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NYUSMC 06-11-2013 06:25 AM

hardtop wiring for wiper/defrost
I bought a hardtop for my 02 TJ sport and not knowing much about wiring let alone jeeps. If I buy the wiring harness for the wiper/defrost, how hard is it to DIY. Anyone do their own, any help will be appreciated. The kit on e bay is about $150 and comes with the wiper fluid reservoir. I know I need the rocker switches. HELP.

Myjeep1986 06-19-2013 06:27 AM

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I did the same on my 93, I found my needs at local JY and pulled complete harness from rear to under dash and got the reservoir bottle, pumps and wiring plugs that feed through the bulk head connector to the fuse panel and switches. You will need: the washer fluid hose-that penetrates through the firewall to connect to the resrvoir bottle and runs the length of the tub to the hard top, the wiring plug to the hard top, there is a relay under the dash; this listing on EBay appears to have it all; the price is within reason versus your time, finding a doner, etc; Jeep Wrangler TJ Hard Top Add On Wiring Harness Kit 97-02 Washer Wiper Defrost-Rays Wranglers of PA;

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