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Rio42 05-11-2013 08:41 PM

95 YJ Stereo Problems
Alright, doing my first bit of car audio work here, so bare with me.

I got this newfangled head unit (Boss 612ua), simply because I was fed up with my old stock one eating all of my good cassettes. Stock unit came off easy, I got a wiring diagram and was about to wire up the new one...when I realized that the colors in no way matched- the ones from the harness to the speakers. If I had to guess, the Previous Owner did some "special" wiring, since there is new electrical tape around before the harness connects to the head unit. None of them matched on either end. Not a problem, I figured I would just check each one and see what worked.
After a few hours of goofing around with it , I got the new head unit to turn on, and play through one speaker. I got a second, then the whole thing...stopped. New head unit still turns on, but none of the speakers work :brickwall Did my messing around somehow kill all the speakers? Remember, I have no idea which wires are which speakers too.

Any help would be awesome, I'll have pics in the morning when I am less frustrated. Thanks.


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