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ZJ_flexxxer 05-10-2011 12:16 AM

Project "La-Re-Do"***Rebuild Thread
So i've decided since i don't have a build thread here and i'm about to do alot of up and coming changes to my already halfway built rig that i would start a "rebuild thread", hence the name "La-Re-Do" (laredo-get it?).

So this old 94 laredo has had a rough life. 297,XXX miles as we speak, and drove daily and wheeled weekly. I've neglected my beloved zj for some time now. The tranny went out and i was going in and out of jobs and just couldn't afford to fix it. Months later i found a guy who was parting out a 95 laredo and offered me his good transmission for $100 and my old one(for weight at the scrapyard). Needless to say i jumped on the deal.

Here's what she looks like after sitting for months and finally moving again with the replacement tranny.(i know,i've got alot of work ahead of me)

So after all this time of my jeep sitting, I get her moving again and now I have a ton of work to do. Before i can even get started on future mods again i have to replace upper and lower ball joints and wheel bearing/hub assembly's and front u-joints. After doing some searching on ebay, i found all the parts i needed for around $125 or so. I still have to put all of it on as of right now.

Future plans are:

rocker rails, transfer case skid, gas tank skid(have it all,but needs to be put on)
new front tires/alignment
new front bumper
and whatever else i find

HeavyArms 05-10-2011 12:43 AM

Heep looks great and im sure youl be happy to get to wrench on it and sumday drive it again!

are either of ur sway bars hooked up in those pics?

ZJ_flexxxer 05-10-2011 01:43 AM


Originally Posted by HeavyArms (Post 11514983)
Heep looks great and im sure youl be happy to get to wrench on it and sumday drive it again!

are either of ur sway bars hooked up in those pics?

back is stock sway bar and front i have jks quick disco's on the front, lol but only one was unhooked, :oops: . i have one off at the moment to fix a lil bend i put in it and the car was just kind of a spurt of the moment thing and i forgot to unhook the other one.

ZJ_flexxxer 05-10-2011 02:07 AM

ok well i didn't think about it when i made this thread but i guess i should have told the already existing mods i've done to the jeep. ok so here goes

3.5" rubicon express lift springs(but for V8 zj so it gave me an extra inch in the front bcuz i have the 4.0)

1" homemade cup spacers for the rear(to level out the extra inch in the front and give me a grand total of 4.5" lift)

rancho shocks

rancho steering stablizer

jks quick disconnects

oversize adjustable front tracking bar and mount

my transfer case crossmember mounts were looking super rusty and sketchy and i was worried about my drive shafts being in a bind, so i built custom lowering brackets to drop the transfer case and inch and a half by welding two pieces of square tubing over the existing mounts and drilling new holes for the bolts

reese hitch and receiver

trimmed 1.25" off the front fenders and as much as you can trim on the back without cutting the doors,unsure of the exact amount

unknown brand fart can exhaust-i actually despise the freakin things but they don't sound bad on an inline six. my exhaust got knocked off and a buddy had it lying around and talked me into just slipping it on and seeing what it sounded like and the result wasn't that bad. but too be honest i seriously hate fart cans on anything else besides my jeep lol

carr light bar(actually for a chevy blazer, but a little modification made it work)

4 baja lights

cheap $50 roof rack from pep boys(basically just wanted something to throw the spare in)

cragar 10"x15" soft 8's

33"x13.50" super swamper tsl's

and probably a few more things i forgot

ZJ_flexxxer 05-10-2011 02:14 AM

and check this bad boy out, it will be going on my zj soon. i saved the aluminum valve cover off my 87 wagoneer after i decided to part it out and send it to the scrap yard and i polished it up with a drill and buffing ball. this was the end result

ZJ_flexxxer 05-18-2011 05:35 PM

well today i decided to work on my rocker rails i saved from my dead xj. surprisingly the rocker to unibody rail distance is identical and it won't require much modification at all to make these work on my zj. i decided to use undercoating on them and clean them up a little before installing them, i'm gonna hit them with another coat of gloss black on top of the coats of undercoat tomorrow.



