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gcjeeping 01-27-2012 01:32 PM

GCJEEPING's WJ Build/Mod thread-It's a Tan thing-
Well I finally decided to start a build/mod thread to consolidate all my stuff in hopefully one thread. It's a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 with a 242 TC and 30/35 axles that I bought new with 16 miles on it in Tucson AZ. I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll try and catch it up as quickly as possible.

Been Jeeping since 1975. Have had CJs, a MJ, XJs, WJs and a WK. Even spent two years in Turkey with my MJ wheeling.

Here is a pic of when my current 01 WJ was stock (on the right).

Here it is now.

Some of the mod are hyper-linked to threads or pics until I get everything on here.

All mods either made, done or put on by me except for a custom built drive-shaft.


Here is a list of things done...


15X8 SOFT 8's, 33x12.5x15 PROCOMP MT's/TIMBERLINES AT's

Aussie locked 30/35 w/4.10s

Hi-lift jack

Bilstein shocks

Carolina DBL/DBL front drive shaft..... #page 1 post 7#

home brew rock rails..... #page 1 post 12#

grille guard..... #page 1 post 14#

front/rear hitch

T-Max 12.5k lb winch

rock lights..... #page 1 post 12#

Meangeen alt

TJ transfer skid..... #page 1 post 13#

elec OBA

Kilby belt driven OBA..... #page 1 post 2#

CB with external speaker

Split rear seats..... #page 1 post 6#

Vinyl doors..... #page 1 post 5#

3AR seats..... #page 2 post 19#

Custom front bumper..... #page 1 post 14#

Power inverter

55W backup lights

half doors #page 1 post 3#

102" redneck whip antenna

Super Lift Tru-Speed

strobes all 4 corners

Pioneer head with 1200w Pioneer amp and 2 10" Pioneer Subs

Semi air horns with pull cord

Deambered tail lights..... #page 1 post 9#

Quad tail lights..... #page 1 post 8#

Tail light covers..... #page 1 post 9#

Headlight covers

Custom hood cowl..... #page 1 post 20#

Custom hood scoops..... #page 2 post 20#

Bluetooth ELM 327 Diagnostics, Inclinometer, Torque vehicle ODB II system monitor

Tank lift #page 4 post 59 & page 6 post 89#

Custom rear bumper with swing tire carrier #page 4 post 57#

Front fender trim...#page 2 post 26#

Rear fender trim...#page 11 post 157#

Dual batteries #page 6 post 89#

Rock rail side extensions #page 4 post 54#

Snorkel #page 3 post 45 & page 4 post 48#

Wrangler gas bezel #page 6 post 83#

Custom front bumper(new sides)...#page 7 post 100#

Custom belly skid...#page 9 post 122#

Oil pan and trans pan skids...#page 9 post 130#

4 point harness & harness bar...#page 7 post 102#

In cab winch control...#page 9 post 123#

"A" pillar grab handles...#page 4 post 56#

Auto dim light switch w/fogs install...#page 4 post 58#

Overflow bottle relocation and ZJ washer bottle install...#page 3 post 45#

Boat sides...#page 7 post 101#

242LD to 242HD swap...#page 8 post 113#

Dual 40" 80 LED light bars...#page 9 post 131#

Custom roof rack...#page 10 post 142# ver 2.0...#page 11 post 155#

"A" pillar light tabs...#page 10 post 138#

PA speaker

3+ din dash mod for cb/radio/whelen light-PA controller...#page 12 post 171#

Under hood aux fused power distribution panel...#page 12 post 172#

Carbon fiber decal center console...#page 12 post 173#

LED light bar cover build...#page 14 post 205#

Rear QTR armor w/led tail lights...#page 19 post 281#

Wireless Bluetooth light controller...#page 20 post 298#

Akebono front brake upgrade.

Things coming up...

35" tires

9" rear with ARB and either 4.56 or 4.88 gears(Have the 9" set up for WJ)

44hp front with ARB and either 4.56 or 4.88 gears

Radiator lift with a XJ 3 core rad and XJ AC condenser(have both already). Will eliminate the bottom rad hoop

Custom rear bumper

Tube fenders

LED rock lights

Back up camera



2001 4.0 Laredo

Modifications: A couple...

rock rails,
brush guard/winch/receiver front bumper,
roof rack,
OD Green rattle can paint job,
split rear seat mod,
rear seat quick release mod,
tank lift, rear swing tire carrier,
dual batteries(Diehard Gel cells),
york belt driven OBA,
full belly/trans pan/oil pan skids,
snorkel, front fender trim,
winch, in cab winch control,
half doors, vinyl doors(for half doors),
de-ambered tail lights,
quad tail lights,
custom hood w/cowl and 5.9 louvers,
Diamond plate boatsides,
Tail light covers, Headlight covers,
Rear Qtr armor w/LED tail lights

RockKrawler 6" long arm w/front discos,
Pacer soft 8s w/33/12.5/15 Procomp MTs and Dayton ATs,
D30 4.10 Aussie locker, D35 4.10 Aussie locker,
Peterbilt Air horns w pull cord,
CB, 102" redneck cb whip,
Pioneer head unit/760w amp/2 10 subs,
ZJ washer bottle,
Blue Sea dual Battery isolator/charger,
Dual 40" LED light bars,
3AR front racing seats w/4 point harness,
1200w inverter,
60" high lift,
12.5K T-MAX.
Front and rear hitch, M
ean Green high output alt,
PA speaker,
Super Lift true speed,
Valentine One radar detector,
A-pillar grab handles,
242HD swap,
Wrangler gas brezel,
Bluetooth wireless light controller,
Akebono brake upgrade.

