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EMTimZJ 04-05-2009 08:38 PM

ZJ/WJ Grand Cherokee "Build Thread" DIRECTORY
This is the JeepForum ZJ/WJ Grand Cherokee "Build Thread" Directory

Here you can reference (alphabetically by user name) a particular build thread that had been posted here in the ZJ/WJ section. There is the name of the thread, the URL, and a brief description of what it contains.

***Additions, Updates, and Changes see this thread!***
--> Additions, Updates, Corrections to the Build Thread Directory - <--

2tone93zj's build thread:
2tone93zj's build thread: -
1993 ZJ Laredo 4.0L: IRO 3.5" lift kit, tow hooks

311WJ's Build Thread:
311WJ's Build Thread -
2001 WJ LTD 4.7L: RockKrawler 4.5" X-Factor, 33" KM2's, MX-6 Shocks + more...

96DCZJ's Build Thread:
DC's 96 ZJ Build Thread -
1996 ZJ Laredo 5.2L: 3.5" IRO F>R, Skyjacker Hydro 7000's, 32x11.5" Dunlops, 15" Cragar Soft 8's, 249

98zjdave build thread:
98zjdaves build up.. -
1998 ZJ SE 4.0L: Pro Comp 4" lift + 2.25 BB, short arms, 32x11.50s, k&n intake, high flow cat, exhaust.[b]

Abstruse Build Thread:
WJ Limited IRO Build
2000 WJ LTD 4.7L: IRO 4" Long arms, 31's, disco's, custom rear diff guard.

AEagle326's Build Thread:
1995 ZJ Limited Orvis 5.2L: Upcountry suspension, 29's, dana 30/35, skids, hooks, hitch, pioneer sound, CB, CAI

AgitatedPancake's "KERPLOW" Build Thread:
AgitatedPancake's Build -
2001 WJ LTD 4.7L: Clayton's 6" LA's, 35"s, F D44, rear Aussie, 242HD, Custom Bumpers F&R

Alexsious' Build Thread:
Alexsious's WJ Build Thread -
2002 WJ Laredo 4.0L: Stock Suspension, 29.5"s, D30, D44a w/vari-loc, gas tank skid, hitch

ANGJetMech's "Black Betty" Build Thread:
Black Betty's Build Thread -
2001 WJ Laredo 4.0L: IRO 3" kit, 31"s, Brush Guard

Apollo21's Build Thread:
Apollo21 Build Thread

2002 WJ Overland 4.7L: 4in Zone lift

arveetek’s ZJ build thread - AKA "Project Budget ZJ"
My ZJ build thread - AKA "Project Budget ZJ" -
1993 ZJ Laredo 5.2L: 4.5” IRO +homemade TB’s, 33”s

b00stin4's Build Thread:
2000 WJ Laredo: 4.5" Lift, Clayton Long Arms, 32"s

Bama_WJ's Build Thread:
Bama_WJ's Build Thread -
2001 WJ Laredo 4.0L: 2.5" KOR BB, 245/70/17 Goodyear Silent Armor, Stock D30/D44a, JCR Sliders + UC skids, CB, 3 100W Hellas

besthaticouldo’s “The ZJ Turtle Build”
The ZJ Turtle Build (56K warning) -
1994 ZJ LTD 5.2L: 3" BDS, Rancho 9000XL, JKS QDs, 31"s, KOR rad support

BHand89's build thread:
1999 WJ 4.7L: 2" BB, 31's, Cragar's, Painted Cladding, KOR Roof Rack Light-bar

BigBlueZJ94 build thread:
BigBlueZJ94 build thread -
1994 ZJ Laredo 5.2L: RE 4.5” +2” BB + short arms, 33”s (242 swap + D44a swap)

BigBlueZJ94's full width axle build thread:
3/4 ton ZJ build -
1994 ZJ Laredo 5.2L: d60 rear, hp 44 front, 5.13s, 37" swampers, 231 w/ SYE, 7" springs & home-made long arms (based on claytons)

BizarroZJ Build thread
BizarroZJ Build thread -
1997 ZJ LTD 5.2L: 3/4" + UC pkg, Addco R SB, 30”s, Bilsteins, IRO 3”catback

BLACKzj52's Build Thread
BLACKzj52's Build Thread -
1996 ZJ LTD 5.2L: 2” RE BB w/ Addco SB’s F&R, 245/75/16, EBC pads/Rotors, Hella lights, exhaust

Bort62's Build Thread
Bort62's Build Thread -
1998 ZJ Laredo 5.2L: F>R swap w/ IRO components, 32”s

CaribouLouWJ's "It begins....." build thread
It begins..... -
2002 WJ LTD 4.7L HO: RK 8" LA + 37"s, JK Rubi D44's, sliders & skids, ARB bumper + winch

CLNinja's Build Thread:
1993 ZJ LTD 5.2L: 6.5" IRO Long Arms, 33"s, HP30 & D44a 4.10s, Hanson Bumper, Half Doors, 242, IRO OTK Steering

Coolio365's build thread:
Coolio365 build thread -
1994 ZJ LTD 4.0L: 3.5” RC, 33”s, Smitty Built F bumper, lights, CB, 2.5” catback exhaust

cvreitz' Build Thread:

cvreitz's 03 WJ Ltd Build Thread -
2003 WJ LTD 4.7L: 3" IRO, homebrew iPod and 120V power, Euro taillights, Cobra CB

Dillonzj's 1995 5.2 build thread:
Dillonzjs 1995 5.2 build thread finally has a small lift lol -
1995 ZJ LTD 5.2L: 2” BB, 245-70-16, FM Super 40

dmolaver15's Build Thread:
2004 WJ Laredo 4.0L: 5" Longarm Lift, 33" BFG Mall Terrains

DothanJeep Build Thread:
DothanJeep Build Thread -
2000 WJ Laredo 4.0L: IRO 4” short arms, 285/75/16

elmer_fud's Build Thread:
1995 ZJ LTD 5.2L: Stock suspension. BFG AT tires. Transfer case and engine skid plates. Tow hooks and a hitch

Froggo27's Build Thread:
**Froggo27's Build Thread** -
2004 WJ LTD 4.7L: IRO 3” + JKS QD’s + Addco R SB, 265/75/16, 4.56’s + Aussie in rear, Diff gaurds, sliders, T-case skid + gas tank skid, recovery points, CB, exhaust

Gmp211's Build Thread:

Gmp211's Build Thread -
2002 WJ Laredo 4.0L: 2" Rough Country BB, Westin Safari Bar + Tail Guards, K&N FIPK, AIRaid TB Spacer, Pacesetter Kat-back exhaust.

grandche89's Build Thread:
grandche89's Build Thread

1996 ZJ Laredo 4.0L: 2" bb, 31" mt/r's, rear tow hitch, KOR radiator support, black diamond at shocks, rockit air parts intake

indredsnake99's build
indredsnake99's build -
1997 ZJ Laredo 4.0L:2” BB, 31" BFG AT's, gas tank skid, tow hooks, kor crossmember, IRO OTK Steering, cb, bedlined, 5.9 hood

kmk108 98ZJ build thread:
kmk108 98ZJ build thread -
1998 ZJ LTD 5.2L: 3.5” IRO, 31”s, tow hooks, CB, FM Super 40

TSConver WJ Build Thread:
TSConver WJ Build Thread
03 WJ Laredo: 5" Lift, Clayton Long Arms Front and Rear, Iron D44 swap in rear, ARB Air Lockers Front and Rear, 35" BFG ATs, ARB front bumper and custom made rear bumper.

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