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Redhen 12-06-2012 08:58 PM

no tail, low beam, running light, dash lights
Hey there everyone. New to the forum and am loving all the great info here! I have a 2002 Liberty Limited that I am still crazy about and do not want to replace it. It currently has 154K on it and I am only now starting to have a problem!
All of my lights are going out. I have drivers side low beam out, no dash lights, no tail lights, passenger side running light, cargo light in back and plate light out! Holy cow! I do have all turn indicators, brake, reverse, and fog lights. Any thoughts.
I recently had it in the shop to fix the brake lights and they had no clue why they were out but randomly got them to work at the expense of dash lights. Now all these other lights are out. Can any of this be related to anything in the column? Had the tumblers in the ignition done a long time ago and the key will sometimes lock until we push the button on the gear shift and then it will come out. Thanks in advance for any input!

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