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WolfcreekCJ 10-29-2012 11:59 AM

Wire to Fire?
I Recently purchased a "82 CJ JEEP puzzle" for the drive train. 360/670ta/t19(grain truck granny)/d300/4.88s/redone frame /parts etc. to swap my 77 body onto. Engine/drivetrain is sittin in the frame bolted up and together(front clip off). the p.o. was in the process of rebuilding jeep when an unfortunate accident halted the project.engine has sat indoors in the chassis for 2 years. he "CLAIMS" that the engine has been gone through to some extent. heads/cam/valves and so on and runs strong...?. Without taking it apart it is nearly impossible to tell. I would like to fire the motor(open headers woohoo!) before i proceed with clean up and paint but the wiring harness is comletely off and in boxes. What would be things to check before firing and does anyone have a wiring diagram to get this done without use of the harness? Am worried about a resistor wire to the dist.. or other pitfalls (Motorcraft dist.) Motor is a '73 360. I have plumbed the cooling and have a remote fuel tank (Tecumseh)installed. Any input is welcome Thanks.

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