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HEMIjeep360 05-08-2013 08:14 PM

Two Trailhawks on the lot.....
I found two Trailhawks, one black, the other silver, on the lot today at Safford Jeep in Winchester VA.

Sticker price is $47k......they both have pretty much everything including Quadra Drive II.

Just fyi.

BetaThetaPirate 05-09-2013 07:53 AM

spam much?

HEMIjeep360 05-09-2013 09:20 AM


Originally Posted by BetaThetaPirate (Post 15409856)
spam much?

What are you talking about? I'm just passing the word since there aren't a whole lot of them. Get a life.

HEMIjeep360 05-09-2013 09:21 AM


DrGrand 05-09-2013 12:21 PM

I saw one on the road the other day. They look impressive driving around town

Jackal01 05-09-2013 12:57 PM

I moved it here since it isn't a technical post but I am sure if someone is looking for a Trailhawk in your area that appreciate the post so good find.

HEMIjeep360 05-09-2013 01:05 PM

Thanks Jackal......sorry i put it in the wrong area. :)

Jackal01 05-09-2013 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by HEMIjeep360 (Post 15411406)
Thanks Jackal......sorry i put it in the wrong area. :)

It's not a problem. Just wanted to make sure the right (and the most) people see it!

ratmonkey 05-09-2013 04:05 PM

pics or it didn't happen.

HEMIjeep360 05-09-2013 04:19 PM

I get some maybe tomorrow if i go by that way.

dnuccio 05-09-2013 06:40 PM

i have a 1995 grand cherokee trailhawk :)

HEMIjeep360 05-10-2013 08:09 PM

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Crappy dark pic, but here they are. $47k and some change. They look awesome in person.

SkyHigh 05-10-2013 08:21 PM

They really do look great in person!

The time now is 02:15 PM.

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