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skipper8922 11-27-2012 07:23 PM

brake light issues 1999 grand cherokee
I have done beyond extensive reading regarding this issue! let me describe the problem in order which they occured! my jeep is 1999 grand cherokee limited. I have a bunch of issues such as
1. the driver side window rolls down about 1/4 of the way and stops, i have to click the window about 5 times to roll it down and up.
2. headlights flash randomly at night causing me to go through a lot of batteries

My brake light has been out ONLY when the headlights are on ( rear passenger). So i tried replacing the bulb and that didnt work. I checked all connections and lifted the prongs to make better contact, i even tried tinfoil. I read somewhere the disconnecting the battery over night could solve the issue so i tried that as well, that didnt work.

I connected the other tail light assembly ( left) to the right assembly and plugged it in and it worked fine. At this point I thought the problem HAD to be with a corroded light assembly. So i purchased a new assembly off ebay which was brand new (without) bulbs and sockets. I put the bulbs in today and installed the assembly. When i tested it, no brake light worked on EITHER side. completely no brake lights at all. I tried moving the sockets and bulbs around and nothing works. I am actually worse off now that i replaced the tail light assembly!!! blinkers still work. I also noticed that my dash was very dim tonight which is usually not the case.


RookLegion 04-05-2014 08:11 PM

I see it's been a couple of years on this, but my 99 Grand Cherokee seems to be doing some similar things and I was wondering if you ever found the cause.

1) Driver's window on auto-down, goes for a bit then stops and have to hit it a few times to get it going again.

2) haven't noticed the lights going on at night, but battery drains completely if left sitting for more than one day

3) passenger-side brake light does not work when lights are on, however, does work when lights are off, but when lights are off the driver side brake light does not work, but works when the lights are on.

It also likes to stall randomly and throw a code for the crank sensor and the blower motor has failed repeatedly

have taken it in for an electrical diagnosis and and was told that the blower shouldn't be used until it's replaced... so not helpful.

Jennifer10 09-08-2014 10:11 AM

brake light issues 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
We have been battling brake light issues for years. Never seemed to be able to get them to work properly. No running lights or no brake light or driver side would work and passenger side wouldn't. Well yesterday I think we found the solution ! The main problem was the BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH. Picked up the part at Advance Auto Parts for $11.99, replaced it and now EVERYTHING WORKS!
I know there are lots of people plagued with these brake light issues. I have read numerous post while searching for help with this problem over the years. Please try replacing your brake light switch, you'll be glad you did.:D

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