Favorite Modification - Half doors, Rear QTR armor w/LED tail lights

Least Favorite Modification - Euro style tail lights.

Best Trail Damage - Destroyed axle shafts & ripped off track bar mount.

Build Thread - My Build thread -- GCJEEPING's build/mod thread-IT'S A GREEN THING...

Miscellaneous - Bought new with 16 miles on it. Started cutting and modding it 4 years later. Still cutting and modding it today.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 01:42 PM

Kilby OnBoard air
Installed a Kilby Air Boss OBA system in the WJ Saturday. Took about 4 hours. Was a pretty straight forward install. Had to bend the ac line up and turn the radiator hose around to clear the top of the york ac. Got a little more work routing wires and tying up the air line to the back. Otherwise very happy with it.

I won the kit in a drawing I guess I entered a few months back. Forgot all about it until I got an email saying I won 2nd in the drawing. Thought I would sell it first but decided to see if it would fit in the WJ and it did.

So now I'm running the Kilby with the elec compressor back up. I mounted the Kilby tank in the spare tire well with the other OBA. Hooked both tanks together with a air line. Put a hose connector up on the brush guard for easy access. The Kilby is set for on=120 off=150 and the elec is set on=100 off=130. Fills the 5.5-6 gallon tank (2 combined) in about a minute to a minute and a half.

An added bonus is the diesel air horns vibrate the jeep with a 150psi pushing through them.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 01:47 PM

Half Doors
I got a lot of requests for more pics and info on my Half Doors.

I cut out the pieces with a jug saw which made quick work of it. I then welded in some 10 gauge sheet metal. Used some late Cherokee interior door handles. Just had to make new connecting rods for the locks to handles. All the electric door locks work like normal. I added some Polk 100w marine speakers to all 4 doors. Removed the door hinge pins and replaced them with wire lock pins. Can swap all 4 doors in about 10 minuets. Power heated mirrors work also. I like'em. If you have any questions or want more info let me know.

More In Next Post.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 01:47 PM

Here are more.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 01:52 PM

Vinyl door covers
Made me some covers for my half doors this week. They are two pieces for each door. Uppers have a steel rod sewn into them to help hold them in the window channel. Also added a removable bar for each door and padded them. I'm working on getting the windows a little less wavy. I also painted the snaps now to look a little less obvious. Took the Jeep out in a down poor and had no leaks inside. All seams are glued and double stitched. I may try and add zippers to the windows later.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 01:58 PM

Rear split seats
Saw someone posted this mod on another forum and since I dont have the kids to haul around anymore and nobody wants to ride in the middle I took the seats apart and cut'em and sewed them back.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 02:20 PM

Carolina Dbl/Dble front drive shaft
Replaced my stock shaft after it exploded while wheeling about 6 or so years ago. Took the jeep to Carolina Driveline in Spartanburg SC. They built a single/dbl but it had vibes at 45 or so. Then they built a dbl/dbl and have never had a problem with it since.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 03:57 PM

Quad tail lights
Saw a ZJ guy do this a while bake. Pretty simple to do. There is already a mark on the back of the tail light marking the spot. Here are some pics of the backside of the tail light with the 2nd brake light. I cut a hole with a about a 1" wood spade drill bit. Then notched out where the tabs would go. Pin checked the tail light connector to find grnd, park and brake. Trimmed back the wires and soldered the pig tail wires to the harness.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 04:04 PM

Tail light covers and deambered tail lights
Was looking for something different other than the steel tail light guards. Seen a few of those snagged on trees and ripped off. These were cheap on ebay and I think look good. Also Deambered the tail lights. A can of testers candy apple red model spray paint. Cleaned the area off and masked it off. Put two coats on. I havnt had to redo it yet.

patrick983 01-27-2012 05:13 PM

youve definitely always had one of the most unique WJ's. big props for comin up with creative ideas and doin the work yourself. that rear seat mod is pretty nifty.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by patrick983 (Post 12938496)
youve definitely always had one of the most unique WJ's. big props for comin up with creative ideas and doin the work yourself. that rear seat mod is pretty nifty.

Thanks. Yeah most of the fun is thinking it and then trying to build it. Found that a small electric cooler fits nicely between the seats and still works as an armrest. Now i'm retired gunna be doing be doing more fabbing.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 05:39 PM

Rock rails and rock lights
Made the rails out of 2x2x1/4 sq tube. Bolted it with 1/2x1/2 angle iron and bolted through the pinch seam. Also have 1x1 sq tubing going from the 2x4 and 1/2 to the Uni-frame which I have strengthened with 3x3 angle iron. Have put 6 lights under the jeep for rock lights. Gunna be replacing them with LED strips soon.

gcjeeping 01-27-2012 06:39 PM

TJ Transfer case skid
I got scared a few times when crawling rock and hearing things scraping. So I had a few TJ skids laying around from friends jeeps that I have worked on. Yeah it hangs really low, but at 6.5" I could live with it vs damaging the TC. I was only supposed to be temp fix but has been there for a few years now. It is beat to hell and time to build a proper more fitting one soon.

gcjeeping 01-28-2012 10:27 AM

Home made front bumper and brush guard
I originally added the brush guard to the stock front. Eventually trimmed the bumper when upgrading from stock tires to 32s to 33s. So after a while of catching the bumper on stuff I picked up a Steel bumper from an early Bronco. Cut it up and bolted to the stock metal and winch mount I made. Notched and mounted the brush guard to the winch mount too. I like the way it doesnt look like it sticks out a mile. I 'll get some pics of the winch mount shortly.

Eventually I'm gunna build a sq tube bumper.



g-off70 01-28-2012 10:42 AM

Amazing work, keep it up

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