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MuddSnapper 04-23-2013 12:25 PM

LED fog lamp wiring
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I recently purchased some fog lamps for my 90 XJ and mounted them in the stock holes, using the stock harness. 18W CREE LEDs. I also have some 36w 12 led rigid knockoffs on their way. They look great but I have a few questions for the lighting buffs out there:

1. With one light connected it is EXTREMELY bright, with both they are mildly bright. Why would this be? I will be wiring a new relay and switch for my second set of lights and I dont want the same issue, so if I need to wire each light to its own power supply I need to know how to wire 2 lights and 2 relays to one switch.

2. How can I switch the Fog power ON from headlamps to when i flip the markers on? Ideally I want them on at all times when the switch is on. Brights included.

MuddSnapper 04-24-2013 08:08 PM

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well since no help had arrived I think Ive decided what to do:

1. 8 fuse ganged distribution $15
2. a pile of 40a relays $2 each

Now to figure out how to get a few of them to be always hot and a few to be switched...
or should i buy a 6 slot and a 4 slot and make on
panel switched

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