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peytonimor7 08-28-2011 03:00 PM

Help with WJ Complete System Swap
I have the Infinity system in my WJ with the amp under the rear seat. Right now I have a Pioneer DEH 11E head unit. I will eventually upgrade to a HU with 6 pre amp outputs, but for now I'm keeping the HU.

In the next few days I'll probably order some front speakers/ dash speakers. Sometime in the future I'll upgrade to a 4 channel amp to replace the stock Infinity. I'll also add a sub in the future.

Scenario A: Add components to the front and mount the tweeters in the dash, this way i'll have only 4 channels, all powered by a 4 channel amp I'll eventually get. Then, get a two channel amp and bridge it for the sub, so if I ever want two subs I can easily plug it into the two channel.

Scenario B: Have two 4 channel amps, one to power the door speakers, and use the other one to bridge it to 3 channels, using two channels for dash speakers and the 3rd for a sub.

Which would be the better option for me? And if I go with B, could I just add 5$ bass blockers to each tweeter instead of buying crossovers?

wsar10 08-28-2011 04:01 PM

Option A,
but get a mono amp and with DVC subs you have a million diff. wiring options. Amps do not know channles all they see is an ohm load.

peytonimor7 08-29-2011 01:33 PM

Ok what's the benefits of DVC subs? When I could just wire it the regular way to a mono sub?

wsar10 08-29-2011 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by peytonWJ (Post 12094669)
Ok what's the benefits of DVC subs? When I could just wire it the regular way to a mono sub?

The only real word benefit is, with two voice coils you have a few diff. wiring options.
that means more options if you ever wanna upgrade, also more amplifier choices
If your always gonna be ok with your given setup than no need for DVC really.
My WJ (our family vehicle) has just a SVC infinity sub and its perfect for the application, my DD has two DVC sub.

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