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rozco 08-24-2011 03:58 PM

Daniel's 93' ZJ
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This was the day i bought my Jeep


I dont have a name for it yet but it's a 93' 5.2 zj. I will update it when I do some mods to it. I am currently in the process of putting a 4.5" iro kit on it. I'll post more pics after we're done.

Some before pictures
Attachment 271352

Attachment 271353

Putting the new front suspension on

Attachment 271354

rozco 08-26-2011 02:24 AM

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The front suspension is done and I got about halfway done with the rear. Hopefully I finish up tomorrow. Its hard to find time to work on it because I am so busy right now! And after I finish up the lift, I have to fix a leaking water hose and figure out my overheating problem. The temp will be fine unless I have a heavy load on it. So much to do! Oh and our closet randomly fell apart recently so I'm in the process of rebuilding that too. I really hope I get all this done before we head to Big Bear next weekend.

Enough with my rant and time for some pictures !

Wife took this while she was watching me work :p

Attachment 271892

And this is with the new rear spring on

Attachment 271891

This is how the front is currently sitting with some tiny 225/75/15 tires

Attachment 271893

Next I plan on trimming the fenders and getting some 33" murders

rozco 08-29-2011 01:53 AM

stupid stripped torx bolt on the rear track bar is holding me back from finishing! ill try some more tomorrow :brickwall

rozco 09-01-2011 04:00 AM

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So this is how the jeep is currently sitting with the old track bar in and without an alignment yet. And without some larger tires

Attachment 273974

I have death wobble but I plan on putting the new track bar in along with getting an alignment tomorrow since I finally have a day off.

I also installed a new 3 row radiator today from radiator barn. Man it was tough to install because I have the 5.2 and it felt like I had no room to work with and the old bolts were on sooo tight! During installation I found my upper radiator hose needs to be replaced. I found it leaking after install. I will take care of this tomorrow as well.

The old oem radiator vs new 3 row

Attachment 273975

The bottom support on the new radiator was a little crooked but I was able to get it in with a little extra effort

Attachment 273977

Attachment 273976

If all goes smooth tomorrow I should have my rig ready for big bear this weekend! :D

Oh and i also started designing my new windshield sticker

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rozco 09-04-2011 03:55 AM

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I got an alignment a few days ago and I had them replace my rear track bar since I couldn't get the torx bolt out. They charged me $40 for the labor on the track bar which at first I thought was a rip off. After an hour and a half of working his butt off and sweating buckets he finally got my new track bar in place. He had all the tools imaginable too. I can't image how long it would have taken me with my very limited tool box at home.
The alignment ran me another $63.

I went wheeling the following day and although I had a lot of fun, I quickly learned that at 4.5" lift I need front long arms and at least adjustable control arms in the rear. I also need new shocks all around. My cheap hydro's aren't cutting it for me. Hopefully I can get those soon if I have enough $$ to feel comfortable with dropping that much again.

I also learned I badly need bigger and better tires. My worn down 225's are holding me back on the trail.

So much to do but I'm almost there with my rig :D

Here are a couple pics from the trail. The only two I took of the jeep. I plan on taking better pics next time

Attachment 275051

Attachment 275052

Attachment 275053

The new radiator is holding up pretty good but with the a/c on and on a hot day it still creeps up to about 215 degrees. It's better than the 230 it was doing before but I still want to get the temp down a little bit.

Also, after the alignment I wasn't getting any death wobble but after wheeling I was getting it pretty bad driving home on the freeway. So now I will try to figure out that problem too.

I'm in big bear! But we didn't bring the jeeps after all, just chose to save on gas and fit more people in other cars

rozco 09-14-2011 02:17 AM

so much work to do still with new radiator, condenser, death wobble, and a few other things.. but should be up and running in a week or so.

rozco 11-01-2011 03:00 AM

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okay its been about a month and a half since i updated this thread.
ive done a few things in the meantime.

first off, i got the new radiator put it and everythings running good. i do have a small oil leak but its just my pan gasket thats dripping the slightest bit. ill replace it when i get the time. not to worried about it though

i also recently installed new front ceramic brake pads. the jeep stops a lot faster now, but still could be a little better... im going to look into the rear drum brakes soon. not looking forward to that

Attachment 298097

i ordered new 33x10.5 bfg km2's but they are on back order and ive been very dissapointed in discount tire centers(the actual shop not online)

to make the story short, they ordered me the wrong size (33x12.5) and i was supposed to get the right size about a month ago and they keep saying "oh they should come in this week" and yea i already paid them my 900 and sum bucks a month ago!

at the same time its kind of a good thing though because this gives me time to do other things. i have 4 adjustable control arms waiting to go on the rear. discount tire said they will put them on for me for free to say sorry for how theyve treated me :D

and i finally ordered these bad boys just a few minutes ago :2thumbsup:

beibs said he will help me install!:shhh:
cause i told him i will help convince that one guy to sell him the otk

hopefully the new long arms will help with my dreadful death wobble. my stock CA bushings look pretty bad without taking them off so im pretty sure they are shot.

rozco 11-01-2011 03:13 AM

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I fell into the trap and semi-smoked my tail lights. I didn't want to go too dark. It will look better when I paint my jeep OD green
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rozco 11-01-2011 03:17 AM

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I also trimmed my front fenders

