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glook 11-18-2009 01:56 AM

center console sub to non-subwoofer console?
I've got a TJ without a factory center console, but I want to install a subwoofer. Rear seat enclosures are great, but most of the time I drive without my rear seat. I tried to find a used center console to mount a sub in it, but with no luck. Now I'm trying to order a new center console, but I'm confused with their part numbers. What are the differences between the factory sub and basic consoles? Can I fit a 8" sub in a basic (w/o a subwoofer) console?

gily25 11-18-2009 10:21 AM

Both have the same exterior dimensions however when you open the lid what you see will be different. Inside the subwoofer console is a black tray for cds and only about the depth of a cd. In the non sub console there is a big white bucket that will fit a small backpack, netbook, or your lady's purse. Either one could be used for adding a subwoofer you may need to make changes to the sub model (cd tray) you WILL need to make changes to the non-sub model (bucket).

When I ditched my factory sub (which I had upgraded) I replaced the whole console b/c I wanted the non-sub unit for storage. Ordered from and got a nice price.

Now that we're a few model years beyond TJs you should be able to find a console on ebay...make sure to get the one for your year as they evolved over the years (cupholder section).

Center console sub enclosure instruction thread:

glook 11-18-2009 02:04 PM

Thanks for the info. I don't mind cutting a few holes in a non-subwofer console since the price difference is $210 for the non-sub version vs $620 for the subwoofer version. don't do international shipping, and no consoles with international shipping on ebay currently...
I did a little research on wrangler consoles and found some part numbers. Obviously, there are more differences such as passenger airbag on/off switch, but I don't have any source of info on this subject. Funny enough, the part numbers for consoles as "Accessorities" are different from the partnumbers of "Parts".
Here are the partnumbers for "Parts":

(One-piece mini consoles with one cupholder, one-piece full consoles w/2 cupholders)

- (agate) 5DT85 TAZ

- (gray) 5FW35 RC3AA
- (saddle) 5FW35 RT6AA

- (agate) SJ86 1AZAA

- (agate) SJ87 1AZAA
- (tan/agate) SJ87 1K5AA

(2-piece mini consoles with 2 cupholders, two-piece full consoles)

Mini (or forward piece of full)
- (AZ) 5HF13 LAZAB
- (KG) 5HF13 RK5AB

- (AZ) 5HE62 LAZAC (w/o sub)
- (KG) 5HE62 RK5AA (w/o sub)
- (K5,KG) WS46 RK5AA (w/sub)
- (AZ) 5HE62 LAZAA (w/sub)

- (AZ) 5HF13 LAZAC
- (K5/KG) 5HF13 RK5AC

- (AZ) 5HE62 LAZAD (w/o sub)
- (K5/KG) 5HE62 RK5AD (w/o sub)
- (AZ) WS46 LAZAA (w/sub)
- (K5/KG) WS46 RK5AA (w/sub)

- (DV) 5HF13 XDVAC
- (J3) 5HF13 ZJ3AC

- (DV) 5HE62 XDVAD (w/o sub) (5HE62 XDVAE in 2004)
- (J3) 5HE62 ZJ3AD (w/o sub) (5HE62 ZJ3AE in 2004)
- (DV) WS46 XDVAB (w/sub)
- (J3) WS46 ZJ3AB (w/sub)

2005-2006 I'm confused with the part numbers...

gily25 11-19-2009 02:37 PM

I couldn't tell you on the parts numbers. Maybe if you called a dealership they could help you with it.

I didn't see before you needed international shipping. Try they may be willing to ship international and also try which is a security center console. Worst to worse I think and have international shipping for a may need to call their customer service to find out for sure.

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