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Minus6 10-12-2002 02:45 PM

Audio mod questions
I've read many posts about this topic but never exactly got my questions answered from them. Ok, here's my game plan:

I have a '96 Grand Cherokee limited with all the factory audio components. Here's what i want to do; I want to add one of those stealthboxes to the back of my Jeep and get a mono amp or bridge a two channel amp to power that sub. Now, I want to keep the the Infinity Gold amp that camp with the Jeep but I also want to replace the 10" JL Audio sub from the box (RMS 125w) and replace it with a good 200W-300W 10" sub.

If anyone has replaced the sub from the stealthbox or knows if its even possible, let me know on how I should go about doing this or what brand of sub should i put in place of the factory JL. I dont think that 125w is enough power. I want a nice hard thump but i dont want to give up trunk space by putting in a huge box. I was also thinking of just replacing the facotry amp and getting a 5 channel amp to power my whole system. Does that sound like abetter idea? Finally, my last question is where can i buy the 93-98 stealthbox?

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eltj 10-13-2002 07:22 AM

Using a 5ch amp will make the whole system sound better and allow the rest of the system to keep up with the subs. On the box your better of just leaving it the way it is. The specs dont look that great but those boxes are designed for the sub thats in them and they sound good the way they are.

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