it bogged off, i thought this was because i didnt leave it hooked up long enough so i hooked it back up, let it sit a minute, started it, unhooked the cables and it bogged off again. so the next time i jumped it i kept it at about 2500 rpms and had my friend unhook it, it was running fine then when i let it idle it bogged off again. i bought a new battery and hooked it up and started it and it was fine. a few days later i was driving and the check gauges light came on and the alternator gauge dropped all the way. so i put it in neutral and it was idling fine. i figured it was the altenator so i took it out and had it tested at autozone but it passed, 2wice. i figured it was just the wires so i cleaned all the connections and hooked it back up and it was fine for a few days then it did the same thing. i just ignored it. the other day i was pumping gas and i went to start it and the battery was dead. i got a jump and drove home with the alt gauge still dropped, and when i tried to start it again it wouldnt. i have no clue what the promblem could possibly be so any help wound be greatly appriciated.

Xpress 01-30-2013 10:17 PM

Sounds like the alternator is not capable of supplying the load for the system. Typically the systems that test the alternators test the voltage output, not the current capabilities.

Make sure ALL of your terminals are shiny clean before you re-install any of them.

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