Attachment 298098

And bought Haynes manuals for my jeep and my daily driver. $15 for both on eBay shipping included. The auto parts store wanted $25 a piece :laugh:
Attachment 298099

rozco 11-01-2011 08:16 AM

Just got my build sheet back from Chrysler. They replied in 2 days. Pretty quick

VIN 1J4GZ78Y1PC565402
Vehicle Description JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE
Model Year 1993
Body Model ZJ J L 74

Sales Code: --- Description:
*AL Leather Trimmed Bucket Seats
ADBP Protection Group
ADCP Convenience Group
ADLP Skid Plate Group
AFFP Luxury Group
AHX Trailer Tow Group IV
AJBP Security Group
APAS Monotone Paint
ARPP Limited Decor Group
AWHP Power Equipment Group
AWL Off Road Group
BARS 90 Amp Alternator
BCES 600 Amp Maintenance Free Battery
BGKS 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes
CACP Low Back Bucket Seats
CFNS Rear 60/40 Folding Seat
CGTS Driver Air Bag Only
CKDP Floor Carpet
CKNS Cargo Compartment Carpet
CKTP Cargo Tie Down Loops
CKVP MOPAR Third Row Cargo Bins w/Table
CLEP Front & Rear Floor Mats
CSAS Spare Tire Cover
CSCP Cargo Compartment Cover
CSRP Passenger Assist Handles
CUFP Full Length Floor Console
CUNP Overhead Console
DGRS 4-Spd. Automatic 46RH Transmission
DHAS Lock-Up Torque Converter
DHRS Single Speed On Demand Transfer Case
DJHS 230MM Front Axle
DMEP 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio
DRMP Dana 35C/194MM Rear Axle
DSA Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle
ELF 5.2L V8 MPI Engine
GBBS Tinted Windshield Glass
GCBS Front Door Tinted Glass
GEGP Deep Tint Sunscreen Glass
GFAP Rear Window Defroster
GNCP Sun Visors w/Illum Vanity Mirrors
GNKP Rear View Auto Dim Mirror
GRMP Left Power Heated Mirror
GSMP Right Power Heated Mirror
GTMP Power Heated Mirrors
GXMP Remote Keyless Entry
HABP Air Conditioning w/Auto Temp Control
HGAP Hood Insulation
HGDP Deluxe Insulation Group
JAYS Instrument Cluster w/Tach
JCDS 100 MPH Primary Speedometer
JHAS Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers
JHBS Rear Window Wiper/Washer
JJAS Cigar Lighter
JJBS Dual Note Electric Horns
JKDS Remote Fuel Door Release
JPAP Power Windows
JPBP Power Locks
JPTP Power Front Driver/Passenger Seats
LACP Illuminated Entry
LAGP Warning Chime
LAKS Headlamps On Warning Chimes
LAZP Vehicle Information Center
LBBS Courtesy Lamps
LBCS Glove Box Lamp
LBDS Ash Tray Lamp
LCBP Door Courtesy Lamps
LDAS Underhood Lamp
LDBS Cargo Compartment Lamp
LETP Traveler/Mini Trip Computer
LMBS Halogen Headlamps
LMGP Automatic Headlamps
LNJP Fog Lamps
LSAP Security Alarm
MDAP Front License Plate Bracket
MFTP Body Color Grille
MHAS Black Windshield Moldings
MWGP Roof Rack
NAAS Federal Emissions
NBC Euro Stage 5 Emissions w/EOBD 5
NHBP Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler
NHMP Speed Control
NMCP Heavy Duty Engine Cooling
PC9 Jewel Blue
QC9S Jewel Blue Pearl Coat
RAYP AM/FM Cassette Radio w/Equalizer
RCGP 6 Speakers
RDCP Power Antenna
SBAS Power Rack and Pinion Steering
SCGP Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
SFAS Standard Duty Shock Absorbers
SGAS Rear Shock Absorbers
SUAP Tilt Steering Column
TBBP Full Size Spare Tire
TBLS Inside Mounted Spare Tire
TRVP P225/70R15 Eagle GA OWL AS Tires
TZAP Goodyear Brand Tires
WJ7P 15X7.0 Luxury Aluminum Wheels
WKDP 17" Aluminum Spare Wheel
WLZC All Aluminum Wheels
XEEP Fuel Tank Skid Plate Shield
XEFP Transfer Case Skid Plate Shield
XEUP Front Suspension Skid Plate
YAAS Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications

aircruiser 11-01-2011 08:31 AM


Originally Posted by danielrorozco (Post 12422020)

beibs said he will help me install!:shhh:
cause i told him i will help convince that one guy to sell him the otk


I knew it hahaha

Jeeps looking good man what size tires are you going with?

rozco 11-01-2011 08:51 AM


Originally Posted by aircruiser

I knew it hahaha

Jeeps looking good man what size tires are you going with?

lol u found why I said that in your thread. I'm gunna go with 33x10.5 km2s.
And thanks

rozco 11-11-2011 02:55 AM

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Still waiting on my long arms and 33's but I got this in the mail today and it was on the jeep about 10 seconds after I opened it lol

Attachment 302462

Attachment 302463

Oh and I came across a waterproof bible today so of course I had to buy it!

Attachment 302464

rozco 11-12-2011 03:30 AM

ugh the tires need to hurry up. been waiting a month already. i will prob get my money back next week if i dont receive them

rozco 11-13-2011 01:52 AM

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I felt like a kid on Christmas morning today :)

Attachment 303330

And updated the just started sticker collection
Attachment 303329


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