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dhannan06 12-27-2012 10:53 PM

Electrical problems with 98 JGC
Hey there,

Just bought a used 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee TSI 4.0L with in-line 6. As with most any used cars, I have found a few "quirks" and need some help.
1) The reverse lights are not working. I have replaced both bulbs, checked all fuses, and cleaned all plugs underneath. Short of replacing the NSS I don't know what else to do. The Jeep does not start unless it is in park so that means the NSS is at least working right?

2) The ABS light came on today. The mechanic I bought it from just put in all new breaks and did an oil change and topped fluids the day I bought it. The parking break is not engaged. It was on then went off then came back on all in two days.
Related to that (thinking this may be an electrical issue), my right front blinker was out (the blinker went really fast) so I replaced the bulbs and they all work fine, but now the blinker just goes haywire (it goes fast then slow then fast).
My battery died the other day completely after being parked in my driveway for a full day (no lights left on or anything). I charged it fully with our battery charger and it said it was good and I haven't had any other problems with it.
When I first got the jeep it had an aftermarket stereo in it, which had power to it but no sound. It has an infinity sound speaker system in it and I hear those can be a pain to put aftermarket stuff to if you don't know what you are doing. I ended up just disconnecting all the wires for now until I can afford to have a pro rewire it.

Anyway, long story short I think there is an electrical problem going on, like a short or something, but this is the first jeep I have ever owned and I NEED HELP!!

JPNinPA 12-28-2012 01:05 AM

Any warranty with this recent purchase? Take it back and let them fix all he bugs.
Have them check their brake job. Likely they didn't hook something back up or the system wasn't blead properly.
The blinker is likely a bad ground or socket issue.
The battery dying could be a bad battery or that aftermarket radio wasn't hooked up properly and is shorting or constantly drawing power. Here you may want to check a few things like battery voltage engine off and on. Lean and inspect cables connections and all grounds. Load test battery and alternator...

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