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mjWJ12 05-03-2013 06:14 PM

PowerBlock's WJ trail-ler.
Not sure if you guys saw this but i thought it was pretty interesting. I love the LA kit they use.
Really cool trailer too..

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:

jeep04 05-03-2013 06:37 PM

Ya i just watched all of those today, it's a pretty cool rig but i wish they didn't ***** out on the engine swap he was talking about. Does look like a nice radius arm kit from rustys but i have heard they are a difficult company to deal with.. could be wrong though.

w33mud 05-04-2013 04:08 AM

Thanks for that,don't get anything jeep related in U.K

XHATCHx 05-04-2013 07:26 PM


TeeJay4490 05-09-2013 09:13 AM

Im literally never going to buy anything from ARP

wjidaho 05-09-2013 01:10 PM

I just watched those 3 shows I want that trailer they build for it other then that I like mine better:-)

wjidaho 05-09-2013 01:10 PM

And I will also never buy from arp

ratmonkey 05-09-2013 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by wjidaho (Post 15411705)
And I will also never buy from arp

too bad they're the best there is.

dcorn 05-29-2013 02:18 PM

Wait, they used Rusty's suspension stuff in the vids and people are hating on ARP?

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