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niles6284 05-09-2013 01:57 PM

Picking up a 01 WJ tomorrow
Hey all I am picking up an 01 WJ tomorrow, will post pics when I get. It has a blown motor so it's a project

niles6284 05-15-2013 07:21 PM

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Ok so I was delayed by weather and work, but I finally got it picked up

story, friend from my 240 fire class bought this when it had 40K on it, has always taken it to the shop to get work done and always maintained. one day it started making a loud knock while leaving from class; he almost made it home and it blew, never lost oil pressure just did the usual death a 4.0 does and shut it down right as he pulled in his drive
he thought about working on it for a long time but finally decided he didnt want to deal with it at all, he went and bought a 2012 civic to replace it. it is in immaculate shape zero rust above and below. interior always kept up. will be tearing the motor apart to see what the damage is and get a list together. got underneath it a few minutes ago and noticed a "tip of your thumb" dent protruding from the oil pan, so im guessing thats a connecting rod. let me know what you guys think its not getting a lift just going to be a daily driver.

it has 156k on it, 242 SelecTrac, it has the 4.0 in it

my guess would be that the 4 or 5 piston shattered and killed it.

niles6284 05-18-2013 05:32 PM

Got out and looked it over, charged the battery, and it did nothing so I then got a 19mm socket on a breaker bar to try to turn it with the crank nothing not even a budge. So I am coming to the conclusion that the motor is locked up, possibly from the piston being shattered. So at some point soon I will pull the head off and inspect the pistons and see what one is causing the problem if it is that.

niles6284 01-09-2014 11:49 AM


after finally completing my paramedic program I finally have time to work on it.

over the past couple of days I have worked on pulling off all the plastic from the front along with the headlights and also the grill.

now to pull everything off the top of the motor and see what's going on in there.

Jeep32 01-09-2014 12:12 PM

Nice to see one getting saved! Keep us updated i enjoy these "jeep revival" threads

niles6284 01-09-2014 01:01 PM

Thanks! it is a fun project so far, not as bad taking apart as I thought it would be, been bagging and marking every bolt with what it came from. cant wait to get the motor pulled out and see what is the problem I was able to get the motor to turn with a breaker bar very easily but when it reaches a certain point it stops so I am assuming that the connecting rod is broken in half and connecting with the oil pan. have a feeling it is #5. we will soon see and I will post pictures of the carnage.

niles6284 01-15-2014 11:20 AM

well as I figured in the back of my head, I pulled the intake off and found a 3 inch round hole in the side of the block so guess its going to be a search for a new motor. almost ready to pull the old one out few more wires to go and bolts.

good thing I have some construction work coming up.

niles6284 02-26-2014 11:30 AM

got the motor totally pulled out the other day, wasn't nearly as terrible as I thought it was going to be. read some threads on Promar engines and liked what I had read and the fact that they have an A+ rating on BBB so I ordered their reman for $1999.00 they added 300 to the total due to the hole in the block which gives me my 3 Year unlimited mile warranty. should be here next week extremely excited!

Also ordered new parts off of Rock Auto like water pump, Belt, Tensioner, and a few other things along with some new Limited style head lights. now the waiting game to get the motor in I am ready to get this thing on the road.

any suggestions on other parts I should replace on it while the motor is out?

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