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dorschrm 10-04-2012 01:59 PM

AUX Stereo Help
Guy I have a nagging problem; the head of my AUX cord broke and is lodged deep in my 08 Cherokee radio input.

I've tried numerous methods, tweezers, sewing pin etc. Came extremely close, but now I'm in deep and it's stuck in there. I even took off the center housing and tried to see if i could look in there. Conservatively gave up before I brought on collateral damage.

I called 4 people in the Miami area. Dealers tell me they need to replace the stereo ($600+, not worth it). Local electronics shop is telling me they need 4 days to do it (and I'm sure they will take me to the bank).

Anyone had success doing this themselves? (i.e. If i do remove the stereo and go the distance, will i find it with normal tools).

OR, do you know anyone in the Miami area that can help?

If you can solve the problem, I'll buy you a beer. :cheers2:

gily25 10-06-2012 08:01 AM

Is this the oem unit? Do you have a pic of what exactly you're working with? It might be possible take it out of the dash and work at a bench with good's probably what the shop was going to do.

The time now is 10:44 PM.

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