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Tparrish 04-14-2012 09:03 AM

YJ 4.2 rebuild
Have an 87 yj and would like to find a rebuilt Where is the best place to find a motor I'm in KY

wendell 04-14-2012 04:39 PM

ATK remanufactured engines are good and you can get them from You can also get a good rebuild kit from ebay and have a machine shop put it together for you. When I had my 87 4.2 rebuilt, I had a few goodies installed. I installed a holley 470 4 barrel, offy intake, comp cam, rollor rockers, ported head, hipo pistons, header, ported head, HEI and MSD. It will run circles a round a 4.0, it screams with well over 200 hp. A lot of people swap in a 4.0 in place of thier 4.2. With a few old school parts, it will produce more power than a 4.0 and there's no computer or sensors to mess with. The 4.0 is an awesome engine, but I wouldn't trade 1 well built 258 for 2 4.0's and the lowend torque of the 258 is off the hook. It reaches peak torque at 1,800 rpm's, awesome for crawling a round off road.

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