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transmission problem. please help!!!

hey guys i wanna start off by saying im new to forums so patience is appreciated.

okay that being said, i have a '04 wrangler x 4.0L with a 5-speed tranny. not sure what tranny is has though. so i took it in to a transmission shop and they replaced the transfer case. its been driving good for a while now, but recently it has been extremely hard to get into gear. it only seems to happen when it gets hot out, and the engine is at operating temp. i drive about 20 miles to get to work, and i leave at 4am. the drive to work it does perfectly fine, but on the way back, towards the end of the drive, it gets hard to shift into gears 1, 2, or reverse. i have to really force it into gear. it feels like the clutch isnt fully engaging, or something like, that in order for it to properly shift into gear.
does anybody have any idea what is going on and how i can fix it?

also i checked the clutch master cylinder fluid level and it is at the full mark.

thank you for all help!!

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Extremely hard to get in gear?

Like grinds when going in? Or goes in without grinding but only with extreme pressure?

If the former, it is probably your clutch, or maybe there is air in your clutch lines. If the latter, it is probably somewhere inside your transmission.

Try bleeding your clutch and see if that makes any difference.
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It is extremely hard to get in, but it will go in with a lot of pressure. I recently replaced the clutch before the transfer case. It will occasionally grind going into first but that's the only gear it will grind in. I'm thinking its inside the transmission but I really hope it's not
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