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nitwit527 02-16-2007 01:36 PM

Daul 10" Inseat Sub Box With Lots Of Pics!

NOW HERES THE STORY ( not much of a writer, any questions ask)

A few weeks back i decided to tackle the task of putting in my own "system" in my jeep. I had never done this before but with the help of everyone on this site and a little research I was able to do it, And I must say I am 250% happy with my results.

Here are the links of the Equipment I purchased

Deck -
Subs -
Amp -
Amp Wiring Kit -

misc parts - polyfill, deck installation kit (came free with deck), smittybilt 6 speaker sound bar, ipod adapter, aux in monster cable

The deck installation went smoothly as well as the ipod adapter, but now the problem of bass! After poking around i found the "sirgcals stealth box" the plans where well thought out and worked for what I needed. So i got my subs and went to work. Me being a ******* paid no attention to the magnet size of the subs, when i purchased them i knew they where a lil deeper the the 5 inches that sirgs plans called for but i figured I'd make it work. yeah there 5.5 inches deep but the magnet is like 8 inches around! I ended up changing the whole design of the box, and basically built them around my subs. I picked up my materials and began cutting the wood. The box construction was a PITA, I am no craftsman, so i found myself making multiple cuts and shaving everything down to fit perfect. I eventually got everything perfect and began assembly on the box. Wood glue and sheet rock screws where my best friends that night. I Siliconed the inside joints and let it set for 48hours. I then wired the subs up (thanks and stuffed the box to the gills with polyfill. mounted the subs in the box and then to the seat frame via aluminum L brackets. because my box was bigger then the sirg design I mounted the box at more of a steep angle. I rested the back of the box on my floor and the top to the front part of the frame. Rather then having the whole box lifted off the seat. I then installed the amp. I used a kicker C4 kit(60$ i get discount =) ) The wire is super flexible! I ran the power wire through the gromit by the brake pedal and along the left side of my truck and hid it under neath the wiring harness plastic cover. Then ran the RCA and Signal wire up my center console and under the carpet straight to the amp. Grounded the amp to the trunk bolts. I tested the subs outside the seat facing upward in my truck before cutting my seat apart! SUCCESS they slammed! Now the hard part! Cut some foam out of the seat and squeezed it all into the seat cover. ( which was a very tight squeeze). then i reassembled the seat and lifted the very heavy rig into place. Plugged everything back in and was AMAZED! They sounded exactly the same as when i had them facing upward with nothing in the way! BUT YEAH GOOD JOB ME! and many thanks to everyone that helped me out on this site. got questions ask'em

C2U5H 02-16-2007 02:39 PM

hey nitwit way to go on the install. for your first time, even for your second or third time, i'd say this is a very nice job. i bet the 10" diamonds lob some air at ya.

looks good!

mylt1 02-16-2007 02:50 PM

how did you figure out what size box you needed? the cubic feet required isnt listed on the link for the subs.

nitwit527 02-16-2007 03:03 PM

i didn't know specifically, but i looked on the web and i had a friend who had one 10inch in a .55 cubic foot box and it hit hard! so i figured i should get to as close to 1 cuft as I could, with the change in design i ended up with around .93 cuft but the polyfill def made up for it! I doubt it makes much of a difference if its .93 or 1.0 cuft, as long as your close, for example a box with around .05cuft more volume isn't going to sound much different,...its not rocket science and the tolerances can afford to be "close". <---MY OPINION

NCJEEPFAN 02-20-2007 09:50 AM

great job man! i am getting ready to redo my interior and i will be doing Sirgcal's design too. i am curious about the foam in the seat, what did you use to trim the foam? how much did you have to trim? any pics of the trimming?
also where did you mount that amp? i looked at your pics but didn't see it.
thanks and again great job.

samger2 02-20-2007 10:08 AM

Very impressive job...well done!

SirGCal 02-20-2007 02:19 PM

Very nice work. Good job making the box deeper for your specific needs. Diamonds are pretty forgiving on box size but .4-.8ft^3 is their sweet spot so that should do very nicely. Bet it hits like a train wreck!

Great job!

TJ_with_Tusks 02-20-2007 06:57 PM

looks sick. are you worried about damaging the woofers when the seat is folded up? Also, people already complain about my back seat. I bet yours is like a rock now, right? (not that I wouldn't do it anyway) just wondering.

nitwit527 02-20-2007 08:20 PM

I cut the foam with an electric knife, the kind you use on thanksgiving for the worked out well, as far as the softness of the seat, its just as comfy, I cut out just enough(no specific measurement just shaved it as i needed), its a lil firmer but i still have at least and inch of foam in the thinest spot, But with that I also puffed up my seat a good inch and a half. The seat vibrates to much for people to notice its a little firmer lol..... I mounted the amp in my trunk and I am building a shelf over it...i will loose 2 inches of depth for my trunk space but i want to keep the amp hidden, and safe from water and mud when i wheel. I can flip the seat up no problem the subs clear just fine,so they dont scrap against the floor or anything like that, i dont do much hauling so im not worries about things damaging my subs. thanks all for the comments, any more questions feel free to ask


does hit like a train, 600 watts per sub is deadly

and no pics of the trimming, sorry

TJ_with_Tusks 02-21-2007 07:18 AM

cool. sounds awesome. what kind of shelf did you make above the amp? pics would be great.

Sh4dowRac3r 02-24-2007 04:19 PM

it sounded amazing mike, btw i dont think he finished the amp shelf/cover yet...

bd0t 02-24-2007 09:13 PM

Way to improvise man! good to hear everything worked out.
Any of you guys think the installation would be much different on an YJ rear seat?

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