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richiejeep99 06-28-2013 09:51 PM

1999 Grand Cherokee Ltd 4.7L 8cyl always stalls
Just right after I put 110,140miles on my Jeep GCL it started to stall on me on the road. My mechanic diagnosed the check engine light that says--speed idle control is bad, but right after we changed it the check engine light is lit again and NO codes whatsoever is seen. Decide to drive it on an expressway to see if the light will reset & turn-off...but it didn't, and the worst case was it died on me while cruising on a 70mph on the HOV lane, thank God no accidents happen to me & my wife. My mechanic again diagnosed the car but can't find any bad codes needed to be changed. So he figured out maybe it's the map sensor and relay, done!!! works for 30 something miles & by the time I got back my car and on my way close to stalls again for 20mins, starts then run for a 500 feet and died, this time it took 30min to get back. I can't figure out what's going on...some I've read they changed the crank sensor, and most of them said it's the computer (ecu/ecm). I'm bleeding with money everytime I go to the service center and nobody knows about it.
Please somebody out there help me with my JGCLtd 1999, It's a very nice looking car and engine wise, under chassis & brakes are all in good shape.

The time now is 03:34 AM.

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