1stblack97ZJ 05-18-2011 06:58 PM

hmm good to know that ZJ ones will work. Just in case i find some at the JY.

ZJ_flexxxer 05-19-2011 11:35 PM

made a little progress today. i finished coating the rocker rails with a coat of truck bed liner and then a coat of gloss black, still waiting on them to cure before i go trying to stick them on though. here's the finished product.

i also decided to throw on a transfer case skid that i saved from my xj as well. i had to do a little modification to it, needed a couple angles slightly bent one way or another but nothing a hammer and anvil couldn't take care of. my modified crossmember probably didn't help matters.

so then while trying to hammer this thing into shape something caught my finger and took a nice little chunk out of it, lol i put on a pair of gloves after that.

here it is installed

i also got the back bumper put back on but we don't really need pics for that now do we lol. hopefully i'll get the rocker rails on tomorrow and if i have time maybe the front end/radiator skid and some tow hooks.

ZJ_flexxxer 05-21-2011 01:20 AM

so i got the rocker skids on today and i'm diggin 'em. it was a hot one today, nearly 90 degrees and humid as hell. so i began just kinda scratching my head and wondering what i should do first. after doing a little inspecting i soon figured out i would have to remove my bottom plastic cladding along the rocker and trim it and re-install after the rocker rails were on.

but when i removed my cladding i was greeted by this lol, you guys think it's ever been muddy?

so i sprayed off both my rockers and the cladding and then got back to the real project, was pretty easy to just sit the rails on a jack and lift them into place then i marked the holes and drilled them. then jacked them back up and stuck the bolts threw, lol it's a little easier sounding here just typing it but not too bad of a task.

so after some hard work and sweat (and a few metal shavings in my belly lol) here is the end result

1stblack97ZJ 05-21-2011 09:34 AM

Looks good man!

ZJ_flexxxer 05-22-2011 08:25 PM

ok so here's yet another peice i'm adding to my zj donated from my old xj that i no longer have. i saved the tranny cooler from the 87 waggy to put on my zj because we all know how the zj's suffer from tranny problems and after installing 2 in this thing i don't want to be doing it again anytime soon, and of course the life of anything mechanical is 1. keeping it properly lubricated, and 2. keeping it cool. so i thought a tranny cooler would be a great add-on to my zj.

i decided to run the fluid threw it's original radiator location and then threw the tranny cooler and finally back to the tranny

here's a couple pics

this one is kinda messed up but i thought it looked really cool so i'd throw it in anyway

ZJ_flexxxer 05-24-2011 12:21 AM

next on the list are new hub assembly's,upper/lower ball joints, u-joints, and going ahead and doing brakes while i'm at it too. got the hubs and ball joints off ebay for roughly $120, gonna pick up the u-joints and brakes at my local o'reilly's.

ZJ_flexxxer 05-24-2011 11:50 PM

ok so i got bored today and started working on my radiator skid. yet another part i saved from my waggy xj. i'm still waiting on a day i can use a friends garage to install my front end parts, but i can't help but mess with this thing a little bit almost everyday.

so you can tell by these pics that this skidplate is needed on my zj lol, this little stock shield has taken a beating

so i've been driving sometime now with my swaybar disconnects off and i'm pretty used to it, doesn't really bother me anymore and this skidplate would almost match up perfect to my sway bar mounts, so i grabbed a hammer and adjusted the skidplate about a 1/4". then trashed the swaybar and put the skidplate in it's place.

so obviously i'm not done, i've only got a few bolts at the back in this thing but i won't be wheeling it until i get a bumper built. so my plans are when i build a custom bumper to add a couple brackets to bolt the front of this skid to. plus i think it will tie it in really well and make for good protection.

ZJ_flexxxer 05-25-2011 05:16 PM

well haven't done anything productive this afternoon lol, but i did decide to give her a bath and show off for my neighbors a lil bit haha

Trimble96ZJ 05-25-2011 08:16 PM

Sexy I got a 96 Laredo.

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